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  1. H

    iBooks/Books Sporadically Not Syncing - We Know Apple SUCKS at Syncing, Though

    Mac Pro 5,1 running 10.14.6 (18G95). All backups and as much as can be done via iTunes ( is done through there direct connected. Book Library will sync correctly about 20% of the time. Other times, only about 30% of the books appear on the iPhone (X running iOS 12.4). Have toggled the...
  2. H

    iBooks / Books Constantly Asking for Login (Mojave)

    Beginning a few days ago, the application keeps continuously asking for login information despite it being entered correctly.
  3. mrgreeneyes

    ibooks app question

    Hello, I am currently using ibooks to sync books to my ipad and iPhone. and I have a question, when I go into the books folder. I see a bunch of books that have been renamed to long file name with letters and numbers. why is that? also I added a few new books and when I try to sync them...
  4. Giuanniello

    iPad iOS 8.xx to 9.xx - what would I loose?

    My old iPad 2 is nothing else than an ornament, I mainly used it to read ebooks I would store on my Mac through the iBooks app and upload on the iPod with iTunes. All of a sudden I realized a lot of free space on my iPad and all the books gone, also found out that iTunes would not allow synch...
  5. Lastrovib

    iPhone Export 3rd party epub from iBooks to computer

    Previously, I have imported an epub file to Books. (not bought from Apple Store, no DRM) I wish to export the epub from Books to my PC, but I find no way to do so. The epub file does not show up in iTunes or iMazing (a 3rd party software) when I connect my iPhone to my PC. I tried disabling...
  6. D

    iBooks, keep local copy?

    I have a few books I read in iBooks. I typically have them in Google Drive then do “open in” and choose iBooks. The challenge is that iBooks insists on storing the books in iCloud, and only temporarily on the iPad itself. So if I leave iBooks for a bit and do other stuff, iOS will clean up...
  7. K

    Custom dictionary

    Hello, I would like to add dictionary to my iPad so I can use it in iBooks etc. With “look up” tool. Unfortumately there are few dictionaries in settings -> dictionaries and the one I need is not awailable. How can I add “custom” dictionary to system? Thanks
  8. maverick28

    Is it possible to enable preview in an older iBook Author?

    I downloaded the latest iBook Author for Mavericks. I have iBA on High Sierra but I hate it to work in it entirely, so I mostly work in Mavericks. A one problem is that the option to preview is greyed out and it requires the most up-to-date version. My question would be are there some...
  9. HappyMBAowner

    Books alternatives

    Books for ios has been removing my pdf files from my devices for too many years now. I’ve tried all possble configurations and switches, with or without icloud drive to no avail. PDF files are just removed and kept on the cloud. I’ve been too many times in situations with no wifi, needing a file...
  10. trusso

    Books on iOS 12 (Issues with Design)

    Just looking to vent a little bit. Some of you may agree with me, but the majority of you will probably think I'm making mountains out of molehills. That's okay. Does anyone else find it troublesome that the Books app in iOS 12 conflates the Library and Bookstore functions? The last few...
  11. F

    iBooks Location Error Gads!

    Issues like this are so frustrating for me. I have been an Apple user since 1984 and when I discover (yet another) change that destroys the integrity of well-planned architecture, it makes me a wee bit crazier. I have an ePub file. I wanted to add it to iBooks; I got the attached error. iBooks...
  12. H

    Sorting PDF into collections on PC

    I know you can sort pdfs unto collections on the ibooks app, but I was wondering if there isn't a way to do that while on the pc (using iTunes for example) I have hundreds of PDF that I would like to put into certain collections before syncing into iTunes. The ideal would be drag and dropping...
  13. blomede

    iBooks and replacement app

    I upgradedd my iPhone SE to iOS 11 and my iTunes to 12.7, and they have deleted all my books in the iBooks app. 1. Does anyone have any tops about how I can access all my old books? I have backup of the phone, but I'm not sure how to access the books. 2. If anyone has good suggestions for a...
  14. A

    Multiple items from iBooks to Mac at once

    How to send per AirDrop multiple items from iBooks latest iOS 10 to macBook (10.12) at once? For described config even to send multiple items from iBooks in a sequence of send operations is not possible. "sender cancelled the copy" message rises up while trying to send second pdf. Sending first...
  15. C

    How to export pub files from iBooks?

    I have a non-DRM'ds ePub file. I double click it and it gets imported to iBooks. I can read it on all Apple devices. But now I want to recover the ePub file. I figure there must be a folder where iBooks stores all the ePub files. I can't find it. I also do not see any kind of an...
  16. mrgreeneyes

    iTunes 12.7 and ebooks question

    Hello, now that iTunes 12.7 removed the books tab. how do i manage my books, as i cannot see them in iTunes, and i don't have the iBooks mac app thanks
  17. CrickettGrrrl

    Resolved Error Message in iBooks App

    Hi! I recently upgraded from OS X Mavericks to OS X 10.12.6 Sierra. It hasn't been painless unfortunately, but so far, knock wood, I think I have most bugs solved by reinstalling the operating system & system files. One of the bugs which has not gone away is this error message whenever I...
  18. PaperQueen

    Possible to export/print notes from iBooks "books?"

    I'm in a distance learning program with an east coast university--all of texts are available as ebooks, so that's the route I went. Now that I'm hip deep in reading, it appears a snag exists: Is it possible to export or print out notes added along the way? Seems like a no brainer, but so far...
  19. N

    iPhone iBooks can't see iCloud books?

    I'm trying to transfer books [PDF/epub files, NOT purchased via store] between my MacBook and iPhone using the iCloud. I THINK I've managed to upload them successfully from the MacBook [although how I tell I'm not sure!] but my iPhone can't see them at all. I'm sure I'm missing something...
  20. NoHardFeelings

    [Poll] Highlight colors in Preview and iBooks

    I find the Preview version too dark to read, but after filing a bug report to Apple, they refused to consider changing the highlight colors for Preview. Which one do you prefer?