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ipad air

  1. A

    Best keyboard for iPad Air

    Hi All! I’m looking at getting an iPad Air and am wondering what keyboards you like the best. I currently have the grey foldable keyboard cover from Apple for my iPad Pro (1st gen). Important is that it’s relatively lightweight. Thanks!
  2. A

    iPad Air Is the iPad Air Worth It?

    Hi All! I currently own a 1st gen iPad Pro, and an iPad mini from 10 years ago or so. I live in Europe, but I’m travelling in the US and as Apple is so much cheaper here I’m tempted to upgrade- I can get $250 trade in for the pro. So my question is, since the airs came out in 2020, is it still...
  3. Saladin12

    iMac 24inch (2021) & iPad Air (2022) or MacBook Air (2022)

    Apologies if this has already been posted or discussed but I just wanted some guidance. So my history/current situation: I had a MacBook Air, bought in 2013, for years until it died (user damage) - I loved it. I'd probably still be using it today if it was alive. I'm now currently using a...
  4. TopGuy1104

    iPad Mini 6 or iPad Air 4

    Help me out. I own an iPad Air 4 which I use as sort of my computer companion (mostly for entertainment and even some school work) however I've heard of how amazing the iPad Mini is for entertainment and with Apple Pencil. I am thinking about whether I want to keep my iPad Air 4 or whether to...
  5. S

    iPad mini Next iPad mini possibly an iPad Air in a smaller size?

    When you look at the rumored specs of the next iPad Mini, from a design and spec sheet it looks more like a smaller iPad Air. So what if Apple changes the name to just an iPad Air, but you have two sizes and the same color options? It kinda makes sense... iPad - Base model iPad Air - General...
  6. A

    All iPads Use 2 iPads for play and work? What has been your experience?

    Hello folks, Hope all of you are doing good and having a great weekend! I wanted to know if anyone here owns two iPads simultaneously? I have an iPad Pro (11 inch, 2020) that I use for everything (Reading, watching movies, mails, etc.). I wanted to buy an iPad Air that can be solely my work...
  7. E

    iPad Air iPad Air 4 and Pencil 2 on Sale at Target

    PSA: Target has the iPad Air 4 on sale for $499, and $99 for the Pencil 2.
  8. F

    iPad Air iPad Air for Reading

    I just put in an order at Bestbuy for a $499 iPad Air 4, 64GB. I went by the Apple Store to compare the iPads as I wanted one to use for reading research articles, highlighting and marking up, and I had considered the basic iPad 8th gen. However, the screen was really harsh (lack of True Tone I...
  9. S

    iPad Air Help: Cause Ipad air 3 blank/black screen issue?

    Hi all! So since a few months my Ipad air 3 has the blank screen issue Apple recognizes in the following article: My IPad air 3 has this exact issue (and is among the ipads produced between Mar-Oct 2019) but after many attempts to have my...
  10. Stuey3D

    Apple Music Cheap DAC for Hi-Res Lossless on USB-C iPad

    Hi all below is an Amazon link for a USB-C DAC that I use myself on my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 this works perfectly with Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless and for £16 for 2 you cant really go wrong. It claims in iOS that it can do 384Khz 32Bit Audio and Apple Music works perfectly with it so it must be...
  11. J

    iPad Air (A1474) POP3 e-mail issue

    Decided to ask this question here as the iPad Air (1) only goes to iOS 12. My better half uses one for some personal stuff, including e-mail. For years now we have got this set up as follows: - iPad collects mail via POP3 settings, does NOT delete from server. - Desktop computer also collects...
  12. cjmc

    iPad Air iPad Air 4 Charging Slowly

    Hi everyone. I have an iPad Air 4 and i bought this last Feb 10. I always charge my iPad Air 35%-100%. Or sometimes 39% and it usually take 1 hour only to charge from 39 to 100%. However, yesterday, my ipad took almost 2 hrs to charge from 38% to 100%. And today, it took 2 hrs from 39-100%. Why...
  13. ondert

    All iPads New iPad Air 4 vs. Used iPad Pro 3 12.9” with Pencil

    I’m on the edge of buying a new ipad after I sold my Pro 2. I was planning to get an Air 4 since it’s the only one using the latest chip (for now). Then I found a second hand Pro 3 12.9” with Apple pencil for the same price. Which one would you get and why? I’ll use the ipad on the go and at...
  14. N

    iPad Air iPad Air 4 "Click" Sound

    Hello, Please watch the video. Does anyone have the same problem?
  15. I

    iPad iPad Air 2020 Shipment from online retailers other than Apple. (Walmart, Adorama, Target, etc)

    I was wondering since I haven’t seen anyone post about their iPad Air 4’s shipping if anyone that’s bought from Walmart, Target, Adorama, Best Buy, B&H Photo, etc, if your purchase is showing shipped yet? I ordered my iPad Air on the 15th when Walmart beat everyone to the punch. Space Gray, 64...
  16. S

    All iPads why does the entry level iPad get bigger watt charging brick than iPad Air?

    the iPad at $329 gives you a 20w charging brick the iPad Air at $599 gives you an 18w charging brick why is that?
  17. MacKnut

    iPad What happened to my on-screen keyboard?

    Strange thing, the keyboard on my iPad Air (1st gen, IOS 12.4.8) got suddenly split into two halves, for no apparent reason. Haven't changed anything, no new software or updates. Annoying problem, since the split keyboard sits in the middle of the screen, making it impossible to enter text in...
  18. Suffocation

    iPad Should I update to iOS 12.4.3?

    I have an Ipad Air 1, it's running iOS 10. Should I update to iOS 12.4.3? I've heard the battery would be worsened if I updated to iOS 12.4.3. I care a lot about battery life. Should I update? Will the battery truly be worsen? Or is it just a temporary thing and my battery would return to normal...
  19. T

    All iPads iPad Air 1 Purchase?

    Good evening all! So I have come across an awesome deal from someone I know to buy an iPad Air 1 for $50. Which is a really awesome deal especially noting that it is in really good condition!! I'm aware that it is a pretty aged device now and is not going to be upgradable to iPadOS 13, but all...
  20. J

    iFixit 2019 iPad Teardowns

    iFixit has just released the teardown for the iPad mini 5 Teardown for the new iPad Air should come out tomorrow