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Original poster
Jul 4, 2019
Montréal, Canada

I bought 3 years ago an iPad Air 2. I have always used without a stylus, and I'm thinking of getting an Apple Pencil to take notes during my classes. However, I hesitate between buying a Apple Pencil 1, or change my iPad for a Pro device with the Apple Pencil 2. Notice that I will use the pen especially to take notes, watch videos and read/annotate documents. I do a little drawing but not enough to require the highest performances.

I want to know, for those who have tried both stylets, if there is a huge difference in performance or accuracy, beyond the difference in design. And in general, is an iPad Pro worth the investment if you already have an iPad Air? The price is not an issue for me, but if I am told that the iPad Air fills 99% what I am looking for, I will not make the change.

Notice that I travel a lot and I'm looking for mobility. I use my iPad as an add-on to my MacBook Pro 15 (especially with the coming-by Sidecar function). If you have recommendations between the iPad Pro 12.9 and the 11, I'm interested.

Thank you so much!


macrumors G5
Jun 18, 2017
With the new iPads they will work with Logitech Crayon.
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