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  1. Edgecrusherr

    How to Add Your Own Custom Arial Screensavers & Wallpapers (macOS 14 Sonoma+)

    Hi everyone. I didn't see a direct how-to on this, so I thought I'd make one. Also, feel free to share your custom ones. Arial screensaver / wallpaper file Info: Use videos files, must be MOV format (you can rename most MP4s to MOV. If it doesn't work, use Quicktime or Handbrake to re-encode...
  2. Z

    corporate identity tutorial presentation

    Trying to get a few ideas on how to make a corporate identity presentation... are there any video tutorials you would recommend?
  3. zakarhino

    How to get a true "OLED" black wallpaper in iOS 16

    Reposting from the "Black OLED wallpaper" thread in case people can't find instructions. please let me know if this works for you. How to get true black back: OPEN SPOILER (to prevent long post)
  4. DominikHoffmann

    Home How to edit room names, delete rooms?

    I am using the Big Sur version of the Home app. I believe, the interface hasn’t changed too much from the Catalina version, although it is sufficiently different from the one that shipped with Mojave. I am looking for a way to edit the names of my rooms. So far I have had to switch to using the...
  5. brothman01

    Resolved How to Schedule a Text Message to send at a later time

    I was using an Android phone before and I switched back to iPhone (which I used to use before the Android) and I cannot seem to find a feature that allows me to schedule a text message to be sent at a certain time which was a functionality that I used on the Android multiple times every day. I...
  6. B

    Can I purchase apps with my NYS benefit card?

    hello there, My Mom-in-law bought my 3 kids iPads for Christmas. I am out of work and am receiving emergency TAFT benefits that is a partial cash allowance for bills to get paid until I find a new job. There are several educational apps my wife would like to purchase for our young kids. Is...
  7. TheNewKid…~

    Stuck! Trying to jailbreak

    I have an iPhone SE and I’ve been reading and learning how to preform a jailbreak for the first time because that phone is in desperate need of help and getting away from the many Apple restrictions has become necessary. However it has already upgraded to iOS 12. An since an hour age what SHSH...

    Looking for a simple book on iPhone Photography

    I have had this great camera in the iPhone at my disposal for so long yet I rarely use it. I purchased Afinity for my iPad Pro, and Focos, and ProCam for my iPhone X. So I'm looking for a straightforward introduction book for iPhone photography and editing. Any suggestions are welcomed. :-)
  9. ConorMacGregor

    How to add a photos in iMovie

    Two ways to add a photo in the newest version of iMovie. 1. Import the photo by clicking the file Menu on the top left then click import media 2. Drag any file directly into iMovie including your photos.
  10. 3

    "Home" App Step-by-Step Guide, Devices, and More

    Many have been asking how to setup your SmartHome devices using iOS 10's "Home" app. As I'm a smart home enthusiast and beta tester/designer/programmer, I've been working in this subfield for a few years. Here's a list of my SmartHome devices and how to properly configure your smart home using...
  11. S

    Rolling Question Thread

    Hi, I'm learning web development for fun and wanted to make a thread and ask some questions as I go along. I've already completed a lot of code academy's html and css training and I'm not new to programming in general. So to start with, I was wondering if anybody could explain or walk me...
  12. D

    Putting tags on files takes "forever"

    I like to keep my files organized by tags, because a given file has so many categories that organizing by folders isn't really adequate. So I have lots of tags. And, now that I have so many, adding a brand new one stalls Finder for literally minutes while the "beach ball" revolves -- I haven't...
  13. S

    How to Migrate user settings, applications and all data to new clean user?

    How to Migrate user settings, applications and all data to new clean user? My mac has got really messy while i have been trying to change permissions and then rest them all back to default, not to mention that my mac takes ages to completely load up on my two main used accounts. What i wanted...