1. kkl88888

    Universal Flowerhorn Aquarium - A Realistic Fish Aquarium iOS game

    Grow your Flowerhorn fish from a baby fish to adult fish with 5 different Flowerhorn fish variations, and feed them the right food to grow them into a Flowerhorn fish of your preference. Flowerhorn Aquarium is a 3D simulation aquarium game that mimics the famous freshwater champion fish...
  2. Fortun

    Universal Brainito - Words vs Numbers

    FREE Test your friends and your mental agility. Start a game with friends, family or new opponents to build words, create operations and train the mind. Words Round ► Form up to 3 words using some of the available letters and get points for each letter. Numbers Round ► Perform basic...
  3. matovsky

    iPhone Vatnik: pixel art game

    Simple, but fascinating pixel art game for development of reaction and memory for the whole family. Dodge enemies, avoid obstacles and complete missions. All missions are different from each other. You will have artifacts that will give you time and units or take it. P.S. This game was "In...
  4. amgff84

    Shadow Cloud Gaming on MacOS... & GeForce Now.

    For those who don't know, Shadow is a cloud gaming service. What you get is an app you install, and it opens up a streamlined virtual machine on a server somewhere. That VM is Windows 10, and allows you to go full screen and stream that operating system as if it were your computer, on your...
  5. V

    Universal [Released] Don't Hug Me - my first game

    Hi all After two years of work after hours, I finally managed to release my first game on iOS and Android. The game is called "Don't Hug Me" and was created with the help of Unity 3D. I am very interested in your opinion about my game. What would you change? Maybe you have some tips what to...
  6. B

    New game: Marble Challenge

    I recently finished my first game for iPhone/iPad: In Marble Challenge you navigate a marble through maze level. In each level are different dangers and hazards like acid, lava, fire, water and abyss. Find the exit of the maze and...
  7. N

    Looking for LAN Coop game recommendations

    I would like to introduce my 2 sons to LAN games. I have a bunch from over the years that are LAN games, but it is always capture the flag or kill each other. I would like to find a few cool coop games that we can play locally. I haven't found any in the forums or via the App Store so I...
  8. W

    is pubg the top rated game for mac?

    I used mac devices as well as iphone, here i want to ask is pubg the most rated game for mac or is there any other top rated games as well for mac? List them please, as i am a gaming freak. For me Pubg is trending and top rated for mac.
  9. Coggy_11

    Has anyone encountered games crashing there iMac constantly?

    Hi all, Thanks for your time. I am having severe crashes when I play any computer games. I can't last 5 minutes in game until I have a massive crash, the graphics pixelate, hangs for a couple of minutes and my comp restarts automatically. The funny thing is, after my computer restarts, I can...
  10. gogelgogel

    Universal matchUpicture - Photo Riddles gaming app

    Hi, we are proud to announce release of our mobile game called matchUpicture - Photo Riddles. matchUpicture is a puzzle app, similar to classic hangman game. Rules are simple: You have to guess the Secret Phrase based on the picture and it’s category. After every few minutes we will reveal...
  11. flusher

    Universal Plane Clash - FREE plane shooting arcade

    Hello. I am an indie developer from Ukraine. I just released Plane Clash - a game I made for Iphone and Ipad . It is a classic arcade game, you should definitely check it out, I have polished every inch to the highest indie 1-person team standards ever possible lol :) The game is completely...
  12. feelnside

    Universal Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush - A good time to grab your sleds

    Starting from this year (January, 15) I decided to make a new game up to the next winter holidays. And looks like it's a time to launch the game :) . Winter is here. Snow is everywhere. Do you feel that same Christmas mood? Looks like it's a great time to grab your sleds and snow slide along the...
  13. Cruciarius

    What to replace my late 2014 iMac with?

    My current Mac is an iMac 5K late 2014 model with 32GB of RAM & 3TB built-in Fusion drive. While it was under warranty, it suddenly had an overheating issue. After a few trips to the Apple store, it was fixed. They replaced the screen, thermal paste, and honestly, I don't recall what else...
  14. jfalky

    Shader Model 3.0

    When I try and open a game I have just installed, I get the following message and log. I am guessing this means it isn't compatible with my graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB)? Is there a work around to try and make it work on this iMac? As much as I would love to upgrade this 2011...
  15. S

    Universal Word Bricker

    Happy to announce my iOS game Word Bricker Feel free to try and give feedbacks! App Store link
  16. TinylabGames

    Meet the Mr Cuboid

    @AppStoreGames @GooglePlay Mr Cuboid is the ideal memory trainer game for everybody who loves to play addictive brain challenging games. On the off chance that you appreciate playing memory match games then you will love this new free endless...
  17. dimitrymd

    Montgolfier [Game on the AppStore][iPhone/iPad][Free]

    Hello everybody, I want to share with you the latest game developed by my team - Montgolfier. The game was born as a result of experiment in searching for new types of gaming mechanics which became possible after the introduction of touch screens...
  18. toberr

    iPhone Check out my game

    Hi everybody I what to show you my project to get some feedback from you It is Platformer although it may seem nice, but rather hardcore. You can download it from App Store here:
  19. 2

    iPhone X Notch is annoying when playing fullscreen games

    When playing games like PUBG, Fortnite and others, the notch really gets in the way and it's annoying because you miss out on important information. Such as in the menus, certain things will get cut off because of the notch. Is there a fix for this to make the game slightly less wide in order to...
  20. raz_c

    Universal Our first game is out

    Hi! We are a small 2 people team building our own apps and games. We recently launched our first game: Square Fill. You can checkout a presentation video here. You can find the game on the AppStore. Feedback is highly appreciated because we want to improve and create better and better games...