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  1. reddrag0n

    Daisy chaining firewire devices

    Earlier i tried turning on my external hard drive that was attached to my QS. now the drive is connected to the mac with a firewire cable. i turned on my other drive that's daisy chained to the first hard drive but it wouldn't show up on the desktop. is there something about the firewire drives...
  2. JKruts

    Is the Sony HVR-M15U compatible with a older Mac pro?

    I recently purchased a Sony HVR-M15U in order to capture many Mini-DV tapes in both DV and HDV formats. The unit appears to be working as I can view video on an external monitor etc. I connected it to my older MacPro and connected it via a firewire cable. I launched iMovie and when I turned on...
  3. Fusionskies

    iPod 3rd Gen iPod Charging Question.

    Hey, I just bought a 'for parts' 3rd generation iPod on eBay for a good price, (I've always wanted to own this model, and I am fairly confident that I can fix it, since I think it just needs a HDD swap). I have done it before with an iPod photo, which turned out just to have the data cable...
  4. L

    MP 7,1 FireWire PCIe

    Anyone tried this card in a 7,1? id rather get a pcie card for my FireWire devices rather than the thunderbolt adapters. thanks
  5. W

    FireWire, HDV and adaptors in an age of Thunderbolt

    I have a 2010-vintage Canon Vixia HV40 camcorder. It is HDV (high def, but uses MiniDV tapes). I have loads of old footage in both standard-def and high-def on MiniDV cassettes. Not ready to give them up yet. I have no idea exactly how many minutes total that are stored on tape, but it obviously...
  6. Asu

    Firewire 400 to USB

    Hello I have an old Firewire drive I used on an iMac 2013 with a Firewire to Thunderbolt adapter. I updated to a new iMac. I'm hailing a heckuva difficult time figuring out how to connect from FW to the new computer, which seems to have USB-C ports labeled with the same icon as the old...
  7. Q

    Using USB peripherals on a MBP with fried USB ports

    Hey guys, I bought a MacBook Pro, 15", 2010 on eBay and it works fine, except both of its USB ports are fried. Is there any way to still connect USB peripherals to it, such as hard drives, smartphones etc? I was hoping to connect a USB hub to its FireWire, or Thunderbolt port. (Well, there's...
  8. gvbento

    Very weird FW audio interface issue

    Hi, my name is Gabriel Bento from Brazil, and I have been trying to wrap my head around this issue for quite some time now and I am completely lost. I'm seeking some help, hopefully someone here will be able to spot something I'm missing. It's quite a long story and I think a very weird one, so...
  9. B S Magnet

    Resolved G5 PCI-X (or PCI) compatibility with the Sun ASY-90145 1394/USB2.0 card?

    So there are a mess of used, PCI combo FW1394a/USB2.0 cards being sold all over which were for Sun servers (I'm guessing SPARC) during the early/mid-’00s — the ASY-90145 (375-3140-05). Try as I may, I cannot locate original tech specs for this card, so I lack knowledge of whether this was PCI...
  10. S

    Thunderbolt 2 > firewire 400 adapter

    I am looking for a Thunderbolt 2 to a firewire 400 adapter. Anybody knows where to get one? I have googled it, but can't seem to find one. :( Is the trick to go for thunderbolt to firewire 800 and then a converter from firewire 800 to 400 (will this work with audio recording - stable) ...
  11. Ranstone

    Resolved Advice: USB splitter, or USB to Firewire?

    I need advice. I'm in uncharted territory for my skillset. I have an old imac, (I mean, duh, I'm posting in the iMac forum.)and I'm plannign on geting a new external hard drive. Problem is, I have 3 USB ports on the Mac, and two firewire ports. One USB is for the mouse. One USB is for the...
  12. Chrisjhancock

    iPhone camera as hdmi video source

    I am setting up a multi-camera livestream studio using wirecast. I want to use the iPhone 4K video as an input source. While I can use a couple different wireless solutions, both limit resolution. I see adapters that Allow sending iPhone screen through port to hdmi, but that’s definitely not...
  13. dpaanlka

    Data recovery from dead G4 MDD.

    Hello All, Long ago my father's Power Mac G4 MDD died. It featured two IDE hard drives that were paired by Disk Utility in a "concatenated disk set". We've all long since moved onto modern Macs however he now realizes there are photos on there he wants to retrieve. He went out without my...
  14. C

    USB-C to Firewire?

    How would I connect firewire to the new MacBook Pro? I occasionally need to do so to capture from older Sony decks. (though i'm keeping my old MBP around so not the end of the world for now) I have an Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter. Would it be as simple as plugging that into an...
  15. S

    Resolved ThunderBolt 3 > ThunderBolt 2 > Firewire

    Hi Guys, I am an audio guy and as many other audio guys out there, i currently own a firewire interface. Honestly, the future of Mac is giving me rather bad anxiety about the future port compatibility with our interfaces. Is there anyone out there with knowledge on how Thunderbolt & FireWire...
  16. mdq8

    Firewire to Thunderbolt

    Hi guys ... I'm using a macbook pro 13inch mid-2010 i have a thunderbolt to usb3 adaptor, but a thunderbolt adapter can't be used on my macbook since it has only a firewire port. So, is there an adapter that i can use on my macbook to convert the thunderbolt adapter to a usb3 device ? In the...
  17. Nikulio

    How can I delete Ubuntu from Macbook Pro?

    Greetings Few hours ago i installed Ubuntu on Macbook Pro and i don't know how to delete it. I tried to delete Ubuntu's partition in Disk Utility, but it returns Error How may i delete it? I have only 120GB and i gave for Ubuntu 20. I need them in work. Thank you
  18. imrazor

    Suggestions for bootable Firewire 800 enclosure

    I have an older Mac that I'd like to speed up a bit. On of the most obvious things I can do is replace the internal 5400 RPM drive with an SSD. I've done it before, but cracking an iMac apart is a painful experience I'd rather not relive. So I hit upon the idea of putting the SSD in a Firewire...
  19. imrazor

    Can't boot off Firewire drive

    I have an Iomega Mac Companion that in a previous life had a 3TB drive in it that I've replaced with a 256GB SSD. The drive has Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 interfaces. It will boot off the USB interface, but for the life of me, I can't get it to boot off of Firewire. I've tried holding down the...
  20. C

    External FW drive gone RAW?

    My FW800 1TB OWC external drive suddenly stopped working on my iMac. The drive won't mount and may have gone RAW? as it states that it simultaneously has 0 bytes available and 0 bytes used when viewed in system information (it shows in the FW bus in system info found in second picture). The...