ios 10.2

  1. T

    How can I upgrade my old iPad from 10.2 to 10.3?

    My iPad Air (A1474) iOS version is 10.2. I know the latest iOS is 11.x but I don't want it because some old games will not run and it is probably too heavy for my old iPad. But there is one app that I want that requires 10.3. Is it possible to upgrade from 10.2 to 10.3. If so, how? Regards, Dan
  2. D

    iPhone Calendar alerts intermittent problems

    On December 12, 2016 (iOS Version 10.2.0), I began experiencing intermittent iPhone Calendar alerts problems. Everything worked perfectly before this update. I have an iPhone 5s and always install the latest iOS update. Intermittently, the alert does not occur at all. These are the actions...
  3. AndrewDaDog

    iOS 10.2 jailbreak removal help

    my phone wont conect to itunes and cydia keeps crashing how can I remove jailbreak? I dons care about not deleteing data or updating.
  4. P

    iphone 5s ios 10.2 battery drains in standby mode!!

    Hello I have an iphone 5S, updated to the latest ios version 10.2, but the battery keeps draining in standby mode, even when not using it at all. Tried all the parameters on how to maximise battery life, tried all the steps from all the forums possible, restored the device as new, closed all...
  5. T

    Bricked iOS 10.2 Jailbreak (can't boot). Is there a common fix?

    So this is a stupid issue. Today I was installing BioProtect and when Debian started to install it, my screen went black. I pressed the home button and I noticed that most of my apps, including Cydia, had disappeared. So I decided to preform a hard reset. Now, my phone won't even boot up...
  6. S

    Yalu 102 and Cydia Crashig at startup

    hi, I am new here and I need help. I have successfully installed Jailbreak and Cydia on my iPhone 5s (iOS 10.2). It worked fine, but after update some cydia tweaks, my Jailbreak stopped working. Now I am back in normal mode and I am not able to run Yalu 102 or cydia app. I can not get to...
  7. D

    iPhone 7 app switcher animation bug

    Whenever I double tap the home button to open the app switcher in landscape mode, there's a glitch in the animation. It only happens on my iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but it doesn't happen on my iPhone 6s. I tried restarting my phone to factory settings, and I tried restoring from a backup, it still...
  8. D

    Messages app iphone 5s

    Hei! I have a problem with messages application on an iphone 5s after i upgraded to 10.2. Sometimes when i open the app, it crashes and i have to restart the phone to fix that. Does anyone have the same problem like me or know how to solve it?
  9. Kimberley11

    Problem with playing music on Apple Music since ios10.2

    Since updating to iOS10.2 I've been experiencing problems with Apple Music. It will take ages to play the song, when it does finally play it will stop at different times as though it has lost connection, and I will have to keep having to press play to continue the song. Sometimes I'm faced...
  10. M

    iPhone iOS 10.2 doesn't ring

    I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 10.2. Recently it stopped ringing when I get a call. It vibrates as I have made that setting, but does not ring. I assumed someone inadvertently changed the settings and looked through all the settings but saw none that restored the set ringtone for incoming calls...
  11. S

    iOS 10.2 Videos in 3rd Party App Don't play

    I've been using the atomic web browser for years to watch downloaded MP4 videos. Since updating to iOS 10.2, none of the videos play. After selecting a video, the first frame will show up, but clicking on the play triangle won't do anything. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks!
  12. cswifx

    Headphone jack audio distortion issue

    Hello fellow MacRumors forum users I've been having a rare but disturbing problem on my SE ever since upgrading to iOS 10.2 (can't really say cause I went straight to 10 after getting the device). Basically at some random point in time, the headphone jack would stop working, and after...
  13. N

    10.2 Apple Maps Bug

    Greetings, Is anyone else having this issue: After silencing voice prompts in Apple Maps, they proceed to play anyway? This is highly frustrating. Thanks.
  14. CaryMacGuy

    iOS 10.2 Not alllowing connection to corporate Exchange server

    I have an interesting issue that has been brought to my attention. iOS 10.2 has broken the ability for users to connect an iPhone to our corporate mail server. The interesting thing is users that are on Office 365 in the cloud are fine. This is only affecting iPhone users on iOS 10.2. Anyone...
  15. page3

    iOS 10.2 CarPlay bugs

    Anyone else having issues with CarPlay since upgrading from 10.1.1 to 10.2? 2016 Seat Leon and CarPlay has been pretty reliable. Since upgrading to 10.2 I've had the following issues: Random disconnects. Difficulty in connecting. Several attempts necessary. Unresponsive UI Maps ETA...
  16. A

    App Store Not Available Message

    I've been experiencing issues with the connectivity of my App Store dating back to 10.1.1. At times when I would go to "Featured" or "Top Charts" it would say loading and get stuck. I still have this issue but now with iOS 10.2 I constantly get the message: The App Store is temporarily...
  17. janeauburn

    10.2 call quality

    Anyone notice any improvement in speaker phone or call quality with 10.2?
  18. A

    Anyone have official Release Notes for iOS 10.2 beta 2 and beta 3?

    Hey everyone, Does anyone have the PDFs or a link to the official Release Notes released by Apple on iOS 10.2 beta 2 and beta 3? I have found the Releases Notes for beta 1 (through this forum) and beta 4 (on Apple's developer page), but have not found the Release Notes for beta 2 and beta 3...
  19. TheHozOpp1

    Sending Messages in CarPlay

    Hey all, I couldn't find a dedicated CarPlay section, so I don't know where else to post this. I have a Pioneer AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120) on Firmware 1.12 and an iPhone 7 Plus running 10.2 dev beta 1. My CarPlay is running just fine with the exception of the specific task of Siri sending a...