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Apr 22, 2018
Hi, I have been having issues with the messages app for awhile and looking for help/answers.
So my family and I have a group message where we send funny videos/photos of our cat. Every time one of them sends me a video the video is grainy/blurry/hard to see and really small however their phones display it fine without those issues. If it helps, I have a iPhone X and they have a iPhone 7/iPhone 6/iPhone 6s.

It happened again tonight so after looking into it more I discovered that the videos from all their phones are sent to me in the format "3GP/3GPP" and the videos I send them are sent in the "Quicktime movie" format which is a higher size (non compressed).
I am confused as I know 3GP is compressed but they all say they have no issues seeing videos and only I do.

Also, I have iMessage turned on but they don't so if I understand it right iMessage doesn't work unless both parties have it enabled correct? So that wouldn't be causing this right?

I appreciate it, Thx.
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