ios 10 public beta

  1. litlirishone

    iOS 10.3 Public Beta 3 and Siri screenshots

    So, when I'm in my car and I hear a song but don't know the title, I'll press and hold the home button while my iPhone is locked to summon Siri. Siri accurately displays the name of the song and NORMALLY, I'll screenshot it so I can look it up later. BUT, ever since 10.3 PB 3, I've been unable...
  2. Madmarshall88

    Upgrading from iOS 10 public beta to iOS 10 general public release?

    Hey folks, I haven't ever gone from the beta to the official iOS release before. Will the official iOS 10.0 release version be available automatic OTA or will I have to do something manually to upgrade to it? Thanks! p.s. I'm on public beta 6 at the moment, will there be any more features...
  3. simonkeane

    Battery has turned dire (Losing 50% over 6 hour standby period)

    Hi folks, So I'm currently running the latest version of the iOS 10 Public Beta on an iPhone 6s. However, over the past day or so, I've noticed my iPhone (6s) battery has become dire. Nothing has changed in terms of the PB build, and this issue has cropped after being on the latest version...
  4. Ciskmlt

    Cannot enroll device

    hey guys. So i signed up for the public beta. Went to the ios public beta website clicked sign up accepted the terms and conditions. But after i do this Im returned to the public beta sign up and no were do i have a link to download the profile. Its a new 6s and i dont have any previous profiles...
  5. EmilyB613

    Why are my iTunes Hidden Purchases showing up in Apple Music app?

    (Running iOS 10 public beta 2 on iPad 4) Forgive me if this has been addressed, but I noticed my iTunes Hidden Purchases suddenly showed up in my iCloud Music Library. I hide purchases for my own reasons, but this influx of music I didn't want to see is a bit of a nuisance. Mind you, it's not...
  6. matthewkemph

    iOS 10 Public Beta - VPN Issues

    *First Post* Anyone using a VPN installed on iOS10-PB1? If so, have you noticed (sometimes) if you turn off the VPN it never wants to? The toggle will almost fake you out and never turn off. Only work around seems to be to put phone in airplane mode to turn off the VPN. (Yes, I've submitted a...
  7. A

    Big storage problem

    I've been on iOS 10 (Public Beta) since it came out, and it's great, except for one issue. It's gotten rid of all my free space. At the time of installation, I had about 1.3 GB of free storage. I now have "Zero KB" coming up on the display, despite the fact I deleted a number of apps earlier...
  8. J

    iPhone 5 missing features?

    Is there a list of missing features for iPhone 5? Obviously 3D touch and co-processor features can't work, but I do not understand if there are other missing features. i.e. Photos doesn't show the new Memories tab as well the new People album and I don't find someone else with this problem.
  9. tokenmacdude

    Show only music on device with iOS 10 Public Beta?

    I'm not sure what to think of the, in my opinion, disastrous UI change. I really don't like the white background with the HUGE bold font. I much preferred the background reflecting the primary color of the associated album art and the thin font used in iOS 9.3.2. I certainly hope that Apple...