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  1. maverick28

    iPhone Adding photos from My Photostream to an album doesn't work with a specific person

    I tried to add a photo with a specific person (if I didn't misunderstand the "specific person" part of the misbehaviour, of course) from My Photostream to an album containing photos only with that person but failed. It showed the typical Gene effect of the photo collapsing into the album's...
  2. C

    Preview is displaying images as blank inside PDFs

    As you can see in the image below, the image is missing from the page. Only some of the images are missing. The file used to work fine before updating to mojave (worked fine in high sierra). This happens with other files as well, they're mostly big PDFs (<200 MB). So far I've tried to: delete...
  3. Apple fanboy

    Weekly Photo contest Sep 10th-17th Fight or Flight.

    Okay one and all. Lets see your best fight or flight pictures. I was going to just do flight, but thought it might make it more interesting to add the extra fight angle! Could be anything that flies (birds, insects, planes) or something fighting! Bonus point if its doing both at the same time...
  4. dvvdv

    Post your fave wallpaper?

    If you have a favourite wallpaper, post it here! I'll let y'all start!
  5. kathmandu04akit

    Photo Upscaling Warning Retina & 4K (aka upsampling)

    The following Mac Apps (Photos,Preview,Safari,Mail) are trashing display of image files on (at least) MBP's w/Retina display including when clamshell ported via HDMI to 4k display using monitor at SysPref display default scaling. Same trouble happening on a friends newer MBP w/Retina Display...
  6. soulbot

    Can't offload camera cards — (Error code -36)

    I posted this on the forums to no avail. I have found plenty of "solutions" but the popular fix doesn't work for me. Such a basic problem — so incredibly irritating. I can't copy images off of my camera cards (both SD & CF) after moving from 10.8.5 to 10.11.3. I incessantly get the...
  7. H

    Images in mail signatures appearing huge in High Sierra

    Hi there, Our work computers (MacPro 2016, 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5, 32GB 1866 MHz DDR3, AMD FirePro D700 6 GB) were recently updated to High Sierra 10.13.2. We had HTML email signatures but these now appear to be broken on the new OS (no signature is visible). We had these created by a...
  8. Princess Cake

    Original Wallpaper folders from Cheetah-Tiger

    I'm trying to put together a complete set of every wallpaper that has shipped with OS X, from Cheetah all the way up to High Sierra. I know there is a collection that claims to have everything but the images are renamed/spread all over/edited. I'm wondering if anyone has unedited extracted...
  9. J

    Creating images using disk utility

    Hi community, my macbook pro can't boot up at all so I need to use macRecovery (cmd+R when turning on) and reinstall High Sierra from there. However, I'm concerned that doing so will delete my files on the HD. Unfortunately, I never once used TimeMachine. So I decided to use DiskUtility (DU)...
  10. jazzhands

    Certain Browser Images not showing in Chrome, Safari, Firefox 2016 Macbook Retina

    Issue: A few days ago all browsers on my Macbook Retina stopped showing certain images on at least one website I frequently visit. This is happening in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. More product details: MacBook Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016 Running MacOS Sierra (version 10.12.6 (16G29))...
  11. D

    How can I send a large amount of images from my Mac to a friend's iPad?

    I feel like there should be an obvious solution, but I just don't see it. I have 2GB of jpegs on my Mac that I need to get onto a friend's iPad 3. I have put them all in a ZIP file and sent them via WeTransfer, but the download doesn't seem to work on the iPad. What is the best way to send...
  12. Dariusz Sobiecki

    How to transfer images back on IPhone 6+ ?

    Hi Once, because of too little space, I had to transfer my images somewhere. Although I successfully transfered them to my Win10 notebook, I noticed that some image files had the attached files (AAE), presumably with edition info. After the transfer they were organised into packages 1,2,3...
  13. C

    iPhone 6 with SD Card Reader: Images blurred

    Hello, I am using the Apple Lightning to SD Card Reader a few months now and it's working fine except for one issue: After I import RAW images from my Canon DSLR, they are randomly blurred for a few minutes but sometimes a few hours or not at all, e.g. I can view, edit and share them...
  14. C

    Automation? Managing Image Assets for iOS and Android - 1.5x, 2x, 3x

    I'm a bit confused as to how to best automate the management of image assets for the web, for optimal presentation on both iOS and Android devices? From what I've gathered, Android devices require a folder structure containing the various resolutions, whereas iOS devices use the @2 and @3...
  15. K

    iPhone Google and iMessages

    Hello, few days ago we had a big Google failure in middle Europe. During that we had group conversation with friends. Here comes the weirdest thing. While Google was out we couldn't post any image. In group conversation it failed and when we tried to send it one to one it was sent as MMS...
  16. jollino

    iMessages sending smaller images on both macOS and iOS

    Hello all, I have a weird problem with Messages and despite extensive searching, I can't seem to find a way around it. Of course I may have missed something obvious, so feel free to bash me. :) The issue is very simple: every time I send an image, either from my Mac (Sierra) or my iPhone...
  17. C

    Universal Scanner Pro - Document and Receipt PDF Scanner

    This is the fastest and powerful tool for document scanning which provides quick creation of high-quality virtual copies of any paper documents as well as the structuring and processing of documents. You can create and manage a virtual copy of credit cards, books, checks, recipes, timetables...
  18. N

    I can't find my iCloud photos, nor delete them

    So I lost my phone (Apple product), and it's offline. I will never get it back. The only Apple product I have now is my Macbook Air. I cannot access those photos and videos they say I have stored on iCloud. I can only access my email through, but not photos. So I downloaded the iCloud...
  19. rudychidiac

    Mac app that sends images to iPhone clipboard

    Hi guys, First post! be nice! :D I want to ask, is there any mac app that sends photos to the iPhone clipboard? and vice versa if possible...? I use MacID to unlock my mac with my iPhone, and the app supports sharing clipboard between the two devices, but it's only for text. I'm looking for...
  20. K

    Space Grey Apple Watch (42mm) with Scuba Blue Nylon Band

    Does anyone have the 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch with Scuba Blue Nylon band ? Thoughts and pictures would be great!