free space

  1. Neych

    Macbook pro takes too long to transfer files

    Hi there! Half of the day I'm trying to figure out what'e wrong with my macbook pro 2015. The thing is that I decided to recover my deleted data from usb with photorec and terminal. Before the recover, I had 67Gb of free disk space. I recovered all my files (around 58Gb) in root user. And from...
  2. D

    which folders can be temporarily removed

    Hi, I would like to update my OS to Mojave from Yosemite. I need to create some free space to do this. Which folders (or subfolders) from Applications, Library, System or Users folders can I temporarily move to an external drive (and restore after updating to Mojave) to make space without...
  3. D

    How do I find the pictures tagged under storage

    Hi, Like to free up some space on my mac book. Storage shows 2.5 Gb for pictures, but I don't know where to find them so I can move them to an external drive? Any help appreciated David
  4. P

    Hard drive full

    Here is my issue. The drive states its almost full. 415GB used of a 500GB HD. I am running Sierra on an iMac. When I go into manage it states the system is using all of the space and its grayed out. I do not know how to free up this space. I have run disk utilities thinking maybe the drive is...
  5. R

    Deleting huge files, but not freeing up space!?

    I moved to High Sierra a few months ago, and I was noticing some weird behaviour with what my storage space was showing. I have a 1tb SSD in my MacBook Pro. I only have a few hundred GB of my own files. I just deleted about 200gb of files from my desktop, and there is no change in free space...
  6. S

    getting Mail files/downloads to really erase

    The other day I deleted my two email accounts from Mail (one gmail & one iCloud). At the time, About This Mac was showing that I was using 27 GB for Mail files. I also did a Finder search for Mail Downloads and deleted all old downloads.Or so I thought. Three days later and About This Mac is...
  7. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Use iCloud to free space temporarily

    Hi guys, I have an iPhone 4 with 32 GB and just received my new 7+. I want to only transfer Whatsapp to the new phone, and leave all the photos, videos, voice notes and all other stuff in the 4 because it still works. Can I transfer some big videos to iCloud for a moment so I can do a Whatsapp...
  8. B

    help please, how to delete the free space partition

    When I tried to delete my Windows 10 with Bootcamp, my Mac suddenly crashed and the screen was freezing. So I restarted it by pressing the Power button and now I only have 64 GB (since I used 57GB on Windows and my Mac is a 128GB). The other 57 GB seems to vanish due to the bootcamp error. I've...
  9. S

    Accidentally deleted my Macs internal harddrive!!! HELP!!

    So I was trying to install Windows 10 via Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (2011). I made a new partition in Disk Utility and called it BOOTCAMP (For my Windows) As I'm planning to use Windows a lot from now on, I decided to make it take up a lot of the space. I resized the partition where my OSX High...
  10. S

    iPod Deleted songs still on ipod

    I've organized my set of podcasts as playlists of songs. The playlists are grouped in playlist folders. After deleting songs and/or playlists and/or playlist folders, the number of songs on my device remains the same, as does the amount of free space. So, apparently, the files still reside on...
  11. BulkHedd

    Help with space on my iPhone 6s

    Lately I keep getting low on space on my iPhone. Usually after going into the Photos app somehow that seems to free up some space. Perhaps it shifts more photos to the iCloud? Anyway, when I plug my phone into my Mac it says 16.54 GB is taken up by "Videos". I don't know what that can be. I...
  12. F

    Missing "Free Space" partition on new external drive

    Hello Fine Smartypantses, So I'm finally getting around to updating my OS from 10.6.8, which I've bought a 2TB WD MyPassport for Mac drive. I was informed by the .dmg install that it wasn't compatitble with my current OS, so I formatted it to 750 GB for Time Machine, with the other 1.25 TB for...
  13. U

    Doesn't give me storage space although I deleted tons of files and uploaded files to Dropbox.

    Hi, my 1.11 TB storage is pretty much full, and I got message "your disk is almost full." So I started deleting GBs of files or uploaded tons of files to Dropbox to make space storage. But it still shows I have 1GB or less free space in storage. Of course, I emptied trash can, deleted caches...