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ipad mini

  1. pauljbax

    iPad Future: Wait for new?

    I recently sold my iPad Mini 2 for $200.00 which I thought was a good price (was maxed out Gig wise). Well, now I MISS IT and was wondering what everyone thought about my options. I primarily use at night as a surfing tool but also take to work and use as my iPod and to catch up on news as the...
  2. royinla14

    Anyone moved from iPad Mini to Pro 10.5?

    If you have made a move from a mini to the latest pro 10.5, would love to hear some thoughts, especially how you found the larger screen vs. the mini. I am using my mini mostly at home at night for internet, music, movies and thinking of upgrading. Thanks
  3. D

    iPad mini iPad mini 5

    Can anyone tell me if they've heard if there will be an iPad mini 5 released soon, or at least some time this year?
  4. A

    iPad mini 4 owners: I need your feedbacks

    Hi all guys, I'm searching for a tablet that would replace a classic personal organiser where I would take notes, schedule appointments, record revenue and expenditure and other small activites like these. Of course I'll also do some light web browsing, watch movies, play light games etc but NOT...
  5. PaulaE

    iPad Mini 2 worth it in 2017?

    Hello guys,I am already a owner of mini 4,but I want another mini for family use, I see a new not opened box mini 2 for 230 dollars...with 32GB,but I am wondering if worth it to pay that money for an iPad that it's discontinued and oldie...What do you think guys? It's a deal for that price or...
  6. PhillyGuy72

    iPad Mini - Update 10.3's now kicking me to Passcode screen (I never set a passcode)

    I updated my aunts iPad mini last night, everything seemed to go ok. But I get the white "Hello" screen, "click home to continue" - and now it's prompts me to enter "Touch ID or Passcode" - won't let me bypass this. I never set up Touch ID or a passcode for her iPad. She's older, doesn't take...
  7. A

    Should Apple bring back the physical rotation lock?

    I never used it for sound, but it was extremely useful for rotation lock. One argument for the removal is that there is no space, but this could be fixed by using the iPhone style switch. Another argument is that it doesn't matter because it can be done in software. But this method is much...
  8. owlulz

    iPad mini Apple sends me verification email, won't verify Apple ID account

    I just bought a new ipad mini 4 and tried to set up a new apple ID. Apple sent me a verification email and I clicked it to verify my account, however, Apple said the action was not possible and my account could not be verified. I tried to resend the verification email and tried to verify my...
  9. tech4all

    iPad mini iPad mini 2 iOS 9/10 performance

    Does anyone have an iPad mini 2 (16GB) with iOS 9 or 10? If so, how is the performance? Does it lag? I'm wondering whether or not I should update iOS. I updated my iPod touch 5th generation and noticed some degraded performance in some apps going from iOS 7 to 8. So I just wanted to see what...
  10. LucasLand

    Can this iPad mini be repaired?

    been using my iPad mini 2 for well over a year with no problems, until a week ago. i took it out of my pocket and all this black liquid is leaking under the glass. the iPad still works fine and i can still tap on things fine even if it under the black liquid. i can see hairline cracks in glass...
  11. O

    Should I upgrade my iPad mini 3 to iOS 10?

    Should I upgrade my iPad mini 3 to iOS 10 on Septembre 13?
  12. Austin4321

    Best tweaks for iPad iOS 9.3.3

    Some days ago i was searching Tweaks for specially iPads running iOS 9.3.3, many tweaks are not compatible and there are no such videos solely for iPad Tweaks on youtube, etc. So i made a list of tweaks which are totally optimised and compatible with iPads on iOS 9.3.3, this is the video, hope...
  13. jeanha124

    Does anyone have both iPad Pros? 9.7 and 12.9?

    I'm only asking this because I have an iPad mini 2 128gb and was thinking about either keeping it or changing it to an iPad mini 4... I just got an iPad Pro 12.9 256gb and I really love it. I just like keeping a small iPad with me for small stuff. I just realized that when I was looking on...
  14. M

    iPad mini locked disabled

    How do I érase my iPad mini. Its locked and disabled. I dont cate about saving content on there. I tried the steps from Apple. I get an error about iPad not able to get requested build or whatever. I checked the host troubleshooting and I use a time capsule as my wifi. No firewall. Are there...
  15. G

    iPad Currently on 7.1.2, how to upgrade and jailbreak? Error 3194

    Hey guys, I've got an iPad mini 1st gen running iOS 7.1.2. I want to update it to a newer version and jailbreak. Reading around it appears 9.1 is the latest version I can run with a jailbreak. I have tried downloading the 9.0.2 ipsw file (in case 9.1 wasn't compatible), put the ipad in recovery...
  16. SunshineFires

    Who here uses both an iPad mini and an iPad Pro 9.7/iPad Air?

    Reason I'm asking is because I currently own an iPad mini 2 and kind of miss the full size iPad experience. But I'm not sure if it's practical to invest in an iPad Pro 9.7 without making my mini redundant. Would love to hear from those who use both on a daily basis. Mods, could you help to...
  17. PinkyMacGodess

    Are these known bugs, or is my iPhone failing? (iOS 9.3)

    1) iBooks says all of my ebooks need updating, yet seizes on my iPads and iPhone when I try to update them. (And I do mean ALL of my ebooks) 2) Hanging up calls, sometimes the screen looks like it's at half brightness, and I can't hit the hangup button. 3) At times it seems to just 'checkout'...
  18. Tæylor

    Where's the button to drawing mode?

    Welcome my really useful engines Here's the new song for AppleTalkers! Answer the question as the song goes. Where's the button to drawing mode? Oh, where's the button to drawing mode? I'm using notes On iOS 9 On my iPad mini But theres no button To draw in notes Please help me I want to draw...
  19. S

    Case for rMB and iPad mini

    I'm looking for a nice case that has just enough space for the 12" Macbook and an iPad mini. Any recommendations?
  20. Roxor_1701

    Logic Board iPad mini

    Hello I bought an iPad off of ebay and it is locked. Now I know it is impossible to crack this since it has iOS 9.1 on it so my question is this dose anyone know of a good place to pick up a second hand logic board for this iPad? And just to clear up any questions or accusations of me being a...