1. X

    RIGHTS issue with SMB access from Catalina to Mojave Disk

    Hey, Since I have updated my 2012 MacBook Air to Catalina (latest version) I have sometimes no access to a network shared Disk on my Mac Pro 5,1 with latest version of Mojave - other shared disks on the same computer like Macintosh SSD (Mac Pro System Disk), TimeMachine Backups can be mounted...
  2. oceanjaws

    Moved iTunes, but doesn't find songs

    Hi. A got a new MacBook Pro. Woo!! I'm using an external hard drive for iTunes, Final Cut and Photos. I'm a musician - I have a lot of music. I saved my library from my old MB to an SSD, and then told iTunes to use this as the library. I dragged the data files -'iTunes Music Library.xml' etc-...
  3. E

    Apple Kills what for ripped mp3s?

    Very, very long-time iTunes user here for my 55,000+ MP3 files (I'm an ex-dj and massive music collector). Apple announced a general statement a few weeks ago that they are killing iTunes. So what happens to folks like me with numerous iPods, iPhones, and iPads on iOS 10-12 who still...
  4. cezar.popescu.89

    Duplicate File Doctor - Find and Remove Duplicate Files

    Hello everybody, My name is Cezar Popescu and I am the CEO of 64BitApps, a software company that develops Mac apps. For more info please visit I am starting this thread as a developer on behalf of my company because I want to let you know about our Mac app called Duplicate...
  5. M

    Mac Automator - Filter and Move Files

    Hello, I have a workflow that takes all the files from a directory and any within subdirectories, then moves them. The files are filtered, then moved. But, as you can see my filter picks up three files but only moves two. This must be because it can't move two files with the same name into the...
  6. T

    2018 MBA Slow WiFi Transfers

    Has any body else experienced slower than expected network file transfers over Wifi? I have noticed transferring large video files (2GB+) from my 2018 MacBook Air to a Western Digital MyCloud NAS is 4x-5x slower than it was on my 2013 MBA. Very puzzling.
  7. maverick28

    Mac «deny file-ioctl» problem

    I'm using a Twitter Desktop client named NightOwl with older version of OS X (can't upgrade). You upload pictures to Twitter from NightOwl (aka YoruFukurou) by first setting your account with one of image hosting and sharing services, in my case from Mobypicture service and then choosing its...
  8. P

    Do you have default voice file to download?

    Hi I deleted the whole directory /System/Library/Speech/Voices/ by mistake. Stupid I know... How do I get it back? Does someone have the default voice file to download? (there was an old post but the link is dead..) OSX = 10.10.5 Thanks! Liz
  9. Princess Cake

    Removing or Hiding Proxy Icons?

    Call it a bit of OCD or perfectionism but I'd love to remove the little proxy icons at the top of title bars in OS X. I know what they're for but I've never once used them and would like to just see those little icons gone to make the visuals a bit cleaner. ...I've seen screenshots of...
  10. R

    Home says I have 26gb but only 16gb inside?

    Ok, so I've run into the problem of the dreaded 'Phantom Files'... I've recently done a big spring clean on my Macbook Pro running el Capitan 10.11.6 I've clicked on get info on my mac home icon and it says, but when I click through and click get info on all the associated files, only...
  11. H

    How to see all Finder process? copy/move files?

    Hello! I'm searching for a program/way to see (like in a log file for instance) all action Finder does on my mac. I mean, for example, a way to see all files created during an installation of a .pkg, and the directories where they are stored. Any way to do this? Thanks!
  12. T

    Unable to open Zip file

    Hello fellow Mac users, I have a problem that I hope you folks can help me with or at least point me in the right direction. I'm sure this has come up a lot with mac users as I have done a lot of searching for answers. The problem is, non of the suggested solutions I have found have been...
  13. J

    How to add shortcut?

    How do you add a shortcut to a more complicated instruction? (Example shown in the image) When I have to export lots of pages files at once into PDF files, it becomes tedious and I want to make it a quicker process, so when you press File > Export To > PDF it isn't allowing me to make a...
  14. Skobber

    iMovie Library Transfer

    So, I just got a Macbook Air because my old 2011 iMac is very slow and I needed a faster computer to edit iMovie projects. I'm wondering if I can move my old iMovie Library to my new Macbook, and be able to access the files from iMovie on the laptop and use them in projects. This Library has so...
  15. GatorJ

    Moving Files between iCloud Drive / Dropbox / Google Drive

    While I kind of like the new “file” platform I use multiple cloud storage systems. Generally I have different files on each but every now and then I need to copy/paste or outright move a file from one to the other but have not been able to figure out how to do it in iOS11 beta 2 running on my...
  16. urbanforces

    file name box in preview and other mac apps

    hi, in some mac apps you can click the name of an open file and change the name to whatever text you want. i thought this was a handy way of changing the name of a file while it is still open. but when i rename files, their name doesn't change. am i doing something wrong? or is this a...
  17. D

    I found a weird file in the trash. Should I be concerned?

    I just noticed a file called "mb3-setup-consumer-" in my trash. This is definitely not something that I put there and since it's an .exe file it doesn't seem to be something that the OS would put there either. Googling it results in a lot of sketchy websites giving...
  18. cswifx

    Secondary Photo Storage with Sharing Function

    Howdy! I'm looking for an app that can store photos (transferrable through iTunes) in a secondary storage away from the default Photos gallery, and supports sharing within apps like WhatsApp (through the More Apps button). For instance, OneDrive and Documents (but those don't suit my needs)...
  19. Goatllama

    Resolved Strange .txt File Generated

    Was just looking for a file and saw this in my main user folder: I of course did not make it, and I can't recall doing anything yesterday that would've resulted in this, either. Any idea as to why it was generated? Or what the purpose could be? Running Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F2009).
  20. KatKits

    How to delete a file that doesn't exist?

    So this is what happened. I decided to empty my trash. Then, I received an error code that stated: The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found. (Error code -43) Then, I decided to try to rename it, because I thought that maybe renaming it would fix the...