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iBooks, keep local copy?


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Oct 20, 2011
I have a few books I read in iBooks. I typically have them in Google Drive then do “open in” and choose iBooks. The challenge is that iBooks insists on storing the books in iCloud, and only temporarily on the iPad itself. So if I leave iBooks for a bit and do other stuff, iOS will clean up iBooks from memory and remove the books. It then has to be redownloaded, but there are times when I want to access the books offline.

Can I force it to stay local?

I just want to store a 2 meg file...


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Jun 6, 2017
There’s no way to do this. For god knows reason apple chose to do this.
It’s really annoying IMO.


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Oct 8, 2003
They don't want anyone making copies and distributing them.

I think its more ominous than that...They have become more possessive,controling, surepticious, and aloof over the years and dont care that at times a “connection” is neither available nor desired....same issue in many cases with photo and design assets.
[doublepost=1554844262][/doublepost]..... or maybe its that greed thingie....monetize everything though the Cloud, same with music....Im old skool and buy what I want and keep it on my device...don’t need no steenkin “radio” or subscription music, or suggestions....but they keep hammering on it and hope you slip up and swallow the hook....
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Jun 30, 2017
The problem is the action on the share sheet. You can confirm that by opening the share sheet for the book. If it says "Open in Books" it will open the file directly from Google Drive or iCloud Drive. What you need is "Copy to Books", but the share sheet doesn't offer that.

One way to do it is to drag the file from Files into Books. That's how I do it nowadays.
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