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ipad air 2

  1. W

    Core2Duo faster than A8X?

    Always assumed my iPad Air 2 to be faster than my MBA 2010. Because Geekbench says so. But today noticed my trusted laptop is scrolling through a long entry with images in Notes like a breeze. Edit is also completely responsive. The same note on the Air 2 requires some patience instead...
  2. PinkyMacGodess

    iPad Air iPad Air 2 battery replacement. Is it salvageable?

    Really liked the iFixit kit. Had everything right there. 5 stars! They said it was difficult, but I'd rate it as darn near impossible. I worked at it for over 3 hours, and had a few hiccups, but nothing earth shaking. I thought... This is what I have left. *Something* didn't go right, and the...
  3. soupz

    is there a safeshutdown, sentiniel, reverie option for ios 15.7 or any alternatives

    wondering if there's a way to shutdown a jailbroken ipad air 2 and have it still be jailbroken on reboot but every option seems to only support ios 14 and I've tried downgrading but I don't have the blob files. I,m using palera1n if that matters
  4. S

    Dolby Atmos on iPad Air 2

    Hey, so after the update to iPad OS14.6 and above I found out that I have the option to turn on Dolby Atmos in the music settings. However on the official support page for the devices that have Atmos I couldn't find anything about iPad Air 2. But I have it in settings. So does that mean that it...
  5. jackluke

    iPadOS 15 beta how to install on 16 GB (NAND eMMC)

    To those who own a limited 16 GB (NAND eMMC) iPad (mini 4 or Air 2) officially supported to iPadOS 15 beta, here is the minimum space requirement that allowed to complete the download and install directly on device also keeping data (without using a Mac as target through iTunes or Finder or an...
  6. M

    iPad Air iPad Air 2 display not flush after new battery installed

    After I changed the battery on my iPad Air 2 I noticed that the adhesive tape I used doesn't make the screen flush with the body. It sits maybe a 0.2 mm to low, besides the area to the right of the home button which is "popping" a bit up. I seems like all the pre-cut strips etc. are all crap...
  7. M

    iPad Air iPad Air 2 battery life after change.

    I've had my iPad Air 2 for several years and used it a lot. Recently I noticed that the battery life was starting to decline (750 cycles). So I decided to change to a new battery myself since the cost at Apple is 5X what a battery costs. Anyhow, after changing the battery and having done two...
  8. SpaceN64

    iPad *Sad Noises*

    Man, I wish that Apple will allow iPadOS on the iPad Air 2. Sadly, I don't think its going to happen due to how powerful the iPad Air 2 is :(
  9. despina

    iPad ipad air 2 upgrade

    so i’ve had my ipad air 2 for almost 5 years now and it’s getting unbearable, the battery life is terrible and it crushes often so i’m looking to get a new one. I was thinking of getting the 8th generation iPad, is it worth it? i use it mainly for watching movies, shows and youtube videos...
  10. T

    iPad iPad Air 2 charging issues

    For like the past year or so, my iPad Air 2 has experienced some charging issues, which have recently become worse. If I unplug my iPad and the battery drains some, and then I plug it in to charge, it has not been charging right away. For instance, I might watch a movie before going to bed...
  11. KJL3000

    All Devices Weird touch response while charging on iOS/iPadOS 13 (UPDATE)

    Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed that while connected to power, both my iPhone SE (1gen) and iPad Air 2, both on iOS 13.4.1, are responding very strange to touch inputs like unintended taps, skipping movements etc... could somebody please check on their devices if this could be reproduced? As I...
  12. Lijoy

    All Devices Connecting external USB 3.0 devices

    I would like to know if I can access files and media stored on USB 3.0 flash drive (Sandisk Cruzer 32GB & 128GB) and HDD (WD 3TB Ultra) using an Apple Lightning to USB 3 Adapter. Can they be accessed using Infuse and VLC media players. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and an iPad Air 2.
  13. R

    All iPads Where can I find Word docs and PDFs downloaded on my iPad from Whatsapp?

    In the coronavirus lock-down times, I'm getting quite a lot of PDFs and Word documents sent to me as attachments to Whatsapp messages. When I click on them - using my iPad - I'm told they are downloaded but I can't find them anywhere? I've got the Word and Adobe Acrobat apps for iPad but that...
  14. J

    All iPads Is iPad Air 2019 good in handling 300 page PDF?

    Hi, as I’m studying, my school does provide pdf file for my textbook, and I found it hard to use on my iPad Air 2. Every time when I open it, it seems that there is a few layer of each page and it take some time to load. When I edit it by drawing or highlighting it, the app files crashed...
  15. rhaezorblue

    All iPads iPad Air 2 - iPadOS 13.1.1 will not join WiFi and acting sluggish

    Our iPad Air 2 is acting strange after updating to 13.1 and then 13.1.1 right after. Now it won’t connect to any WiFi networks. Our other iPad are fine. Several iPhones are fine. Tried power cycling the device, reset network settings, still no luck. Even tried having it connect to my iPhone...
  16. Jade7

    Why is my old iPad Air 2 maximum brightness better than my new iPad Air (2019) ???

    I’ve just bought the 2019 new iPad Air, and for some reason when comparing them, the maximum brightness of my old iPad Air 2 is much better than my new iPad Air. Why is it?? Is it a setting? I turned off true tone and compared them also, but it’s still the same. The photo below shows iPad Air 2...
  17. fwmireault

    All iPads Advices for iPad/Apple Pencil

    Hi, I bought 3 years ago an iPad Air 2. I have always used without a stylus, and I'm thinking of getting an Apple Pencil to take notes during my classes. However, I hesitate between buying a Apple Pencil 1, or change my iPad for a Pro device with the Apple Pencil 2. Notice that I will use the...
  18. L

    Receive iPad calls on iPhone

    Hi there, I just bought an IPad that can have a sim in it (phone number). I put my second phone number in it. I was wondering if it is possible when I receive a phone call on my iPad to answer this call on my iPhone? please nite that my iPhone and iPad have 2 different SIM card. Hoping to...
  19. B

    iPad iPad Air 2 lifecycle question

    Hi My mother lives in the UK and relies on her iPad Air 2 quite a bit. I bought her this iPad in August 2015. I can only visit once a year or so on average. Should I bring her iPad on this trip, or wait a year? "Of course I should bring her one" is the only right answer, but I have some other...
  20. P

    iPad This webpage was reloaded because a problem occurred

    Certain pages have been triggering this message and page refreshes since I updated my iPad Air to 12.1 from 9.2 this week—ultimately leading to the webpage crashed / a problem repeatedly occurred message. I tried reinstalling the OS, closing all apps and other tabs, deleting cache and cookies...