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ipad air

  1. I

    iPad iPad Air 2020 Shipment from online retailers other than Apple. (Walmart, Adorama, Target, etc)

    I was wondering since I haven’t seen anyone post about their iPad Air 4’s shipping if anyone that’s bought from Walmart, Target, Adorama, Best Buy, B&H Photo, etc, if your purchase is showing shipped yet? I ordered my iPad Air on the 15th when Walmart beat everyone to the punch. Space Gray, 64...
  2. S

    All iPads why does the entry level iPad get bigger watt charging brick than iPad Air?

    the iPad at $329 gives you a 20w charging brick the iPad Air at $599 gives you an 18w charging brick why is that?
  3. MacKnut

    iPad What happened to my on-screen keyboard?

    Strange thing, the keyboard on my iPad Air (1st gen, IOS 12.4.8) got suddenly split into two halves, for no apparent reason. Haven't changed anything, no new software or updates. Annoying problem, since the split keyboard sits in the middle of the screen, making it impossible to enter text in...
  4. Suffocation

    iPad Should I update to iOS 12.4.3?

    I have an Ipad Air 1, it's running iOS 10. Should I update to iOS 12.4.3? I've heard the battery would be worsened if I updated to iOS 12.4.3. I care a lot about battery life. Should I update? Will the battery truly be worsen? Or is it just a temporary thing and my battery would return to normal...
  5. T

    All iPads iPad Air 1 Purchase?

    Good evening all! So I have come across an awesome deal from someone I know to buy an iPad Air 1 for $50. Which is a really awesome deal especially noting that it is in really good condition!! I'm aware that it is a pretty aged device now and is not going to be upgradable to iPadOS 13, but all...
  6. J

    iFixit 2019 iPad Teardowns

    iFixit has just released the teardown for the iPad mini 5 Teardown for the new iPad Air should come out tomorrow
  7. I

    iPad 2019 iPad Air Does NOT Support USB 3.0

    USB 3 speeds are supported only on iPad Pro. I was hoping this statement was not true, because it's 2019 and this a new iPad but looks like it is. I chatted with Apple Support and they could not confirm that the latest iPad Air supports USB 3. It was surprising that they did not have technical...
  8. T

    Weird icon on lock screen

    Since updating to IOS12, on my iPad Air, weird icon appears on top right corner on lock screen.
  9. M

    Should I update my iPad Air from iOS 9.3.2 to iOS 12?

    With the release today of the final version of iOS 12 and having read all the praise for the performance of the new operating system on older devices, I’m really pondering if it’s a good idea to update my iPad Air (1) from 9.3.2 to iOS 12. As you all imagine, I got stucked on iOS 9 for fear of...
  10. S

    How can you get the App button in Itunes 12.9

    Hi everyone, So I just FAILED tonight, Upgraded from Itunes 11.4 to 12.9 only to find out I don't have my app button anymore. I Deleted and installed 12.6 and just got this wonderful message.:eek: I only have a 32GB Ipad Air, so how can I even see my apps now or sync them. Boy I'm lost as I...
  11. slscott99

    iPad system using 60% of storage

    Hi, New here and sorry if there is already a thread on this -I could not find it. I have a 16GB iPad Air. And that storage was perfectly fine when I bought it because I don't store music or photos on it. However after a few years of IOS upgrades I now see that the System is using almost...
  12. J

    iPad air 1 screen replaced now a gap

    I took my wife's iPad air 1 in to have the charge port replaced at a local repair shop. After returning it to them to fix a couple of serious issues I picked it up again and it at first appeared perfectly good again. I hadn't noticed that there is now a thin gap between the edge of the screen...
  13. Z

    iPad Air weight

    I want to ship my 1st gen iPadAir sealed in its box, but i don't know how much the whole thing weights... how can i find out?
  14. cotylee1991

    Purchased iPad Air that is blacklisted...will I get in trouble?

    long story short, I bought an iPad Air 32GB WiFi + Cellular (ATT Unlocked) on eBay from a very reputable company. I’m an avid eBay seller as well. I was so excited to get it, as it’s my first iPad I’ve ever owned. Upon getting it, it worked great. But when I put in an ATT and Verizon SIM card...
  15. M. Gustave

    Is my iPad Air 1 dead?

    This fantastic machine has been used heavily by me since the end of 2013, and it was updated right through 11.0.1 with no problems. But now it’s apparently not charging or dead. It’s been plugged in for two days, I tried cleaning the lightning port contacts, I swapped chargers and cords, and...
  16. Z

    Ipad Air 1 with IOS 11

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone with an Air 1 have updated their device to IOS 11? I'm really curious how well it works now that people have had a couple of days to test it. I'm currently holding off updating but I do want to upgrade if it doesn't make my device unusable. Should I just upgrade...
  17. S

    Airplay to Apple TV Completely Gone

    Hi, I used Airplay a lot to stream from my iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air to my Apple TV (2nd Gen I guess, the one before you're able to install apps). Since I updated to iOS 11, my Apple TV doesn't appear in the list of neither the iPhone, nor the iPad anymore, only screen mirroring is still...
  18. redheeler

    iPad iOS 8.4.1 → iOS 11 on iPad Air 2?

    So believe it or not, my iPad Air 2 is still on the factory iOS 8.4.1. I am already getting messages about the latest versions of apps not working, and it's only a two-year-old OS build (released August 2015). I am thinking to finally make the jump to iOS 11 after hesitating so long due to lack...
  19. Sharkoneau

    iOS 11 Performance on Original iPad Air?

    Hey guys, I’m the tech guy in my family, and I have a family member who currently owns the first iPad Air. I’m doing beta testing myself on my iPhone 7, and havd been largely impressed so far. Can anyone speak to the performance of the new software on the iPad Air? It runs iOS 10 well...
  20. SamC88

    iPad Original iPad Air (2013) battery stopped holding charge

    Hi everyone! I own an original iPad Air I bought for my wife sometime end 2013. Just this week, it stopped holding a charge. Basically couldn't be charged more than 1% and finally just kept showing the charging screen with the battery icon showing red bars (doesn't move no matter how long I...