1. M

    Buy a new Imac - Considerations on SSD speeds

    Recently I tried a Samsung X5 external Nvme M.2 SSD, connected via Thunderbolt 3 to an end-2017 Imac, pumped up on steroids with 64 Gb Ram (OWC 2666 Mhz DDR4 SODIMM PC4-21400). Yes the 2666 Mhz are working even it that model is using 2400 Mhz originally (the advantage, in case you buy a new Imac...
  2. Jericho0ne

    Fusion Drive Replaced Not Freeing up Disk Space

    Hi Team, I need some help as I’m running out of space. I had my HD replaced with a 2TB SSD. All seemed to be well. But now I’m not able to free up space. I have deleted hundreds of GB of files, yes I emptied trash, but the space is not becoming available. On investigation, it appears that I...
  3. T

    Can't drop and re-create fusion drive on iMac 27" with Catalina

    After upgrading to Catalina 10.15.3, the Mac wouldn't boot. It would get stuck on com.apple.PerfPowerServices. So, since I have a (month-old) backup, I decided to try and restore it - but it wouldn't restore. So, I booted into recovery mode, and was going to reformat the hard drive, and then...
  4. WarMaster115

    Missing space after bootcamp uninstall (Fusion Drive)

    Hi guys, I’ve looked around the forum and found a couple of solutions that might work but don’t know which one exactly applies to my particular situation, as I am a noob when it comes to terminal and commands. So i would be very greatful if u could assist me with this problem. Like many other...
  5. smirk

    Fusion drive between NVMe and SATA SSD?

    My late-2015 27" iMac has been feeling slow lately when there's a lot of disk access going on (like when running VMWare). It's pretty clear the bottleneck is the existing 2.2TB fusion drive. I was thinking of replacing the stock drive components with a 2TB NVMe, but then was wondering if some...
  6. allan.nyholm

    I have to ask.. is your Desktop & Screensaver section slow also?

    Hi, So what I've been wanting to ask for a number of weeks and months is this; when in System Preferences and the Desktop & Screensaver portion of same - Is this also so painfully slow that browsing and adding wallpapers is a minute long process at times? For instance I have a series of...
  7. Jungles999

    2017 iMac fusion vs Samsung T5 ssd

    hi all I just bought a 2017 iMac with 1tb fusion and I’m happy with its performance for my needs But I’m getting the chance to buy a Samsung T5 500GB ssd for very cheap Would I be better off 1. Booting the os and everything on the external ssd 2. Leaving the boot drive and applications on...
  8. Arthur82

    Windows 10 Install fail /BootCamp/ iMac 5k 27 2017 / Fusion Drive

    Hi, I have a problem installing Windows 10 with BOOTCAMP, first the process was good, lowers the compatibility software, creates the partitions well and restarts to install windows. But when it arrives at the installation it does not detect my hard disk, it goes from accepting the terms of the...
  9. I

    SSD and Fusion and HDD kinda strange idea.

    Hi all , So I have an iMac 2017 with Fusion. Since my first iMac that could have a fusion drive first thing I did when I mode the Mac was to destroy the core storage and split the SSD from the HDD. Using a external Thunderbolt SSD everything was always speedy and had some slow storage in my Mac...
  10. Sankel

    I've messed up my Fusion Drive. What to do?

    Hi Guys, When I bought my iMac last year, I wanted to run Linux, Windows and MacOS on my Mac. Some things worked, some things didn't work. I recently gave up. But now I just want to restore my Fusion Drive as if it came out of the factory. This is my diskutil list when in MacOS and logged in...
  11. P

    Split Fusion Drive, now not booting, can't find solution!

    My 2011 Macbook Pro running El Capitan was running fine until recently when it suddenly decided to stop booting after getting a new charger which I assume was sketchy (refurbished apple from ebay). I believe that my fusion drive has split back into the original hdd and ssd and now I can't boot...
  12. coco carter

    Change Fusion Drive to SSD or upgrade RAM for photo editing?

    To speed up my photo editing on Lightroom, I was advised to change my fusion drive to SSD as opposed to upgrading my RAM. Is this the best option? And if so, can somebody recommend a suitable SSD? I've got an iMac 27 inch (late 2013) 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Storage -...
  13. M

    Resolved ccs error

    This has since been resolved.
  14. davidgnomo

    Replacing Fusion disk with SSD (late 2012 iMac)

    I'm about to buy an OWC kit to make the upgrade by myself and there's plenty of videos about how to replace the hardware on the OWC site and on YouTube ... what I cannot find anywhere is a tutorial on how to take everything (Mac OS included) from my old Fusion disk and put it on the new SSD ...
  15. Skeptical.me

    2017 iMac External SSD Boot Drive & Time Machine

    Hi, I have a new 2017 iMac 27" 5K 3.5Ghz 1TB Fusion drive. I added a 500GB M.2 SSD in a USB-C to USB-C External Housing as the the boot drive. It's certainly made a difference in performance. However, the Fusion Drive has a Windows 10 partition (Boot Camp) and 750GB of free space. I am just...
  16. Harvdog

    DIY Fusion drive

    Two years ago I created a DIY Fusion drive in order to increase my iMac's speed while using Photoshop and Lightroom. It has worked quite well thru Sierra and High Sierra. Now I am concerned whether Mojave will continue to treat me so nicely. Has anyone out there had a similar experience or has...
  17. liorp

    Once and for all: Does MacOS Mojave work with Fusion Drives?

    What's up, ya'll? :cool: I have a 2017 iMac with a fusion drive. I'm currently still running Sierra on it, because apparently, High Sierra's APFS doesn't support fusion drives. I read that Mojave (10.14) introduces APFS support for fusion drives. Thing is, all I've read about this has been...
  18. M

    Mojave Beta Cannot Install with Boot Camp?

    I've been holding off on installing the beta since I have a fusion drive, and I knew that support for those was new and experimental. However, with Mojave releasing in the next few weeks, I figured I'd bite the bullet and install the latest beta today. However, upon launching the installer I...
  19. S

    Upgrade iMac Fusion Drive: Processes for Late 2015 27" and Late 2013 27"

    Hello Folks, First time poster here and relative newb. Please be gentle I'm looking to upgrade the fusion drives in two (2) imacs...a Late 2015 27" and a Late 2013 27" Please take a look at the processes I come up with: Upgrade iMac Fusion Drive: Process Late 2015 27” 1. Change Permissions...
  20. Z

    SSD's in the fusion drives

    What capacity are the SSD drives that are contained in the 1 and 2TB fusion drives that are shipped with the iMacs?