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  1. H

    How to delete iMessages from iCloud

    I deleted all messages from all devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac. There are zero messages right now. I deleted Messages folder in Library and let Messages generate new one, just to be sure that they are removed from hard drive. I've deleted all backups that were kept in iCloud for each...
  2. I

    10.13.3 Broke My iMessages

    Anyone else have problems logging into imessages on Mac OS after the 10.13.3 update?
  3. ZestyOne

    iMessages showing old contact photo...

    I have changed the photo for a contact like 100 times... it shows up EVERYWHERE else... Contacts app (osx), contacts app (iphone),, imessages (iphone), IN imessages app (OSX) But when I get a notification on OSX that they sent me a new message, it still has the old photo Ive deleted...

    Message Notifications not obeying "Hide Alerts" on iphone

    Seems this issue has been around since Watch OS 2.1 or even before. Have a group message, with about 9 people. 4 of them are not using iPhones, they are on android, so it is an SMS message that is sent. When I get a text from the group, in the group message, and select on my iPhone, HIDE...
  5. I

    Fresh Sierra and iOS 10 installs - Can't send iMessages from computer

    Hello there. So I decided to update my computer and iPhones operating system and everything is working normally except iMessages. I can send iMessages and normal SMS from my iPhone, but on my computer I can only send SMS's. Everytime I try to send a sms to a iPhone I get an error saying that...
  6. A

    iPhone 6 deletes messages and doesn't notify

    iPhone 6, 16GB Updated to iOS 10.3.1 (latest since posting date) Since about last week, my iPhone has been running out of storage. I suspected it was due to too much "caching" where it tries to store half-downloaded data. I restarted my iPhone and it deleted the cached data as it should, and...
  7. sandrann

    In iMessages how can I make the right side of the screen blank without deleting any messages

    I would like to clear the right side of the preview screen but not delete or mess up any messages, Like this.... I know you can get close by saying start new message but I know this is possible and just wonder how to do it....thanks in advance :)
  8. archagon

    Universal MusicMessages! — A Collaborative Sequencer for iMessage

    I'm a believer in oddball ideas, so I made (what I'm fairly certain is) the first sequencer for the iMessage App Store, MusicMessages! The interface is mainly comprised of a grid of buttons, each representing a musical note in time. Tap in a few melodious chords, play back your piece, and send...
  9. K

    iPhone Google and iMessages

    Hello, few days ago we had a big Google failure in middle Europe. During that we had group conversation with friends. Here comes the weirdest thing. While Google was out we couldn't post any image. In group conversation it failed and when we tried to send it one to one it was sent as MMS...
  10. ItsAShaunParty

    Messages Mystery... Please Help this Damsel in Distress

    Hey all! My problem? Can't get into Messages on my Macbook (explained below). Authentication. This is killing me. It's driven me nuts since the beginning of October. I spend a solid 5-10 hours a week trying to fix it. Called Apple (they sent it to engineering and took a log of my computer when...
  11. S

    iPhone 7+ Messages not sorting

    Just received my new iPhone 7 and did a restore, but now the text messages and iMessages i am receiving are not sorting by time/date. They are staying in its current position, but the time on the right corner are updating. Anyone know a fix to this?
  12. rqzmn connection while imessage sending

    Just install Little Snitch and got an alert when I'm receiving or sending message with Messages app. When I send a message IMTransferAgent connects to 443 port, when receiving to 80, but why google storage (attachment)?
  13. E

    Handoff Not matter what

    Hey, guys! Hoping someone here can help me. I'm the proud new owner of a retina Macbook (early 2015) and I absolutely love it. I'd like to say that it's been problem free, but I can't- Handoff just isn't working! I logged into iCloud using the same Apple ID on my iPhone (iPhone 6S, iOS 9.3.3)...
  14. originalmagneto

    Strange colouring in iMessages in Beta 2 - cannot read messages

    Does anyone of you have this problem? When I log out and try to log in as guest, the problem is gone...
  15. willmtaylor

    Group Texts Gone Wild

    Lately, since the last update I believe, several of my group text message conversations behave very oddly. It seems that almost every time someone responds, my iPhone 6 receives it and starts a new conversation thread. It's the same people talking about the same topic, but each time someone...
  16. M

    iPhone 6 Movies + Texting

    Hey everyone! First time posting here so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section. I currently have a Samsung S5 but deciding to try out the iPhone 6 (not the 6s). My only real concern is that I watch a lot of movies/tv shows on my Samsung. Because it's Android I have a lot of options...
  17. J

    Do stickers remain in iMessages media section?

    On iOS 9, when you look at your message details, you see all the media shared in the conversation. Currently, my conversations are full of gifs and bitmojis, and I imagine this will get worse with iOS 10's stickers implementation. Does anyone know if the stickers bypass the media folder? Do...
  18. koondelm

    iMessages works on iPhone but not iPad

    okay, so I have a 4th gen iPad with Retina display (wifi only) and an iPhone 6 (on AT&T). I've been using both for iMessages without a problem until now. I can send messages, both text and picture/video messages from the iPhone 6 with no issues!! It works perfectly. When I send a message with...