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  1. X

    iPad iPadOS; why the missing features?

    Hello to all. i never had an iPad; whell, until the release of the mini. I bought and still have the mini 2 and 3 both with LTE, to have the GPS functionality without a SIM card. Some time ago I add the mini 5, also with LTE, to the family. On my point of view; 25 cm is the perfect size, for...
  2. budhardy

    iPad mini Favorite sketch app

    So, I’m curious about the app most users use for sketching on iPad with Apple Pencil. I see a lot of bloggers have the same looking app in their videos but don’t know what the app is. thanks
  3. M

    iPad Pro iPad Pro Mini? [merged]

    Anyone else see the need for a mini pro version? Give it the pro-makover with small bezels, the better pencil and so on. I feel a lot of times I want to look stuff up and the larger ipads are for backpacks and not pockets, and the iphone screen is to small. A iPad Mini Pro would be the same...
  4. ipqtr

    iPad mini iPad mini 5 feedback and testimony - Share your experience

    Hello all, It is a tragedy how you can end up getting 0$ value for an iPad that costed you over 1000$. Especially those who got iPad Pro 12.9" 2nd gen with touch unresponsiveness issues. In this thread, I would like to record my experience with my new iPad Mini 5 and feedback to keep it as a...
  5. W

    Instagram accounts

    Hello everyone! I have been using Instagram on my Smartphone (Moto G4 Play) and computer (iMac, using Windowed.app) for a couple years now. I volunteer for a local historic community event. I'd like to set up a dedicated Instagram account for the event that I can administer. Is there a way to...
  6. J

    iFixit 2019 iPad Teardowns

    iFixit has just released the teardown for the iPad mini 5 https://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/iPad+Mini+5+Teardown/121589 Teardown for the new iPad Air should come out tomorrow
  7. P

    New iPad Air / Mini - 1st gen pencil only?

    The new iPad Air / Mini states they are "Compatible with Apple Pencil (1st generation)". What is it about the 2nd Generation Pencil that would not allow it to work? Why would Apple release a new product and only make it compatible with an already old Pencil?
  8. C

    iPad mini iPad Mini 5 Ship Time

    I wanted to get a thread going discussing iPad Mini 5 orders and shipping estimates. I ordered a 256GB Space Grey with Wifi+LTE and am getting an estimated arrival of April 2-5. What do others look like?
  9. B

    iPad mini The new iPad mini is almost certainly coming!

    The new iPad mini is almost certainly coming! Or not?
  10. W

    Video gear + iPad Mini / smartphones

    For about 15 years, I have been recording occasional video clips for once-in-a-blue-moon video projects. Here are my museum pieces: Canon Vixia HV40 (tape-based, HDV) Canon ZR20 (tape-based, standard def MiniDV) tripods various Audio Technica microphones Olympus LS10 presumer audio recorder...
  11. macduke

    All iPads Buying Advice iPad Pro, Mini and Standard

    Asking now so this doesn't get buried when the new iPads come out. So I've suddenly found myself in an interesting situation. My wife's iPad Mini 2 is now to the point where it's giving her fits. She never complains about technology so when she starts complaining I know it's time to upgrade...
  12. W

    Seeking power auto charger adaptor

    For years, I've been happy with an Anker auto charger (cigarette lighter adaptor) to charge a pair of smartphones the family uses while on car trips. But at the end of this month, I will be going on a 1,400 mile round-trip and I will not be taking a laptop for the overnight stay. I am looking...
  13. W

    iPad mini iPad photo issue - duplicates

    Our family has an iPad Mini (Model #FE280LL/A) w/ 32 GB SSD. It is currently running iOS 11.4.1. We find it useful for various tasks, including occasional shooting of photos and video. Being able to immediately call up whatever was recorded for quick review, on a good-size display, is extremely...
  14. phil8715

    iPad Cydia Issue.

    Hello, I have 3 Apple devices an iPad 2, iPad Mini and a IPod Touch 5th Gen all running IOS 9.3.5. I was able to jailbreak the iPad 2 and iPod Touch, but when I attempted to jailbreak the iPad Mini, it was jailbroken but when I opened Cydia the sources were empty. The other 2 devices all...
  15. B

    iPad Mini 4 home button still works, but has lost its "click"

    The home button of my iPad Mini 4 still works, but it's not "clicking" properly anymore. I fear that this might lead to the button not functioning at all anymore in the future; that I will not be able to press it down at all, as if it's completely stuck. Does anyone know how to fix an issue...
  16. F

    iPad mini Ipad Pro 12.9 Inch vs iPad Mini Sales numbers

    Is the iPad pro really that next best thing apple has done? Are there any sale-numbers in perspective iPad Pro (12.9) to the iPad mini; since the mini is getting no love from apple anymore. I work at a cafe place in the southern part of germany, where I see Apple devices on a day to day basis...
  17. thirteen1031

    iPad mini Charging Problem Breaks 2 Units in 2 Weeks!

    Here's the setup: Sister-in-law has iPad Mini version 4 (latest model) iOS 10.3, loves it. After having it for 7 months, one night it won't charge. No slow degradation, no battery problems or fussiness with the port or cable. Just no "buzz buzz" when it's plugged in. Did all the usual "reset...
  18. J

    iPad mini Buy now, or...?

    I currently have an iPad Air, which is great, but is starting to show its age. I primarily use it for reading, and am considering moving to a Mini. Does anyone think there'll be an upgrade on the current model (4) soon, or should I go for it now?
  19. L

    iPad Mini refresh soon?

    i need to get a new iPad mini but i dont know if now is a good time to buy any thoughts?
  20. W

    Taking notes on iPad Mini (?)

    Our family owns an iPad Mini, Apple model #FE280LL/A, currently running iOS 11.2.2. We purchased this iPad as a refurbished device, directly from Apple, over a year ago. We enjoy using it and want to expand its use. We have a Microsoft Office 365 Home 5-pack account active. We want to use...