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iphone 12 pro

  1. Exorthium

    iPhone 12 Pro - OLED flickering

    Hi. My iPhone 12 Pro since launch has had this issue where the display doesn't fully turn off the pixels when black content is shown. I went to the Apple Store in Amsterdam today and they basically told me they cannot reproduce the issue (even though I've shown them multiple videos of the...
  2. K9rescue

    iPhone 12 with iOS 15.2 - battery life dropped 85% in 5 hours?!?!?

    Wow, my iPhone usually lasts all day. I upgraded to ios 15.2 yesterday. After light use today, my phone is almost out of power after 5 hours. That's less than half the capacity it was. What's the deal?
  3. albal21

    iPhone 12 Pro Apps with Payment crashing on 14.7.1

    I noticed this yesterday but thought was because I had poor connection while at a friends house. It seems any apps that have payment in them crash frequently at what appears to be random points in the ordering process. I noticed this first with the Dominos app yesterday and then today with...
  4. H

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Battery Issue...

    Hey guys, I want to preface and say that I love my 12 Pro Max much more than any other iPhone and look forward to the 13 Pro max myself because 120hz, better battery life, and a possible always on display already sell it for me. There is one issue with my 12 pro max though... I have owned my 12...
  5. K

    iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 is a dangerous device

    iphone 12 Pro: You can say what you will but imo this phone is a dangerous device. The magnet is incredibly strong. I personally am implanted with a cochlear implant and I do not know if this why the phone is making me physically ill. I have already sent off for another phone to see if it was...
  6. E

    Iphone 12 Pro Safari and Apps not connecting to net after 14.6 update

    Updated to 14.6 today AM, since then my Safari or my apps can't connect to the net, despite the device being connected to WiFi and 5G service. Most bizarrely, Instagram is the ONLY app that works, and so does WhatsApp. None of the Google apps work nor the Apple ones (Store, Music etc.). What is...
  7. gfiore

    Otterbox Symmetry Material

    Does anyone have the Otterbox Symmetry+ cases for their iPhone 12 mini/regular/pro/pro max? If so, has the case scratched or marked the phone in anyway? I’m concerned that this hard plastic that Otterbox has switched to instead of their rubber interior may cause long term issues if the phone is...
  8. williamsonrg

    iPhone 12 Pro Been a long time: does Apple repair or replace phone with a busted lens?

    I haven’t needed an iPhone repair in forever. My iPhone 12 Pro has a busted 1x lens. Will they just swap it out at the Apple Store like in the old days, or make me ship it out for repair?
  9. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone gets disconnecting from whatsapp (and whatsapp Web)

    This was never an issue with any of my previous devices, and im not sure if this is caused by a new update or what but sometimes I stop receiving whatsapp messages until I go back into app. This also happens when I am using whatsapp web, out of nowhere it says that the phone is not connected and...
  10. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Battery app says torch was on for 5 hours but it’s not true

    For whatever reason , in the settings the battery is showing that I had the torch on for 5 hours .. Yet I am % sure the torch was not on, why was it recorded as being on? I mean 5 hours of torch being on could be damaging to the device or to the torch itself, wouldn’t it? Please check the video...
  11. J

    any updates for when jailbreak will be released for iOS 14.3 (A14

    I am patiently waiting for the jailbreak to be released, especially after the news saying that they found security bug which Apple tried to correct urging users to iOS 14.4.. Do you guys have any inside information or news?
  12. J

    Will using an international adapter (any from eBay) affect the MagSafe charging capability?

    I use a UK 20W official Apple charger to plug in the MagSafe.. in case of travelling abroad, will using a cheap adaptor in front of the 20w UK official Apple charger affect anything?
  13. R

    iPhone 12 Pro Can we talk about how inaccurate iPhone 12 Pro photos are?

    two side by side photos of the same setting, both taken on iPhones updated with iOS 14.4 the warmer and more natural photo is on the left taken by an iPhone XS. the cooler and more inaccurate (from a color reproduction point of view) is on the right taken by an iPhone 12 Pro. a few items i'd...
  14. J

    Iphone 12 series apple silicone case photos, how does it age?

    Does your case show any signs of wear and tear yet? I tried different colors before choosing the black one, for whatever reason it's way smoother than the other colors I tried and attracts way less lint, not sure why
  15. H

    iPhone 12 Pro Max nitpicking here, lose mute switch on my iPhone 12 PM?

    Compared to the iPhone 11, which took a bit of force to move the mute button, my 12 pro max seems to way more easy, I'm just wondering if this is normal with the new 12 series or did I just somehow break my mute switch? How do you know when it's broken?
  16. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Okay, so for whatever reason, I see a lot of frame drops when I play a game (like PUBG) and this did not happened before

    for background info: same wifi, same room and same settings When playing PUBG (which I normally use to test this device’s power) everything was smooth until recently, when I suddenly noticed heavy frame drops at the start of the gameplay especially, and then disappear as the game goes along. No...
  17. A

    Unable to transfer photos from iPhone 12 Pro to Mac (Image Capture, Photos, etc)

    Hi all, My usual photo workflow is to Let iCloud take care of keeping my photos in sync between devices (and I curate what I keep there) At least weekly manual backups (plug iPhone into Mac; use Image Capture to drag all recent photos since last backup onto an HDD). The Image Capture part is...
  18. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Where is the WIFI antenna on the iPhone 12 lineup?

    And what’s your connection like? Is there a way to measure the speed using an app?
  19. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple care, any good reasons to not get it?

    I am considering getting apple care for my 12 pro max, however I never had apple care for any of my previous iPhones and they did just fine as I tend to care a lot. However, it is also true that none of my previous iPhones were as expensive as this one. Are there any good counter arguments as to...
  20. J

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Home button on right side feels mushy and doesn't click

    When compared to the volume buttons, the home button doesn't click as much and feels hard to press.. I only noticed it recently which means this was not there before. A quick search online and seems like its a common thing, some claim to have fixed it with cleaning it with water ..I am not too...