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  1. SteamedHams

    iPadOS Photos app freezing when using Magic Keyboard

    I’m experiencing this issue with Photos App on iPad Pro 12.9”, iPadOS 14.6. Photos app freezes when I switch between days/months/years and scroll up & down a bit. It stops responding and I have to kill & reopen it. This only happens when Magic Keyboard is connected. I have two 12.9” iPad Pros...
  2. SpicyTrigger

    [SOLVED] iPadOS: Not Autofilling Passwords

    Hi there, I'm new to the whole iPadOS thing and tried to search for my issue but didn't seem to find any other posts or solutions. As soon as I connect my iPad Pro 11" (2021) to the Magic Keyboard the option to autofill passwords is not shown anymore. I tested Safari & Firefox, in neither of...
  3. kmoreau48

    All iPads Never fast enough, Am I the only one?

    Spoiler: this might be the most "first world problem" you read about today. I currently use an iPad pro 12.9 4th gen and I have pre-ordered the new 5th gen with estimated delivery in early June. I don't consider myself a "power user" but even for simple task on my devices, I feel like it's...
  4. Mirachan_007

    Different Google icon between iOS and iPadOS

    I have updated to iOS/iPadOS 14. Then, open Safari, the Google icon is different on iOS and iPadOS (see attachments). Is this iPadOS’s bug? Have anyone the same issue? iPhone 7 Plus:iOS 14.5.1 iPad Pro 9.7” : iPadOS 14.5.1
  5. S

    iPad Pro What are the chances of Apple release exclusive features for M1 in the near future?

    I'm researching for buying my first iPad. My expectation is that this new iPad will be with me for many years to come and, of course, I'd appreciate having support for apps (AKA pro apps) and new features in the next years (maybe not all of them, but the most important ones or sure). I found a...
  6. L

    iPad Pro What features would you like to see in the next iPadOS (realistically)?

    So while many of us would want MacOS, MacOS in a VM or MacOS when connected to an external display, that's not likely to happen. I'm of the opinion that iPadOS is fine, but it needs a few things added to it. Full desktop-class browser The browser now identifies as a desktop browser to sites...
  7. GasmanC

    iPad Pro iPadOS and MacOS unification

    Way out there speculation for tomorrow’s iPad Pro release - Apple decides to release the iPad with MacOS. With all the work they’ve done with Big Sur harmonising the two operating systems, as well as both systems now running on the same hardware, its not much of a leap for this to happen...
  8. cirian75

    iPad Pro iPad and Chrome passwords + tool bar?

    Looking at getting a iPad Pro 12.9 2018 to replace my now ageing Lenovo 2015 Yoga Using Chrome on it as well as my gaming desktop and PC at work I like the way Chrome remembers your passwords making logging in easy cross devices, does the iPadOS version of Chrome do this? Also can you have...
  9. Tobyfish

    iOS/iPadOS Home Bar line - poll

    Hi All, I don’t see a lot of chatter/complaints in here on the Home Bar line at the bottom of screen on devices without a home button, so maybe I am in the minority here. I am definitely not a fan and I actually ended up returning a iPad Pro just because of the visual displeasure it gave me...
  10. C

    Moving OneDrive files to local storage or iCloud on iPad

    If i go to Files App and try to move a file (already downloaded) I don't have any option of move/copy etc. I tried the Documents app by Readdle, but same thing happens. Any help or tip? Thanks.
  11. Z

    Universal Timeflower: Photo Organizing Made Easy

    I have been making this app for more than two years. Features including: - Support photos on the iCloud photo library. - "On This Day" photos. - Quickly add a photo or multiple selected photos to multiple albums. - Pinned photo albums/media types. - iOS 14 widget for showing a specific photo or...
  12. C

    All iPads iPad Air 4/Pro + Magic Keyboard for Content Drafting?

    Hey there, I work as a full-time Copywriter and whittle away at personal fiction projects during my time off. Once the pandemic is over, I plan on travelling extensively for writing retreats/inspiration. While normally I use a custom-built PC and ultrawide monitor, changing up where I work...
  13. steveash

    Raw workflow on the iPad

    I have recently bought an iPad Pro and am experimenting with raw processors. My desktop workflow is Hasselblad Phocus and Photoshop but Phocus Mobile 2 has major limitations (eg. no 16 bit Tiff export) and Photoshop for iPad is still a work in progress. Lightroom and Affinity Photo seem to be...
  14. T

    iPad Pro My iPad Pro 9.7" keeps waking up literally every minute

    I'm not sure when it started happening (I think it was one of the iPadOS 14 updates) but when I have it on my iPad and I don't have the screen covered by my Smart Cover, my old iPad Pro (9.7") keeps waking up literally every minute. Is this a known bug?
  15. lillo9546

    macOS customizable Desktop view on iPadOs, instead of the "Launchpad" Home Screen?

    What about having a customizable Desktop view like MacOs on the IpadOS, instead of only an "app launcher" that locks us to have only app on the desktop? I would like to add folders, drag my files everywhere, have drives listed.. What about you? Cant we just swipe with 4 fingers to get into the...
  16. Hessel89

    iPad Games on iPad that you can control by Mouse + Keyboard?

    Hi, I was wondering, does anyone know of any games that you can control by mouse and keyboard? Like you can with first person shooters on PC. I‘ve tried call of duty but strangely enough it only supports controls via screen. I know the iPad Pro’s are more then capable at it. - Hessel
  17. sregreb

    Bluetooth randomly shutting off on iPadOS 14.2 public beta

    I have the original Ipad Pro 12.9 and have been running the iPadOS 14 public beta since its release. I’m now on 14.2. Since installing the beta I’ve been getting random Bluetooth dropoffs. It just turns off and the spinner goes round and round in settings. Then it will miraculously turn back...
  18. X

    iPad iPadOS; why the missing features?

    Hello to all. i never had an iPad; whell, until the release of the mini. I bought and still have the mini 2 and 3 both with LTE, to have the GPS functionality without a SIM card. Some time ago I add the mini 5, also with LTE, to the family. On my point of view; 25 cm is the perfect size, for...
  19. sregreb

    iPadOS Public Beta to public release

    I’ve been running the iPadOS 14 public beta and I see the official release is available for download now. Do I delete the beta profile first and reboot and then install the official release? Or do I just download and install the new one and it will it take care of everything?
  20. upintheclouds

    iPadOS 14, Apple Pencil, Scribble, Messages

    Dumb question, but here goes. Can you respond to an iMessage using the Apple Pencil?