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  1. ThatSomeone

    Google account being synced in preference app through iCloud?

    I just got my new 16” M1 MacBook Pro set up, and it’s time to get the old one wiped and ready for the next owner! I’m going to wipe it, but I figured it’s best to get my Google account off it from the preferences app anyway. But when I try to delete it with the - I get a pop up telling me to...
  2. Sir1Pocket

    All iPads Why doesn't Apple allow innovation?

    I am an Android convert, although in reality I am not convinced that I want to stay with Apple products. I have downloaded Google apps, thinking that I would get the same performance that I experienced from the app on my Android device. For instance, the Google Maps app on my iPad is limited to...
  3. R

    CarPlay Google maps in Carplay suddenly stopped working properly

    Can anyone solve this problem for me? Google Maps has suddenly stopped working properly when I plug my iPhone into my car and use Carplay. I can type in a destination but, instead of the immediate route coming up on the screen with voice instructions, all I get is a map. As I go along the route...
  4. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    MS Office vs Google Workspace

    I'm looking to migrate to a new suite of productivity apps for my small business, and the Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Slides) is one consideration. I've used MS Office for many many years, but it's starting to become a little bloated and expensive for my needs. I want to move away from 365...
  5. H

    Other So Youtube...

    What is your purpose of holding back specific iOS/iPadOS features? Greed? Everyone was super pumped about 4K video coming to the app, but no one asked for the updated resolution picker. Everyone is super pumped that Picture in Picture is coming, but that has not shown up yet even for premium...
  6. Macintosh IIvx

    Google Chrome Phoning Home About Apple Music Stream

    Seems every time the next song comes up on Apple Music streams (played in the Music app on my Mac), Little Snitch pops up with a request for Chrome to connect to the Google servers. Anyone else notice this? Happens like clockwork.
  7. Mirachan_007

    Different Google icon between iOS and iPadOS

    I have updated to iOS/iPadOS 14. Then, open Safari, the Google icon is different on iOS and iPadOS (see attachments). Is this iPadOS’s bug? Have anyone the same issue? iPhone 7 Plus:iOS 14.5.1 iPad Pro 9.7” : iPadOS 14.5.1
  8. Apple Knowledge Navigator

    iCloud Should Apple be doing more to compete with Google Workspace, et al?

    iCloud has a lot going for it provided you're in the Apple eco-system, but when it comes to larger productivity and business-centric tasks, I'd argue that Apple's platforms just aren't as scalable. Regardless, do you feel that this is area Apple should try to improve? Would you pay money for a...
  9. gbf

    locked out of gmail

    anyone else ever get this? all I was doing tonight was sitting at my iMac and downloading pictures I had saved in gmail from 6 years ago... I was using safari and then after like 30 pictures I got this screen... can't get any help from google...
  10. M

    Migrate Google data (183 GB) to iCloud drive online?

    Hi. Is it possibile to migrate all my Google data like Google photos and YT videos to iCloud online, without downloading it first and uploading it? My internet connection is aroud 7-15 max. It takes ages to download it first. I want to get over with spy Google as I did with Facebook (and their...
  11. peneaux

    No updates from Google since iOS 14.3 Privacy Labels came out

    Funny how companies like Google (the ones you know don't respect your privacy) stopped updating their apps weekly like they usually do since iOS started. No more "bug fixes and improvements" BS. I wonder why? 🤔
  12. M

    red dot shows by picture in Google assistant app.

    Hey guys, I noticed that on installing the assistant app on my iPad air 2 under iPadOS 14.2, I have a red dot by my google picture for my account. This dot only shows up in the assistant app, all other google linked apps (including YouTube ) don't have it. I understand this typically means I...
  13. T

    macOS Mail Constantly Downloading Messages

    I have a G-Suite account that I have an email domain for my business through. I've been using this since 2009 and have had no issues until about 9 months ago when I noticed my mail downloading 200,000+ emails. It does this so much now that my ISP (Xfinity) has told me that I've reached my...
  14. S

    iPhone Chrome crashes and erases all tabs

    I know this is an old issue but has anyone heard ANYTHING from google about fixing or helping with this? Chrome seems to be crashing more than ever. And for years I’ve had the problem of it closing all my open tabs. Sometimes it offers to restore the session, but when it doesn’t I lose every...
  15. C

    Problem with Chrome Fullscreen

    Hey, My Macbook Air is having problems with going into fullscreen when watching videos ie youtube, vimeo, netflix, news clips. It doesnt seem to matter which site, when i try to watch in full screen, after about 10 seconds, the screen slpits on a weird angle. I cant find the solution anywhere! I...
  16. M

    Chrome notifications not working in Catalina

    Hey all, if this has already been asked, or brought up, I apologize . I'm just trying to get answers as quick and easy as possible. I've had a really good and smooth upgrade to Catalina, however, one problem i can't seem to solve on my own is: none of my notifications seem to be showing up from...
  17. Airforcekid

    What DNS servers do you use?

    I'm using over DOH on a PiHole setup its been a massive improvement over my ISPs default one.
  18. supergaia

    Fantastical 2 can't connect to my google account

    Hi i have downlaod yesterday the trial version of Fantastical 2 , but i can't connect to my goole account I open the preferences of fantastical 2 ->acconts -> click-> on google -> it opens firefox and I enter my email and password in firefox , and i accept to allow Fantastical to access your...
  19. K

    Help!!! CALENDAR

    I suddenly can't see my Google Calendar on my Mac's Calendar App. It was all ok, then all gone. If I put new entries, it shows. But the old ones, and previous entries and plans....doesn't appear
  20. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Can't enlarge photos in google images Safari

    Until yesterday, I was able to tap on a picture on google images to view the picture in large. For example when you search "Apple" on google images you get many photos of it, and if you want to view one of them in large you just simply tap it. But the problem is that since yesterday I suddenly...