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Jan 12, 2019
Hi there!

Half of the day I'm trying to figure out what'e wrong with my macbook pro 2015.
The thing is that I decided to recover my deleted data from usb with photorec and terminal. Before the recover, I had 67Gb of free disk space. I recovered all my files (around 58Gb) in root user. And from there the whole macbook started getting laggy like crazy. I deleted some of my recoved files and now I have 14Gb of free space). I want to transfer everything to my samsung ssd but it will take ages to do so.
The problem is real as the macbook isn't capable of transfering 7mb photo from folder to desktop. I don't know what else I can do.
I will have a lot of free space when I transfer my files to ssd but it seems like my laptop doesn't want to communicate with in a friendly way.....
Thank you for help!
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