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ibook g4

  1. daveyanthony

    iBook G4 troubles

    Recently i’ve decided to start collecting laptops alongside desktops and I bought a pretty decent iBook G4 1ghz. It was listed as freezing at boot so I figured it would just be a dead hard drive and easy fix. Basically I got the computer and after taking it apart the cause of the faulty boot was...
  2. Appleuser201

    what really is the best web browser for the G4 running Leopard?

    I saw this video (link above) from June 2018 showing 3 different browsers running on a 1.33ghz ibook g4, one of them being the default safari browser which aactually did the best even beating tenfourfox for speed and being able to manage online flash video and even youtube playback. Tenfourfox...
  3. L

    Spotify App for PowerPC Macs?

    I havent been able to locate any apps, does any such working Spotify App exist for PPC? I cant get it to work on TenFourFox (1.33ghz G4) Any help would be greatly appreciated, all the ibooks are really good or are music streaming playback.
  4. isaac_osborn

    Question about MS office 2008

    Hi, I've recently started college and have found the need for a laptop I can carry with me to take notes on, write quick documents etc. Being both a cash-strapped student, and not in need of anything but the most basic laptop, I decided to try and pick up an iBook G4 for relatively cheap, as I...
  5. Appleuser201

    Anyone still use a PowerPC mac as their daily machine?

    Anyone out there still own and use a PowerPC Mac as their main daily driver? While PowerPC macs haven't been made since 2006, they still are to me personally a TRUE macintosh and not associated with that intel windows garbage. I know the PowerMac g5 machines are actually still decent in...
  6. T

    iBook G4 battery recall?

    I recently purchased an iBook G4 off of eBay. The iBook itself is a very nice sorta retro computer, good for web browsing with TenFourFox too. However, the battery's serial number begins with 6C548, which is in the range of first-5-digits on this page...
  7. AL1630

    Best replacement for a slow hard drive?

    My iBook G4 and PowerBook G4 are pretty slow, even with the RAM maxed out, and leopard tuning tricks. I'm thinking that it's probably the ancient hard drives, they both have the stock hard drives which IIRC are 4200 RPM, at least in the iBook. My level of trust in 14 year old drives isn't very...
  8. Adamscomputerrepair

    Bought an iBook for $7. Now what?

    I was at a yard sale this morning. Much to my surprise, a teenage girl was selling a 2005, 12 inch iBook G4 1.33. She assured me that though she didn’t have the charger, it worked. Skeptical, I asked how much? $7. No freaking way. $7, working or not, is an unbelievable deal on an iBook G4...
  9. AL1630

    iBook G4 won't latch correctly

    When I close my iBook, most times it won't latch, and I have to push the display to the left for it to catch. The screen is very out of alignment with the body and I think that this is probably why it won't latch like it should. Short of replacing the hinges, are there any possible fixes for this?
  10. punger

    Need help debugging some iBooks

    Hello, a while back I won a couple auctions on Ebay. For around £20 total I managed to get three iBook G3s, one iBook G4 and a broken charger (auction was for spares/repairs) . Because of the broken charger I haven't got around to testing them until just this morning when one arrived. None of...
  11. AmazingHenry

    Resolved Dead iBook G4?

    2 days ago, my iBook G4 was working fine. The optical drive was acting up (occasional noises, having trouble ejecting discs) but no other problems. Then, suddenly, it stopped working. It simply does nothing when the power button is pressed. I have tried multiple outlets for the plug and it has...
  12. AmazingHenry

    iBook G4 Tiger Discs on Power Mac G5

    Recently, I've been wanting to put Tiger on my Power Mac and test it out. Maybe even switch from Leopard and start using Tiger as my main OS. But the only Tiger discs I have are for my iBook G4. I have a trick that involves target disk mode that will allow me to install Tiger on the Power Mac...
  13. PowerMac G5

    iBook G4 Stuck on Loading Bar

    Recently purchased an iBook G4, everything was working, however was really bugged by how dirty the keyboard was. So I took apart the iBook, took out the keyboard, airport card and ram. Cleaned the keyboard well, put everything back together and turned it on. It chimed, the grey apple screen came...
  14. mattcb

    Factory reset Leopard iBook G4

    I bought an iBook G4 from my neighbor. It is running Leopard, and I would like to factory reset it. How can I do this? If I need a disc then how can I make one?
  15. ReventonPro

    Open Firmware help

    I'm trying to boot Leopard off a USB drive on my Early 2004 iBook G4. Using the command: boot usb1/disk@1,\\tbxi I receive the following information: load-size=0 adler32=1 LOAD-SIZE is too small ok So, I ask, what exactly does this mean? My machine is equipped with only 256 MB of RAM, do...
  16. Smokin House

    Help Needed with iBook G4

    Hi all, I was recently given a iBook G4, but it has a problem. When it boots I get a folder with a question mark and a smiley square face. I believe its something to do with not finding the OS on the HDD (sorry I'm a real noob with macs, always been on pcs before). After a little searching...
  17. sorgo

    iBook G4 cooling?

    Hey everyone! I'm pretty new here, and I have a question to ask you all, specifically those of you who have experience with the iBook G4 (even more specifically, the 12" mid-2005). During the holidays my sister gave me a 12" iBook G4 that she found discarded/forgotten in a cupboard at her old...