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  1. F

    Post your Best Mac & iOS Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 Deals here!

    Here are the best Mac & iOS Black Friday 2021 deals I have found so far (I will update when I find more): Pixelmator Pro - Awesome Graphics/Photo Editor: 50% off = $20 Notebooks - Modern and powerful text and writing repository: 50% off = $20 Mac and $6.99 iOS iStat Menus - Customizable System...
  2. H

    Your network settings prevent content from loading privately

    I just started seeing this error message appearing in my Apple mail. I had started using the privacy setting in mail to load remote content and it was working fine until this afternoon. I’m looking up possible resolutions and found that the options in settings have also changed. Now I am...
  3. ThatSomeone

    Files app taking up almost 1GB locally+iCloud backup with no large files to be found

    Around July/August 2019 while I was on vacation, I started getting alerts about my iCloud storage running low. I thought I’d only used around 3.5GB on iCloud so far. But when I checked what could've possibly just started using over a gig of iCloud storage, I saw that my iPad's iCloud backup size...
  4. MathersMahmood

    Unable to open .CR2 files on iPad or iPhone

    Hi all. I’m unable to open RAW files on my iPad no matter how I try. This makes it impossible for me to edit them in light room or pixlemator. Does anyone know a way around this? Very annoying that you can’t do this on a “Pro” product.
  5. M

    iPad auto lock/unlock

    Hello, My company is using an iPad as a visitor check-in/out kiosk. I would like to be able to set the iPad to unlock/wake at a certain time in the morning, and then lock/sleep again in the evening. Is there a way to do this (1st or 3rd party), that doesn't require jailbreaking? Thanks!
  6. F

    iPad Pro App Switcher on iPad Pro

    Does anyone know how many apps the app switcher (cmd + tab) will display? I have a bunch of apps open at a time and feel like it only displays a handful. Also, cmd + Q doesn’t kill the app. Instead it removes it from the app switcher; kind of like that feature to be honest! Was curious if anyone...
  7. dev_mdak

    Universal Timewave App

    Hi 👋. I’m a student developer from India working on an app called Timewave. What exactly is Timewave? At its core, Timewave is an app that allows you to create flowing timers, i.e chains of timers that fire one after the other. You can create workouts, cooking timers, pomodoro timers, etc...
  8. boultonn

    Apple Music Apple Music Lossless iOS and iPadOS Issues

    Having been using Apple Music Lossless on a few of my devices since it was launched, I am persistently encountering weird issues during playback so wanted to see if others were too and what they'd tried to fix them. It seems the main issue is that many songs when playing get stuck after 15...
  9. T

    iPad iPadOS is severely holding the iPad back... and Microsoft is going to save us...

    I love iPad and use it every day, and have done so since launch day with the iPad 1. I use it as a computer replacement for most of my non-work stuff. I also own a Surface Pro X. I installed Windows 11 on the Surface Pro X. Microsoft has made the entire user interface touch friendly, with a...
  10. D

    Mail iOS iPadOS - Missing critical "Sort/date" filter? WTF

    I feel like I'm asking a really obvious question, or pointing out the biggest clanger of all time. Today I've upgraded an email account from IMAP to dedicated MS Exchange. No issue about apart from a slow merge of mailboxes, moving the "Sent" folder from the old IMAP to the Sent folder on the...
  11. sketchguy

    iPad Pro iPadPro 2018 to 2021 Migration Issue - differing iPadOS Versions

    My 2018 iPadPro is running iPadOS Public Beta 14.7. My newly arrived 2021 has 14.6, and i'm unable to use the automatic setup because it's grayed out. UGH. So, I update the 2021 to 14.7. Now, how do I get back to that stage to continue with the Apps & Data transfer? Alternatively, is there a way...
  12. D

    iPad Pro Nice, but iPadOS not Ready for Prime Time Yet

    iPads are wonderful tools (we have three - iPad Pro and iPad minis) and I love them, but they have a problem that transcends the limited access to the file system. Way back when I started using Apple products, I had a Macintosh Plus. At that time software developers were spitting mad because...
  13. H

    Other So Youtube...

    What is your purpose of holding back specific iOS/iPadOS features? Greed? Everyone was super pumped about 4K video coming to the app, but no one asked for the updated resolution picker. Everyone is super pumped that Picture in Picture is coming, but that has not shown up yet even for premium...
  14. Internet Enzyme

    Clarification from Craig Federighi on Universal Control

    Like a lot of us here I think, I had questions regarding Universal Control, the cool new macOS Monterey feature. Craig clarified how it works in a response to an email of mine.
  15. Applecool78

    What You think or would like at WWDC21?

    What You think or would like at WWDC21?
  16. SteamedHams

    iPadOS Photos app freezing when using Magic Keyboard

    I’m experiencing this issue with Photos App on iPad Pro 12.9”, iPadOS 14.6. Photos app freezes when I switch between days/months/years and scroll up & down a bit. It stops responding and I have to kill & reopen it. This only happens when Magic Keyboard is connected. I have two 12.9” iPad Pros...
  17. SpicyTrigger

    [SOLVED] iPadOS: Not Autofilling Passwords

    Hi there, I'm new to the whole iPadOS thing and tried to search for my issue but didn't seem to find any other posts or solutions. As soon as I connect my iPad Pro 11" (2021) to the Magic Keyboard the option to autofill passwords is not shown anymore. I tested Safari & Firefox, in neither of...
  18. kmoreau48

    All iPads Never fast enough, Am I the only one?

    Spoiler: this might be the most "first world problem" you read about today. I currently use an iPad pro 12.9 4th gen and I have pre-ordered the new 5th gen with estimated delivery in early June. I don't consider myself a "power user" but even for simple task on my devices, I feel like it's...
  19. Mirachan_007

    Different Google icon between iOS and iPadOS

    I have updated to iOS/iPadOS 14. Then, open Safari, the Google icon is different on iOS and iPadOS (see attachments). Is this iPadOS’s bug? Have anyone the same issue? iPhone 7 Plus:iOS 14.5.1 iPad Pro 9.7” : iPadOS 14.5.1
  20. S

    iPad Pro What are the chances of Apple release exclusive features for M1 in the near future?

    I'm researching for buying my first iPad. My expectation is that this new iPad will be with me for many years to come and, of course, I'd appreciate having support for apps (AKA pro apps) and new features in the next years (maybe not all of them, but the most important ones or sure). I found a...