imac (retina 5k

  1. Kezalkoatl

    Resolved What is the normal size for iMac 27 5k display/body seam?

    Hello everyone. - Story Year ago bought myself 5k 27 (late 2015 from authorized reseller, we don't have appsotre in Ukraine) for some graphic design needs. I am detail oriented due to my profession that is why noticed that the gap between glass and body on the top edge of imac is not equal...
  2. Miguel.frigola

    iMac 5k 2017 fan turns on when in sleep mode.

    Hi guys, on first, sorry for my English, I need help about this, the fan of mi new iMac (3,5 i5, 8gb ram) turns on when the computer are in sleep mode, only for a few seconds and at the lowest rpm, the screen keeps off, someone have the same issue or knos how to fix it? I restart de SMC system...
  3. jojellybean

    iMac "Static/Electrical" buzz sound only when scrolling/minimizing windows?

    Hi everyone, I've had my iMac for a few months and it works great, but I have noticed that there is a static noise every time I scroll down or up a webpage and go back and forth. I looked into it and see that some people are also affected by it and I don't know if anyone has an idea about it. I...
  4. K

    Imac 27 5k ssd upgrade

    Hi everyone, I just bought an used 2015 27' 5k Imac with 1tb fusion drive. I'd like to upgrade the Imac with an internal SSD, is it worth to replace the mechanical drive with the ssd and leave the original 24gb ssd in place? Should the speed be improved? I'm mainly working on lightroom CC and...
  5. DJAznSensation

    Just bought a new iMac! What are some things I should do first?

    So I just bought a new 27in iMac 2017 (3.8ghz i5 / 40GB RAM / 2TB FD / Radeon Pro 580 w/ 8GB VRAM) and now waiting to get off of work to pick it up at the Apple Store. As I wait till the clock ticks till closing time, I'm thinking of things that I will need to do when setting up the computer...
  6. Guillaume.F

    Full Spec 21,5 VS Base Model 27

    Hi everyone! This question has probably been asked before but I can't seem to be able to make a decision. To make a short story, I am saying goodbye to my old asus 15" laptop who is now old and outdated in terms of screen and specs. After thinking of going for another laptop, I have finally...
  7. arcangel6

    RAM Upgrade New iMac 27"

    Hi, I am awaiting my new iMac 27" which should arrive this week. I already purchased 64 gb of the recommended RAM ( ). My question is, OPTION 1: Does it matter if I install the RAM upgrade 'before' I turn on the computer...
  8. fbx1989

    Strange screen on iMac return from sleep

    I have a (another) mid-2017 27" iMac 5K 3.8MHz w/ 2TB Fusion drive. Am within the return window from Best Buy locally. On clicking mouse on sleeping iMac I (sometimes) get the screen as in picture below. It disappears quickly most time, or on touch of a key other times, and goes to sign-in...
  9. Yaron_L_Adv.

    iMac 27"/3.3/8GB/5K Retina - Late 2015 motherboard FAILURE

    Hello, I would like to share how my 1.5 year-old top spec iMac died out of warranty. I bought my 27" iMac 5K 2TB fusion drive for my home office, in December of 2015. It's a Late 2015 Model, (Serial number ends with FEGG7N). Keep in mind I was not even using it every day and generally took...
  10. D

    iMac Mid-2017 27" CPU Upgrade Recommendations

    Has anyone found a guide on upgrading the iMac 27" CPU? According to iFixit, it's possible, however I can't find any proof of concept videos or recommendations for which CPU to purchase. I've purchased the low-tier 3.4GHz i5 with hopes to upgrade to an i7 7700.
  11. M

    Looking for a new iMac

    Hi everybody, finally the new iMacs! After a long waiting I'm now looking for a new iMac to replace my death 24" 2009 whose graphic card got broken last year. As many people I have a lot of doubts related to the new machine I'm gonna buy: basically I use the computer for the daily operations...
  12. O

    Worth buying this refurb?

    I've limping along with my old iMac, waiting like Godot for the promised new ones (Summer? Fall?). But I just got an opportunity to buy the following at a 15% discount: Apple refurbished late 2015 iMac, 27" 4.0 GHz/32GB/ 1TB SSD/M395X Apple's asking price for this is $3399, so I could get it...
  13. skyline r34

    2017 Macbook Pro 15-inch with LG 5K or iMac 5k

    I have a 2014 iMac 5k but thinking of getting a high-end MacBook Pro 15-Inch (touchbar) with LG 5K, I want to sale the 2014 iMac 5K, Do you think it's a good idea or should i just keep the 5k iMac
  14. M

    iMac 5K CPU Upgrade - Xeon E3-1275v5

    Now that the prices have come way down on the Skylake Xeon processors, I was wondering if anyone has tried to install one in their 5K iMac. There are many tutorials on how to upgrade them from a Core i5 to an i7, but there is no information on attempts to upgrade to a Xeon from the same family...
  15. Rasta4i

    15" MBP or 13" MBP & 5K iMac for Video Editing, programming and web design?

    I'm starting out on the long journey of learning to edit videos to a professional standard and also learning to code with the end goal being able to create professional level mobile apps and websites. A few friends and I have a lot of idea's of thing's we want to create however I have a dilemma...
  16. A

    iMac use as 2nd screen

    I'm thinking of buying a iMac 5k, but I also want to use the iMac as a second screen for my MBP. If I understand correctly this was possible till iMac 5k Late 2014. Does anyone have a solution for this (besides Remote Desktop applications)?
  17. R

    Max speed of wifi card

    I have a mid-2015 5k iMac. I also have gigabit internet. When I sit my iMac right next to the router, I get 500-550 Mbps at best with wifi. With Ethernet I get 850-950. The wifi router is brand new (802.11ac) and has 3 bands. The 5G band is rated at 2166mbps and the one I connected to...
  18. B

    What's my used 27" late 2014 5k iMac worth?

    I am trying to sell my late 2014 5k iMac. It's the base model but I upgraded to the 500 GB SSD. I didn't purchase any extended Apple Care, so that has run out. It's in basically perfect condition for being 2 years old. I am asking $1400 on my local craigslist website, but seems like no one is...
  19. A

    No iMac Retina 2016....Hackintosh?

    I was somewhat disappointed there was not iMac 27" Retina 2016 in the 27th Oct announcement especially when my ageing late 2009 iMac died on me for good a week before then. Which has kinda lead me to research into the Hackintosh. With Sierra out and with the MBP having ThunderBolt 3, I'm...
  20. MyopicPaideia

    2016 Maxed BTO 13" MBP or Maxed BTO 27" iMac??

    Just want to be clear - building on the Apple website, I can max out a new 13" MBP w/Touchbar or I can max out a 27" iMac for what is pretty much the same price???? And if I max out the new 15" MBP I am going to be paying about $1,000 more than the maxed out 27" iMac??? really...