iPhone 7(+) Moving from a 7+ to an X? Battery Life and Landscape Mode

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Smeaton1724, Apr 18, 2018.

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    I currently have an iPhone 7+ 256GB Jet Black, it's a great phone, lovely screen, excellent battery and is only 7 months old. I do really like the X design, and can snag one with £200 off, so my question is to those who went from the Plus model do you prefer it and why? Do you miss landscape mode and is the battery on the X worse in real world usage?

    Pro's of the 7 Plus:
    - Battery Life
    - Landscape mode
    - Non glass back
    - Touch ID

    Con's of the 7 Plus:
    - Size in pocket
    - Weight

    Pro's of the X:
    - New Design
    - OLED
    - Benchmarks - does this performance jump translate in real usage?
    - Smaller form factor

    Con's of the X:
    - Glass back
    - Weight vs size
    - Resale bad in 2 years time? - (I thought I'd learned not to buy an Apple Gen 1 product but here I am debating an X purchase whilst also having a Homepod :eek:)

    Features I don't care about:
    - Wireless charging
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    My advice to you is go to an Apple store and try them, I did the same tried iPhone X and the others ended with the iPhone

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