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  1. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Apple stops signing IOS 6 for the iPhone 4S

    This is to reflect my previous thread that you can find Here. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet lately about IOS 6 no longer being signed for iPhone 4S, and most of it is negative. I am really hopeful that Apple will regret this decision, because it caused me a lot of trouble (lost...
  2. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Apple stops signing IOS 6.1.3 for iPhone 4S

    Hello, I was going to flash an IOS 6.1.3 IPSW to a huge batch (like 500) iPhone 4S. As most of you know, Apple started signing IOS 6 IPSW for iPhone 4S to allow official downgrades in 2018. It failed to flash to all of them. So I went to the website to download a new IPSW file, thinking...
  3. J

    Updating iOS 6

    i recently bought a iPhone 5 running iOS 6.02. Is there any way to update it to iOS 6.1.4? Without jail breaking...
  4. TRDmanAE86

    iPod touch Ipod Touch 4th gen random respring after powering off?

    With my 4th gen iPod Touch, I've ran into a interesting problem that's happened a few times upon powering down (it happens sporadically whenever I initiate the shutdown procedure). After I slide to unlock, as its shutting down, it keeps showing the spinning circle for around 2 minutes. Then the...
  5. Avenged110

    iOS Update Notification Tricks

    Noticed this after the recent iOS signing changes, as that provided an easy opportunity to see definitively what happened, and I was curious if anyone knew anything about this. I updated my 5th gen. iPod touch from 6.0.1 to 6.1.3 and (though I had to connect to Wi-Fi to set it up) immediately...
  6. HoloYolo

    Any active iOS 6 users in 2018?

    I have various older iOS devices running variants of their launch iOS versions, but one device, an iPod Touch 5 running on iOS 6.1.3, still sees use as a music player every day. The battery lasts surprisingly long because of that, even though the iPod is quickly approaching 6 years of age. What...
  7. C

    Lets get Snapchat running on iOS 6 again.

    So ive got an iPhone 3GS, an obviously it cant be updated passed iOS 6. Ive been fooling around with other apps like skype and with a few workarounds ive gotten them working. but Snapchat is proving to be a pain in the ass. Ive done everything from changing the versions number to putting account...
  8. Avenged110

    Map tiles no longer loading

    Just wondering if anyone else's iOS 6.x installs are no longer loading map tiles/vector data for This has only been within the last month or so that I've noticed. Using the "standard" view results in an empty grid and using "hybrid" only displays satellite data with no overlays...
  9. F

    Pages for iOS 6

    Why is it Pages not compatible with my iOS 6 iPad 2? I've tried in many ways to download it, but i still can't do it. Please help!!!
  10. TheKeatonio

    iPod touch iPod Touch in 2017?

    Ok I am a tech reviewer and I always LOVE to get new kinds of technology. I have an "iPad Air 1", an "iPhone 7+" and a "MacBook". I am obviously integrated in the Apple ecosystem (They hooked me LOL) so I was wondering, SHOULD I BUY AN IPOD TOUCH? I have been with Apple so I still have (2)...
  11. Stefanmz

    iOS 6

    Hey! I was just womdering is there any way to install iOS 6 right now on an iOS device? Is there an emulator with which I can run iOS 6 and iOS 10 at the same time? Or if not is there any way to install iOS 6 on a supported device? I know it sounds impossible but if there is any way I would like...
  12. adepew

    iPhone Classic iOS Wallpapers

    So I originally posted this in the wrong forum (iPhone) the first time. Now that I've migrated my photos from Flickr to Google Photos I thought I would put this in the proper place. Links: iPhone 6/6s/7: iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus...
  13. TRDmanAE86

    Resolved iOS 6.1.6 iMessage Authentication Issues

    Lately, my iPod Touch has been a hassle. First, it kept signing me out of iMessage to the point where I had to continue authenticating. Now, its at the point where iMessage and Facetime kicked me out and, won't let me sign back in. I enter my Apple ID and password and, then it asks me for which...
  14. Z

    iPad How come this error appear on iPad 2?

    I ported the native "stocks" app from iPhone ios 6 to iPad 2 ios 6. Even I ported over all the framework files, the app still crash. All the file permission are correct.... Can somebody please help me fix this problem?
  15. C

    cant download cloud backup to new iphone

    I have a 4s with ios 6.0 and have a 9G backup in the cloud. I "drowned" my phone while on vacation and bought a new 7 with ios 10. The problem is that the 7 is "unable to be restored because of a problem with backup data" I'm clearly not a technical person but thought the problem might be...
  16. AmazingHenry

    Downgrade iPhone 4S

    So, I'll be getting an iPhone 4S tomorrow (should be a nice upgrade over my 2G :D) and it's on iOS 9. I've heard that the iPhone 4S is pretty slow on iOS 9 and fast on iOS 5 and 6. Is it possible to downgrade it? I can provide more details about the device tomorrow, sorry if I don't have enough...
  17. Scarlogz

    Brand New iphone 5 to ios 9(Newbie)

    Hello, so I got my iphone 5 and I wanted to upgrade it safely to IOS 9 and jailbreak it. The included picture shows the version of my phone and the model is (A1429) how do I know which firmware to download and what my phone in regards to 5.1 and 5.2? I'm kind of lost :(!!
  18. adepew

    iOS Wallpapers Remastered

    I was looking for remastered versions of original iOS wallpapers but could not find any. So I decided to make my own and thought I would share with the community. I will put up links for each version of iOS. Currently I am working on iPhone 6/6s but if there is enough interest I could do iPhone...
  19. V

    iPod touch Anyone in the Vancouver, BC area looking for iOS 6?

    Well today i went to the Toys R Us at Metrotown to look for some toys to use as props on behalf of my spanish teacher because the freshman spanish class broke all her dollar-store garbage. Anyways i didn't leave with anything, but i did find 4, sealed-in-box, 5th gen 16gb iPod Touches with iOS...
  20. V

    iPhone App store displaying weird on iOS 6.1.4 Verizon iPhone 5 (iPhone 5,2)

    The app icons don't display next to the app names when i go view them in the store and the bottom row of icons is messed up, going in the order Featured>Search>Updates>Categories>Top 25. I don't have the phone out right now so i can't post any screenshots. iOS on the phone is clean and it has...