haptic feedback

  1. A

    iPhone 11 Pro Iphone 11 Pro Max haptic feedback issue.

    Hi, today I got a Iphone 11 Pro Max cause the first one had some dust particles under the camera so they replaced it. I set it up today and downloaded the latest update 13.2.3. Im noticing random very light haptic feedback responses for example in mail up when swiping left on an email just to...
  2. C

    Loose Haptic engine in S2 Watch - but Apple won't repair it

    Last week, I noticed a rattle sound coming from my Apple Watch when it was vibrating, a quite clear and distinct rattle sound if you ask me. You even hear it when you shake it a bit, clearly hearing a very loose part inside. I took it to an Apple store right away, and for them, this looked like...
  3. F

    iPhone X iPhone X Haptic Feedback

    Hey guys, so the haptic feedback on my iPhone X is being strange, it was working fine yesterday. Espically on the camera app when you switch modes or when you change the portrait lighting, i'm not getting haptic feedback. I've checked settings and System haptics are still on and i have also...
  4. M

    Battery drain w/ haptic feedback?

    I’m on an iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 11.1 - I came straight from a 6+ with no haptic feedback option. I just want to know if, and how much, having system haptics on will drain your battery and if it’s worth it. Thanks!
  5. L

    Apple watch notification vibration pattern issue

    Hey everyone, so I'm having a problem with my Apple watch series 1 vibration everytime I get a notification. For sake of example, I'm gunna use the letter V to simulate the vibration pattern. Normally, when I get a notification, the vibration would go, "vvvvv vv vv" so one long vibration and...
  6. imicca

    Haptic feedback glitch on iOS 10.3.1

    Recently I am noticing my iPhone 7 strangely turning on haptic feedback, located in Settings > Sound & haptics > System haptics Now I had it off since the day I owned the phone but recently I felt all these small and light haptic "vibrations" coming back. I go to settings page - it is off, I...
  7. Court tonic

    Haptic feedback on keyboard

    For some reason I feel like my keyboard used to vibrate/haptic when I'd type. It was when the phone was on silent/vibrate mode so it felt as though I was clicking something. I can't seem to get that on the 7, I tried all settings and was able to turn on the keyboard click doing but nothing...
  8. ron7624

    iMessage haptic feedback help

    hello Apple watch fans! I got my Apple watch a week ago and have found it very useful. I need help with iMessage. I use iMessage all day long to communicate with my family and friends. Always have. I have my watch set to provide haptic feedback on everything, and it does except on iMessage...