iphone 7+

  1. M

    Lighting port issue (cables popping out too easily)

    Lately, lightning plugs aren't staying snugly in the port of my 7+; they pop out with the slightest movement of the phone. Several times, I've plugged my phone in to charge for the night, only to wake up the next morning and find it didn't charge at all, because the phone wiggled slightly after...
  2. 4sallypat

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7+ Apple Trade in value differs - Why ?

    So I am getting ready to decide whether to sell online or trade in my work/business trusty reliable iPhone 7+ I got from Apple 3 years ago to replace with the upcoming 11 model (XR version). Have confusion question from experts here..... I go to the Apple website and find out there are 2...
  3. J

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone repair BS

    Hi everyone, hopefully this is the place I can put this. My friend told me to put it here for hopefully good help. I'm ****ing stressed out over this because IMO it should've been under the ECLC and I don't have the money they're asking for so I'll try explain this well... Okay so here's the...
  4. MwRdK

    Other Upgrade my iPhone 7+ or iPad Mini 4?

    Ok this is probably asked before but here's my scenario so far: Would've moved up to iPhone XR if not for its roll back in performance from iPhone 7+; iPhone XS price is...well...shocking (not that I'm surprised but you know what I mean); Still happy overall with iPhone 7+, actually, with...
  5. Smeaton1724

    iPhone 7(+) Moving from a 7+ to an X? Battery Life and Landscape Mode

    I currently have an iPhone 7+ 256GB Jet Black, it's a great phone, lovely screen, excellent battery and is only 7 months old. I do really like the X design, and can snag one with £200 off, so my question is to those who went from the Plus model do you prefer it and why? Do you miss landscape...
  6. HengenJL

    iPhone 7+ iOS 11.3 Apple Music Cannot Rate Songs

    Hi all, I upgraded my iPhone 7+ to iOS 11.3 on Monday evening. I am encountering a problem with Apple Music not allowing me to rate songs. The star is not present, so I am unable to rate songs as "Play more like this" or "Never play this song." I have done a power off of the iPhone, same issue...
  7. Videot27

    iPhone 7+ w/ iOS 11: all-white photos?

    I tried to take a few photos at work yesterday (needed to see model numbers on hardware mounted overhead, so I used my phone to get a shot of the product ID tags on the back) and got back all-white photos. Even though I had turned off live-photos, I seem to have gotten them anyway: when I try...
  8. 4

    S7 vs iPhone 7+

    I'm looking to switch to a 7+ plus I have a Galaxy S7 and I don't know if it's worth it cos they're very similar phones. I'm looking to buy it upfront, so the 8 is too much for me to pay - won't even consider it cos the differences between the 8+ and 7+ are SO minimal anyway. The reason I want...
  9. 4

    Upgrade to iPhone7+/7S+/8 from Galaxy S7 HELP!

    Heeey! So this is my first ever thread, hopefully I'm in the right place and this hasn't been asked before :) I'm thinking of upgrading my phone when the new 7s/8 comes out from Galaxy S7 purely because I really miss having an iPhone (even though I love my S7) and my contract is up in March...
  10. M

    Was the hissing problem (hissgate) in the iPhone 7/7+ resolved. Thinking of getting an iPhone 7/7+

    If anyone has had the hissing sound - has it affected call quality. Thinking of getting it on Verizon. Thank you for your time.
  11. Rolandas993

    Dust in camera lens (front facing)

    is anyone having same issue? Mine was replaced few days ago but i have noticed that there is one speck of dust in the lens of front facing camera, I dont use it much and quality is not affected but once you see it you cannot unsee. Cheers.
  12. BEC60

    New phone, existing Watch, Apple Pay frustration

    I upgraded from a 6+ (128 Mb, iOS 10.2) to a 7+ (128 Mb) yesterday mostly to get the new camera. I also have an original Apple Watch Sport - from October of 2016 - my 60th birthday present to myself. (The Watch has WatchOS 3.1) I had/have three credit/debit cards set up in Apple Pay on both the...
  13. Y

    Any idea or precedence on when 10.1 GM will be released?

    Hey guys, just a quick question that I thought you all would have the best chance of knowing the answer to. I've upgraded to the 10.1 beta twice (B1 and B2) but had to downgrade back to 10.0.2 each time because it was destroying my battery. I'm in love with the portrait mode though so I was...
  14. Mzcocoa

    iPhone 7/7+ ordered in October

    just wondering if anybody have gotten info on 7/7+ orders that was made in October? If so what kind... I ordered a MB 7+ 128 thru sprint.com on 10/04 my shipping dates are 11/9-11/23. Hoping the October orders are shipping before thanksgiving fingers crossed.
  15. D

    Camera Roll pictures out of order after restoring to new iPhone 7+

    I received last tuesday my iPhone 7+, and I restored my iCloud backup from my iPhone 6S to the 7+. My photos in camera roll on iPhone 7+ are out of order, as if the first 100 pictures of all my pictures (chronologically) were put at the end, where my camera roll ended on my iPhone 6s before...
  16. ny-apple

    Carrier Sprint 9/16 and after 7+ orders

    Hey guys, Newbie here. So disgusted with how Sprint has been treating all the folks that pre-ordered and although my ship date hasn't arrived I do feel mine will be delayed as well. I just wanted to start a thread (sorry if one already exists) for all the orders placed on 9/16 and after for...
  17. willmtaylor

    Vote for your Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector

    There's already an extensive thread discussing screen protectors for the iPhone 7 & 7+, but I wanted to specifically discuss Edge-to-edge protoectors (3D edge preferably) and have a poll for people to vote on which ones they've tried and liked. Hopefully, this will help us crowd-source our...
  18. E

    Weird flashing on my iPhone 7+

    I've noticed a few times that my iPhone has some weird flashing going on. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, I see bars and rectangles on the screen. Sometimes it's just random, sometimes it's when I force-reboot the phone. Getting a bit freaked now. Anyone else?
  19. Benz63amg

    iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera lacks Optical Image Stabilization in the Telephoto Lens [MERGED]

    So i just read this article from 9to5mac https://9to5mac.com/2016/09/09/kgi-dual-lens-camera-module-remain-exclusive-high-end-new-iphone-models-2017/ and it states that KGI Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the current iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera lacks Optical Image Stabilization in the Telephoto...
  20. hayat55

    Defective iPhone 7 Plus upon opening

    As soon as I opened my new iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Black I noticed that there was something UNDER the screen. It was a speck of dust or some particle that was stuck there during the manufacturing process. I knew this because I tried to wipe it off the top of the screen but it was not moving. I...