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help !!

  1. 647156

    The Kodiak Thread (Mac OS X Public Beta)

    Mac OS X Public Beta (internal codename "Kodiak") Thought we should have this for the sake of completeness now that we have threads for each of the other Mac OS X releases that were available to buy at retail (yes, Public Beta was released to buy too, even though it was still a "beta" release)...
  2. L

    What would you do if you where in my place?

    Hey so, im in a really hard place deciding what to do and i need some input and opinions from others. So my problem: I just got finished with school. I just started a business/sidehustle as a cutter. So im cutting videos for youtubers. Also i just got very interested in graphics design. My...
  3. F

    Power Mac G4 MDD not powering on

    Hello I have a working power mac g4 mdd with dual 1.25 GHz processors, 2.0 GB of RAM and the default Nvidia GPU it came with. I went on to vacation for a month and before I went , it was working fine. Now when I got back, it's not powering. When I try to power it up, the white light on the...
  4. Gamercraft567a

    iPad Pro Apple Pencil gen 2 not connecting

    Apple Pencil gen 2 is not connecting to iPad Pro 12.9in m1 I haven’t used it that much. the image below should help btw It just shows that animation and doesn’t Connect
  5. L

    What MacBook Pro Configuration for Graphic Design?

    So i just finished with Highschool. I want to go to Graphics Design Uni next year. In my years at Highschool i learned how to code etc. But i want to switch to Design. Now that my Laptop recently died i need a new one. I decided to go for a MacBook Pro 16“ as i love the big Trackpad, the better...
  6. P

    Help! Unlocking iPhone without access to phone number

    My husband has an iPhone 13 pro. He is locked out of his phone (incorrect password entered too many times-not his fault) and now he has to re-setup his phone. He knows his Apple ID and password. However, the problem is that in order to finish setting up his phone he has to enter a verification...
  7. Apple Fan 2008

    Help me set up my Power Mac G4 DA

    Hi all, I was wondering if you could help me find a CPU upgrade for a Power Mac G4 Digital Audio 733mhz (PowerMac3,4). Preferably a dual processor upgrade. If it helps I know they're related to quicksilver models. Sincerely, Apple Fan 2008 P.S will this work...
  8. K

    Need help finding a song

    I need help finding a song it's techno/EDM style music. I know that it had whistling in the intro and it repeated it like 3 times before actually getting into the song itself I don't remember if there was lyrics all I remember is the tune of the whistle and it's been driving me crazy.
  9. M

    MP 1,1-5,1 5770 boot problem mac 1.1

    hello I have a problem with my mac pro 1.1 I bought an ati 5770 graphics card and I flashed it then I started my mac and the screen stays on the apple logo what to do? system el capitan
  10. T

    MP 7,1 Bluetooth not working - 2019 Mac Pro, Catalina 10.15.7

    My Magic Keyboard was connecting fine, and then I came back from winter vacation and none of my bluetooth devices are connecting. I have 2 Magic Keyboards I've tested. Sometimes they say connected , but typing results in nothing. They work fine plugged in via cable and have 100% charge. I've...
  11. J

    Fix iphone 6 from

    I tried the ios version fake tweak from repo ””. After that none of my apps were working. All apps are crashing, app store also stopped working. I tried reseting the phone but now it shows ios 14.4 in my phone and model is iphone 6. Due to that i can't even restore it from...
  12. D

    i fell down and dropped my macbook as well :(

    i fell down and dropped my macbook as well :( screen is not damaged and it works yet. it only has this visible damage. could there be any more problems? and is there any way to fix it?
  13. BashMacbookPro

    MacBook Pro 14inch was received with scratches upon opening

    Hello all, I just received my MBP 14in base model on Friday, and upon opening there was damage to the bottom side of the casing. I will add photos at the end. I bring this up because I now find myself in a predicament and would like to see if anyone has any previous experience like this to...
  14. off3nc3

    iPhone 12 Pro Max issue/scratch/missing material ?

    Hello everyone , gonna make this short and sweet because I am putting up my Iphone 12 Pro Max for sale ( bought the 13 pro max ) and since the first minute that I bought this iphone 12 I placed a very thick and resistant case on it , shock resistant that covers all the areas of the phone. To my...
  15. A

    MP 1,1-5,1 Webcam issue on 5,1 after running patcher

    The external webcam on my 2009 Mac Pro 5,1 is not working at the moment. Just displays black. It's a long story, but I'll try to be as brief as possible. As you know, in order to upgrade to Mojave on this unsupported Mac, you need to run a patcher. I went through the process and installed...
  16. A

    MP 1,1-5,1 Graphics Card stuck in Mac Pro 5,1

    I was trying to replace the graphics card on my 2009 mac pro 5,1 desktop. The new graphics card is an MSI RX 580 8gb, which is supposed to fit. I couldn't get it to fit into the slot, and even worse, while trying it got stuck on the motherboard. I can't get it out. As you can see from the...
  17. hamzaalikhan6

    12 pro max silver

    Hi guys just wanted to ask a question i got this 12 pro max on 20th may and i used this transparent case and when i took it of its like this i tried to clean it rubbed with alcohol as well but it doesn’t go away! i’m really worried please can anyone guide me please
  18. flop2famous


    I have been working over this for at least 3 weeks now. I have tried unibeast (uefi and legacy), the createinstaller method (uefi and legacy). Also tried MBR and GPT format options but still can't boot up High Sierra. If anyone can help me with the clover and efi to be used for this system, it...
  19. S

    Please Help I'm stuck n it's frustating

    Please Help I'm stuck while resetting my Macbook Pro late 2011 to Mac OS Lion, it's showing can't download additional contents needed for Mac OS X, I'm also sharing at the screen I'm stuck so that it'll be easy for U guys to help me out.... It's the place where I'm stuck, I didn't took Time...
  20. E

    Switchres X macbook air display problem

    I recently installed SwitchRes X on my MacBook air (using macOS Big Sur, not M1), and it was going fine until I created a custom sized display and used it, and then my screen went black. I tried to fix it, but nothing worked but plugging it into an external monitor, which actually made the...