iphone 6s

  1. travelsheep

    iPhone SE iPhone SE.. X ? What's a match for the Samsung 10e ?

    I still have my trusted iPhone 6S (now with new battery), but the old LCD technology really starts to annoy me, especially since all my friends already have OLED phones. The screen seems so much better for reading. Also, I'm really not eager to spend € 1500 (usd 1650) on a bulkier iPhone 11 Pro...
  2. honglong1976

    iPhone Optimized charging draining battery

    Hi everyone, loving iOS13.1 on my iPhone 6S except optimized charging. I charge to 100% before I go to bed and the next day I have 40% battery left. I charged to 100% at work and playing Need for speed for 5 mins my phone lost 40%. I also use Pokemon Go and noticed my phone was always warm. I...
  3. C

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro WiFi Improvements Over 6s?

    My apologies in advance for this totally clueless question. Can I expect or is it likely that a new 11 Pro will get better reception on the same WiFi network compared to my current iPhone 6s? I'm curious if my new iPhone 11 Pro might be able to stay connected to a wifi network in certain spots...
  4. A

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Why doesn’t damp hands or sweaty hands cause liquid damage to an iPhone 6S that’s in a case?

    Why doesn’t damp hands or sweaty hands cause liquid damage to an iPhone 6S that’s in an Otterbox Defenders case since iPhones are easily liquid damaged?
  5. Buadhai

    iCloud Woes After a Few Days With No Internet

    I was on a dive boat for the past few days. For the first couple of days we had no cell service so no Internet. When we finally did get cell service and 4G data I discovered that many iCloud services on both my iPhone (6s) and iPad were messed up. Messages did not work on either device and...
  6. Plague78

    iPhone 6s iOS 12.2 Jailbreak

    Hi, first post obviously. I did a bit of searching for this and there's just so much on this forum that it's difficult to single something like this out, and I didn't find anything specific for this device and operating system combo. So as the title says, I have a 6s running on iOS 12.2. I...
  7. emlit

    iPhone 5 or earlier How Best to Move Away from 5s

    Considering a) my wife's 5s took an inadvertent bath, b) we're out of our current contracts, and c) Verizon is running a decent Mother's Day promo, I need advice for upgrading our old 16GB 5ses. I don't want to spend a ton of money, so what's your take on the following options: 1) Take...
  8. seitsme

    iPhone 6(S)(+) how to unhide the sim pin choice- missing iphone 6x

    hello, I noticed that in the iphone 6s if you want to change the sim pin number-code, you must go to the settings and then phone and then should be a choice to change the sim pin code1 or 2. The problem is that i have no such menu choice on my iphone 6s, updated to latest version. phone is...
  9. B

    iPhone 2 Questions - Re-enabling Performance Management

    Hi: I disabled Performance management and I'd like to re-enable it. My battery is losing its power really quickly and I've only had it for under a year. 1. Do I have to wait for my iPhone to shut down unexpectedly in order for this setting to be accessible? 2. Are the best replacement batteries...
  10. contacthamdi1998

    iPhone HELP! Touch ID Tweaks.

    Hi, I have an Iphone 6s plus and I had to replace the touch ID from another broken 6s plus which had a perfect working Touch ID since mine was broken. It is not possible to activate the touch ID of another Iphone for mine. I have found out from some research that the touch id is linked to the...
  11. N

    Any advice on replacement case/protector for 6S

    Hello, Am looking to replace the case for my 6S and am interested in getting: a Privacy Screen glass protector - public transportation usage a case that would allow the above screen protector Am not fond of Otterbox Defender kind of bulky cases but need something that would protect the phone...
  12. M

    iPhone 6(S)(+) 2 Passcodes on iphone ios 12

    Hi Is it possible to have 2 Pass codes on a iphone running ios 12. (daughter keeps changing her Pass code and hiding it from us) Thanks for any help.
  13. rorydz

    iPhone 6s turns on in Activation Mode and is forcing me to update

    I was on my phone when it dies, I plug it in, it turns on a few minutes later to the white "Hello" "Slide to Set Up" screen. The phone is running iOS 9.3 I think, somewhere around there. It's 3 years old and it wasn't running as well as when I got it, but nothing too bad, just kind of slower...
  14. V

    Concert video audio is super quiet?

    Whenever I take a video with my iPhone 6s at a concert, the audio is much quieter than it should be. I think it's due to the loudness, because when there's a quiet part in the song, the volume fades back up to normal. I never had this issue with my iPhone 5c, the audio was always normal. Does...
  15. Y

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Does uTorrent or iTransmission work for iPhone 6s??

    I want to get a new phone(iPhone) and was wondering if uTorrent or iTransmission work on it?? I am trying to download movies on it. UTorrent and iTransmission are bitTorrent clients that help you download shared files for those who don't know. I can download movies on my current phone LG Stylo...
  16. M

    iPhone iOS 11.4.1 on the SE ?

    Hi ! I'd to know how you guys are doing with 11.4.1 on the iPhone SE?(or 6s basically same thing) How's the battery life (mainly) and the performance is. I'm currently running 10.3.3 on my SE (WAIT just hear me out) . The main reasons why I wanna upgrade to 11.4.1 is I want to record my screen...
  17. Z

    Other Advise regarding post iPhone release date.

    When a new generation of iPhone's are released, how long do we typically have left to purchase the previous generation's models before they are taken off the shelves? Is there typically a time window? I assume the next generation may deprecate the oldest models, which are the only models to...
  18. X

    iPhone 6(S)(+) iPhone 6s blank screen after 11.4 update?

    Shortly after the 11.4 update my screen went blank. I could still touch buttons, dial numbers and stop my alarm with no visual. After some troubleshooting and trying to hard reset with it no luck, I thought it was my screen/digitizer so I replaced it, but I am still having the same problem...
  19. Lingerlasse

    How to changne psw or activate SSL to an ICoud email server ???

    Any help ??? Looks like this in settings... Anyone ???? Please
  20. HappyDude20

    iPhone 8(+) Apple Battery Case for iPhone 8?

    hi all I remember Apple releasing a battery case for the iPhone 6 back in the day, the one with the hump and I hear you can use this case on the 6S and the 7 but was wondering if there would be any limitations I’m not aware of in using the case for the iPhone 8? I know the case wouldn’t work...