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  1. MacRumors

    Flexibits Teases 'Fantastical 2 for Mac,' App Coming on March 25

    Flexibits, the developers behind the popular line of Fantastical calendar apps for iOS and Mac, today posted a teaser revealing the launch date of Fantastical 2 for Mac, which is going to be released on March 25. Fantastical 2 for the iPhone and the iPad have been available since 2013, but...
  2. L

    Is it worth buying Fantastical?

    Fantastical for OSX and iOS seems to be getting very good reviews and I'm not sure why I should get that. What can it do that the calendar app in OSX and Outlook can't? Any advantages to the iOS version of Fantastical over Apple's calendar app? Can Fantastical sync with Outlook and Apple's...
  3. DiabBarca

    Fantastical 2 for Mac, is it going to be a paid upgrade?..

    I want to buy Fantastical while it is on sale, but I'm afraid I won't get the Fantastical 2 upgrade for free. I remember they did the same with the less than 1 year old iPhone version. They removed the 1st version from the App Store and offered the 2nd version as a paid upgrade. I'm afraid...
  4. axisofphilippe

    Calendar and Fantastical Not Updating Events

    I have a shared iCloud calendar with my girlfriend set up. Lately, any changes I make from desktop apps (Apple Calendar or Fantastical) don't get synced to iCloud. Any changes I make from the iCloud calendar app or the fantastical iOS app work fine (including syncing to the desktop clients). I'm...
  5. MacRumors

    Fantastical for iPhone, iPad, and Mac Up to 65% Off for Black Friday

    With Black Friday quickly approaching, retailers and app developers alike are beginning to offer deep discounts on their products. Flexibits has decided to kick off its holiday sales a bit early, and is now offering its popular Fantastical line of apps at ultra low prices. Fantastical 2 for...
  6. MacRumors

    Fantastical for iPhone and iPad Go iOS 8-Only With Widgets, Extensions, and More

    Fantastical, one of the most popular third-party calendar apps for iOS, has seen both iPhone and iPad versions updated today with a number of new iOS 8-specific features including a Notification Center "Today" widget that offers a quick glance at upcoming appointments and to-dos. Also...
  7. I

    GM3 & Fantastical

    Hi, Since going GM3 Fantastical keeps asking for my iCloud password and won't accept the correct one, asking even though I use it for an Exchange calendar and not an iCloud one. Anyone else seeing this? Read that GM3 addressed something in keychain so maybe it has impacted Fantastical
  8. T

    Fantastical 2 vs Calendar 5

    Which calendar app do you prefer? Seems like these 2 are the best in the field in iOS. I only have one device, iPhone. No iPads. So which would be recommended? All i want is a simple calendar/reminder apps that I can set/clear events fast. Thanks!
  9. MacRumors

    Fantastical for iPhone/iPad Gains Snooze and Birthday Notifications, Goes on Sale

    Fantastical 2 for the iPhone and the iPad were today updated to version 2.1, adding several new features to both mobile apps including a new Snooze feature, event invitation notifications, birthday notifications, and more. The biggest new feature, Snooze, allows users push back notification...
  10. MacRumors

    Popular Calendar Replacement Fantastical Comes to iPad

    Fantastical, the popular iPhone and Mac calendar app, is coming to the iPad. Flexibits has upsized its Fantastical 2 iPhone app, but company co-founder Michael Simmons says they didn't just take the iPhone app and make all the bits bigger. "The biggest feature is the user interface," he...
  11. E

    $80 Full Parallels 9 bundle: 1Password, Fantastical, Kaspersky, CleanMyMac and more
  12. marlman

    Fantastical 2 what Apple Calender should be like!

    After being completely frustrated with Apples native Calender I decided to spend a few bob and download Fantastical 2. What a difference I love it can now see at a glance how many events I have left for the day. I cannot for the life of me see any logic in Apple not doing this. Surely it is...
  13. Avro

    Displaying Fantastical input on BusyCal 2?

    I have just started using Fantastical again, but have run into a problem. It used to display its input on BusyCal, but this isn't happening now. I have upgraded to the latest version of BusyCal. Any ideas on how I go about getting my Fantastical input on to my BusyCal 2 calendar?
  14. Solitude1984

    Fantastical 2 - Badges not showing up

    Is anyone having the issue of badges not showing up for Fantastical 2? I haven't deleted Fantastical and the badge is showing on the original (see image below). I've tried looking through all of the settings but can't find any differences.
  15. MacRumors

    Fantastical 2 Debuts on iPhone With Reminders and Improved Event Parser

    Flexibits today released Fantastical 2, a fully reworked version of the popular iOS calendar app. The new app, which is a separate purchase for existing Fantastical owners, includes reminders support, an improved sentence parser -- perhaps the most unique and valuable feature in Fantastical...
  16. D

    Wirelessly Syncing With Fantastical

    I have needed a calendar/organizer/to-do/reminder app for as long as I can remember. I've tried everything from iCal, Reminders, and a whole bunch if third parties and nothing. In comes Fantastical. I absolutely love it. I have it on my iMac my MBP and iPhone. The only thing that is missing is...
  17. AJsAWiz

    Fantastical 2 Release

    This must be due for release soon. In the App Store Fantastical has been reduced from $4.99 to $1.99. I read that Fantastical 2 is due sometime in October. Now, it looks like this release should be very soon :) It said, in the App Store: "Fantastical 2 for iPhone (IOS 7 only) is coming soon...
  18. S

    Macheist bundle for $9.99. Clean My Mac 2, Fantastical and (may be) pathfinder

    One of the best mac bundles I have seen so far. Pathfinder will be unlocked when they hit 30K downloads
  19. Jaypi

    No banner notification (Fantastical)

    Hey, after I waited a long time for Tempo (calenader app) and it was a flop I tried out "Fantastical" ... I heard a lot of good things and I use it on my Mac and it's great, but on my iPhone it doesn't work as expected. Normally I get 15 minutes before every appointment a reminder with a...
  20. MacRumors

    'Fantastical' Calendar App for iPhone Updated and On Sale

    The Verge reports that the iPhone version of the popular Fantastical calendar app has been updated to version 1.1, adding a range of user-requested features. Flexibits has also put Fantastical on sale for $3.99, a savings of $1 over the usual price. Flexibits co-founder Michael Simmons...