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help !!

  1. R

    Battery charging extremely slowly after the recent update for MacBook Pro 13 inch 2019 (intel) 1+ year old

    I tried resetting the smc and Nvram multiple times and talked with the support executive but failed to find any solution. This is happening after the macOS big sur recent update and now its taking 6 hours to charge . I tried my brothers MacBook brick but it remains the same. The problem...
  2. Michael Miccio


    I have an iphone xs and ios14 won’t show up in my software update tab in settings. Anyone know how to fix this issue?
  3. O

    iPod touch Forgot an app name, help??

    Okay so like maybe 5-6 years ago I had an iPod Touch (it was a newer model back then, blue, 5th Gen I think) and I had an app on there that I loved but I can’t remember the name of It, and I don’t own the iPod anymore either (wasn’t under my own account, I shared an account with someone I’m no...
  4. R

    Broken series 1 help!

    Hi my Apple Watch has started playing up and I can’t work out why I’ve tried cleaning the crown and checked the battery for swelling nothing! Any ideas?
  5. E

    Iphone not showing as a Port option for Internet Sharing Catalina OS

    Hi all, I am trying to connect my iphone 5s to a macbook pro 2012 running Catalina 10.15.5 OS. The iphone connects to the mac fine (visible in itunes etc) but I want to turn on internet sharing from the macbook's Ethernet to the Iphone via the USB cable. Cannot use wifi. I have it working on...
  6. DokiDoki

    Need some help with Two Accounts.

    I have been researching for a while currently after noticing Apple has put like a 90 days lock on your system if you purchase from another iTunes Account which is my own, is there any way to get past this, as I travel quite a bit back and forth soon to Japan. As a Apple help support told me to...
  7. 1

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2,1 doubts and problem

    Hi everyone, I have a Mac Pro 2,1 with no hard drive and no graphics card which I intend to restore, but I want to check that it will function well before spending money in a hard drive, a GPU and more RAM. I plugged it in and the Superdrive works, the RAM trays lights turn on, the motherboard...
  8. 1

    MP 1,1-5,1 No OS Mac Pro 2,1

    Hello, I new to the MacRumours forum. I found my father's old Mac Pro 2,1, and we decided to start using it again. It is the 3.0 8core with 12gb of Ddr2 ram. It has no HDD and no graphics card. I have a spare HDD with no OS, but no graphics card. I want to upgrade it to El Capitan, but I read...
  9. M

    My new iPad Pro has a line across the screen and I need help!

    I recently (less than 2 months ago) bought an apple iPad 11 inch. I’ve been very happy with it, and of course very careful when handling it. When I picked it up now I noticed a thin pixelated horizontal yellow line on my screen. I haven’t dropped it of applied too much pressure... It also...
  10. M

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 2013 Monitor compatibility

    Hey Friends I'm looking to upgrade my monitor, I've been using a Asus PA248Q for about 6 years and its been fantastic. Im looking to get a 27 inch 4k monitor, my budget is around 550GBP, I've identified the BenQ PD2700U (linked below) However Im concerned about the connectivity and getting...
  11. monya

    help with mbp 13 2017 please !!

    Good morning ! I have a few questions hope someone could answer them ! if i inatalled mojave but didn't use it is that mean im using high sierra software or mojavee ?.. for now i have a firmware password issue :'( if i take it to an apple authorized service how long it will take to get solved ...
  12. R

    Can't Reinstall OS X

    I was planning on selling my macbook so i erased the hard drive but I accidentally erased the startup disk and when I try to reinstall OS X EL CAPITAN it tells me "this item is temporarily unavaiable please try again later"
  13. S

    Problem with booting of Macbook

    Hello. I have macbook Air 13'' 2015 and got some problems with it. -First it was problem with kernel_task.... etg. my macbook got very slowly so i just bought new SDD -Installed Mac OS Mojave on the new SDD, installation took looooooong time to be finish ( about 4hours) -Kernel_task is gone but...
  14. A

    I need help picking a computer for video editing

    Hi! I'm currently in the market for a new imac to use premiere for my video editing. I need help in figuring out what system is going to have the smoothest playback from my canon 5d mark 2 for full length movies. I want Premiere to run smoothly as well. I appreciate any help!
  15. C

    Can't remove partitions on High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hello everyone. So, I need some help, I have these partitions created I suppose by installing bootcamp and stuff and I can't remove any of these. If anyone knows how to remove them please help XD. I really need a way to only have 1 solid disk instead of 5. The "-" sign does not work on any of them.
  16. farahhhhhhmd

    Need Help regarding 2010 MBP- GPU panic

    I have a mid-2010 mbp which is running on the Sierra software, kernel panics are happening everyday, and I want to find a solution as the laptop is still in great condition and cannot afford to buy a newer version. Should I go back to an older software? please help! This is the report which...
  17. E

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Sound stuck in headphone mode?

    So today, me being me, I dropped my phone in a fairly large puddle today. And again, me being me, I thought nothing of it. So when I went to play music through my phone (without the headphones) it says that it is still stuck in headphone mode? Once I actually put the headphones in, the music...
  18. Silent133

    IPhone 5c screen blurred

    I got a phone call from a friend and after the first ring, the screen completely blurred and went unresponsive. It still rings and vibrates from calls and being plugged in to charge, but won't respond to touch at all other than pressing the power button. Won't restart or shutdown, and if I press...
  19. TheNewKid…~

    Stuck! Trying to jailbreak

    I have an iPhone SE and I’ve been reading and learning how to preform a jailbreak for the first time because that phone is in desperate need of help and getting away from the many Apple restrictions has become necessary. However it has already upgraded to iOS 12. An since an hour age what SHSH...
  20. 4


    Hi, problem with my 2016 MacBook. Over the last few weeks it’s been intermittent whilst charging on its single usb c port. Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. Now just doesn’t. And battery is now dead. Need to access my files for work etc. Any ideas would be much appreciated as I need access...