1. aleyazor

    Touch ID scanner no longer working

    The Home Button on my iPhone 7 was overly sensitive and I saw many people saying the solution was to blow some air into it or clean it, from the inside. After doing that (stupid me I know), my touch ID no longer works. I can press Add Fingerprint but as soon as I press it, it says failed. So...
  2. iphone7_battery

    iPhone 7(+) I would like to know the cycle count figures for your iphone.

    How many cycles does the battery have? It's been almost 4 years since I started using iphone7. It's about 3000 times, how many times do you charge it?
  3. valkov9191

    iOS 14 Mirror front facing camera missing

    I'm with an iPhone 7. I remember that in one of the beta versions this option was there, but after I updated last night this feature is missing. Whether it's a bug or just Apple have decided not to release this feature in the iPhone 7
  4. Y

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7's STILL being manufactured!

    Did you know apple was still manufacturing iPhone 7's? Mine was made 26.04.2020. https://www.macrumors.com/2019/09/11/iphone-7-clearance-site/ It was supposed to be discontinued for a while, so what is going on?
  5. nick_iphone7

    iPhone Case

    Can anyone tell me which brand this case is or help me find it?
  6. nick_iphone7

    Some iOS 13 bugs still in iOS 14

    I updated my 7 to iOS 14 (i know guys, IS BETA,calm down) in the hope that the bugs I had with iOS 13 have been fixed, but alas, they are not. I am talking specifically about three of them 1. Blurred photos in Photos - I have to zoom in slightly to clear them and see their full quality...
  7. nick_iphone7

    Safari Documents & Data

    How can I delete this cache? I turned off my iCloud sync but it doesn't stop accumulating any cache? I also saw that I had some data in Apple Books, deleted the app, installed it and they came back again, and it had to be removed. I do not want to make factory settings on my iPhone, is there...
  8. nick_iphone7

    iPhone Is it worth to upgrade to iOS 13.4?

    I'm still with iOS 13.3.1, but I notice that my battery is dropping pretty fast and I'm wondering if I can update to 13.4. Is it worth it? I'm with the iPhone 7.
  9. R

    iPhone 7 home button with new screen

    Replaced several iPhone 7 & 7plus screens, home button will not function at all! They all worked before I changed them. Even tried a new home button, still have to use assistive touch. What am I doing wrong? Richard
  10. nick_iphone7

    iPhone Calendar App Problem

    Yesterday I clicked something while browsing a site (it was not a porn site) and now I get some notifications that I don't know how to remove. Any idea how to delete them? I did an offload and it didn't help.
  11. nick_iphone7

    iPhone IOS 13.3 BATTERY DRAIN!!!

    I'm sorry I updated to 13.3. Even though it is in lowe power mode, my battery drops fast. Yes I was with 13.1.3 and it wasn't like that at all. Someone with a 13.3.1 beta to say how the battery is. Why they always have to screw up with every update, can't everything work perfectly, Apple ...
  12. nick_iphone7

    iPhone I need help about iOS 13.3

    Hello. I want to find out if iOS 13.3 fixed the problem with the blurry images in the gallery (I notice a slight blurring when looking at them, but when the quality shifts and they become distinct) and the problem of changing the background, when changing the background, it becomes somewhat...
  13. nick_iphone7

    iPhone iPhone 7 wallpaper color problem

    Hello. I noticed something very strange. When I change the background of my phone, my colors seem to fade a little. I can see from the screenshots I have attached to the post. Can you tell me if anyone has the same problem whether it is from the iOS version (with iOS 13.1.3 I am) or is a bug...
  14. C

    iPhone 7(+) MY IPHONE 7

    In booght my iPhone 7 in Granada in Apple I have had it for three months I like it because it is handy I use it for three hours everyday
  15. A

    iPhone iOS12.2 iMessage - Audio message disappears if rotate to landscape

    I just want to ask if anyone has the same issue with iMessage. When you are in a dialog with a person that can receive iMessage just record a message and then rotate your phone to the landscape mode (without sending the message). For me the audio message just disappears. Anyone has the same issue?
  16. A

    iPhone 7(+) Calls on airplane mode and more

    Dear community, I'm just wondering if it would be ok to share my story here. Just to let you know how Apple treats loyal customers (using Apple since 2006, iPhones since 2008). Since May 2018 I have issues with my iPhone 7: - calls on airplane mode (WiFi disabled), - unable to connect to the...
  17. Appledoesnotlisten

    iPhone 8(+) iPhone7 to iPhone8: Any Performance gain?

    I just moved from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 and am not seeing any performance gain. Seems like a waste of money. Is there really no performance gain or I am not doing something right?
  18. A

    iPhone 7(+) My iPhone 7

    So my iPhone 7 is on a boot loop and my home button is not working. this all started a couple days ago when I was coming out of the car and i dropped it and the phone completely turned off and went on a boot loop and after i got it back on (pure luck). the home button stopped working and i was...
  19. M

    Other can not import photos from iPhones to mac

    I was on Yosemite and I had to migrate to El Capitan 10.11.6 (due to ios12). MacBookPro11,5, Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015. I am using Lightroom 5.7.1 (fully compatible with El Capitan). iPhone XS and 7, iOS 12.1. Icloud photo off. Transfer to mac or pc on automatic. Formats to Most Compatible...
  20. Brwneye93

    iOS 12 with iPhone 7

    has anyone updated iOS 12 that has an iPhone 7? Mines from Walmart but running off Verizon network... I have been hearing mixed responses about updating!