1. S

    iPhone Chrome crashes and erases all tabs

    I know this is an old issue but has anyone heard ANYTHING from google about fixing or helping with this? Chrome seems to be crashing more than ever. And for years I’ve had the problem of it closing all my open tabs. Sometimes it offers to restore the session, but when it doesn’t I lose every...
  2. C

    Problem with Chrome Fullscreen

    Hey, My Macbook Air is having problems with going into fullscreen when watching videos ie youtube, vimeo, netflix, news clips. It doesnt seem to matter which site, when i try to watch in full screen, after about 10 seconds, the screen slpits on a weird angle. I cant find the solution anywhere! I...
  3. M

    Chrome notifications not working in Catalina

    Hey all, if this has already been asked, or brought up, I apologize . I'm just trying to get answers as quick and easy as possible. I've had a really good and smooth upgrade to Catalina, however, one problem i can't seem to solve on my own is: none of my notifications seem to be showing up from...
  4. Airforcekid

    What DNS servers do you use?

    I'm using over DOH on a PiHole setup its been a massive improvement over my ISPs default one.
  5. supergaia

    Fantastical 2 can't connect to my google account

    Hi i have downlaod yesterday the trial version of Fantastical 2 , but i can't connect to my goole account I open the preferences of fantastical 2 ->acconts -> click-> on google -> it opens firefox and I enter my email and password in firefox , and i accept to allow Fantastical to access your...
  6. K

    Help!!! CALENDAR

    I suddenly can't see my Google Calendar on my Mac's Calendar App. It was all ok, then all gone. If I put new entries, it shows. But the old ones, and previous entries and plans....doesn't appear
  7. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Can't enlarge photos in google images Safari

    Until yesterday, I was able to tap on a picture on google images to view the picture in large. For example when you search "Apple" on google images you get many photos of it, and if you want to view one of them in large you just simply tap it. But the problem is that since yesterday I suddenly...
  8. S

    Can't reach any google site

    FIXED (see bottom) Really could use some help on this. Have been researching and troubleshooting ten hours so far. Thanks for any help in advance. Going to ANY google site, I get the error message: "Safari can't find the server. Safari can't open the page "" because...
  9. Q

    An issue with Google Software Update and Little Snitch

    Now, I'm sure most of us are aware with Google's malware Software Update, which installs itself when using Google apps, and we know ksfetch malfunctions with Little Snitch and triggers an alarm window, which pops every couple of hours. I've looked online, but all the solutions I found and tried...
  10. cocoua

    Should Apple get into the search market?

    next wearable thing industry will adopt (when technology allows it a decent user experience), will be glasses, and eventually contact lenses, AI assistants will be 24h listening and detecting key words, showing you relevant info in the screens, making calculations etc... that service will lay...
  11. I

    Google Music MP3s in iOS Music App

    I'm a long time Android user that switched to the iPhone XS Max this year. Because of my history with Google I have a lot of music in their Play Music store. Is it possible to import these songs into the Music app on the iPhone? I know I can just download the Google Play Music app, but I'm...
  12. acgmph

    Carrier iPhone on Google's Project Fi

    It's live for iPhones in Beta with some caveats (SMS to non-iPhones and visual voicemail not working right): Any privacy concern with using this Google product?
  13. jusacruiser

    Should I install Google Chrome on New MBP?

    I just got a new MacBook Pro. Should I delete Google Chrome on my old MacBook Pro before migrating to my new MacBook Pro? Should I let Google Chrome "poison" my new pristine MacBook Pro.....or get rid of Google Chrome before migration? Thoughts?
  14. chino-rican

    Pixel 3 XL growing extra notches

    At first I thought this was a joke. Well, it actually is pretty funny!
  15. eschuman

    iPhone Stats make iOS a hard OS to ignore
  16. jeremiah256

    Home How Many Personal Assistants Do You Use/Want To Use?

    This is an interest of mine since I want to get more into the Internet of Things (IoT) and want to start off with home and personal automation. I'm no expert on any of the assistants, and hopefully, this thread will provide myself and others who are interested, a way to expand our knowledge...
  17. L

    Help Me Decide If I Should Switch!

    Typing this on the XS Max. Not liking that I'm experiencing issues with WiFi, especially given the price. I'm considering a switch to Android for my primary device. I'm fairly familiar with them; have rooted in the past, unlocked with various techniques from XDA etc. I've had Nexus 7 and 9...
  18. Pndrgnsvc

    iOS 12x, CarPlay & Google Maos

    Is Google Maps going to be fully functional with CarPlay upon release of iOS12.x, or does that capability require more work?
  19. S

    iPhone Chrome randomly closes all tabs and leaves no trace

    This has happened to me several times and it is really frustrating. I'll open chrome on my iphone to find that all of my open tabs have suddenly vanished. And if I go to the "recent tabs" page it is completely empty. I can understand if sometimes it just resets and accidentally closes all the...
  20. melissapete24

    Suddenly Can't Access Anything Google

    I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.6; it has been since the update first came out, as I like to keep my devices up to date. Yesterday, everything was working just fine; I had no issues whatsoever. Today is a whole different story. I can't access anything Google. I first noticed it when I...