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  1. I


    Thinking about getting this one for my iPhone 7.( It looks like it's customizable lighting case(uses bluetooth). I see people who are using this in their instagram but there's no review on the internet. (
  2. E

    iPhone 7 Question: Dual headphone jack/charger single suggestion

    I'm about to go to sleep laying in bed, where I usually plug my phone in for the night, and am looking forward to catching up on the latest TWD episode and realized not having a headphone jack will actually force me to change my iPhone usage habits. I'd prefer to either not carry a pair of...
  3. D

    iPhone 7(+) Iphone 7 matte black antenna bands

    Recently bought my Iphone 7 matte black. It went straight into a case after the purchase and yesterday when I was removing some dust trapped in the case, I discovered the antenna bands are full of micro-scratches. Just wondering some of the following questions on the iphone: 1. What is the...
  4. I

    iPhone Call Record APP

    Could you help me with the call record app? someone know what is the best for iPhone 7 without drains too much battery? thanks in advance!
  5. J

    We just made a major update to Is In Stock - more products!

    Hi all, Late December, we announced Is In Stock, a service that notifies you via email when the AirPods are in stock at your local Apple Store. Lots of you folks gave us support and feedback on the service, all of which has been amazing. We took your feedback, overhauled our entire service, and...
  6. Djilkosh

    Bad quality photos maybe due big compression (iPhone 7)

    I'm former android user and I had always flagship phones before. After many years I decided to buy iPhone because I wanted to change system and to have smaller yet powerful device with great camera. So I bought iPhone 7, latest and greatest. He has everything great except.... Camera. Well using...
  7. A

    Bluetooth Problems Mazda3 2010

    Hi everyone! I waited long enough to post this, but it is getting very annoying at this point. I have Mazda 3 2010 car and I always connected my phone via Bluetooth to stream music, audio and calls. Never had any issues up until iPhone 7 Plus / iOS 10. I gave it a good few months before...
  8. Z

    Male Audio Jack to Female Lighting?

    Hello, I am waiting for my new MacBook Pro Late 2016 and for a few days now I am searching for the opposite adapter that came with my iPhone7, a 3,5mm male audio jack to female lighting. I never use my EarPods with my iPhone, although i like using headphones with my laptop. Because EarPods'...
  9. mkrizan4

    Weird "smudge" on my new iPhone 7

    Hi there! So I've noticed a "smudge" on my 2 weeks old iPhone 7, undamaged, unscratched or anything like that. I've tried to clean it with micro fiber cloth but it just doesn't come off.. I haven't tried any liquid cleaning or anything similar.. I'm just wondering what the hell happened here...
  10. jusacruiser

    iPhone 7Plus - 128GB vs. 256GB

    I am comparing a iPhone 7Plus 128GB versus a iPhone 7Plus 256GB Phone. Other than the OBVIOUS double Capacity......what other differences are there between the 128 vs. 256 ? Sounds crazy....but do they weigh the same? How about the data write speed? Anything else you can think of?
  11. nav92

    iPhone 7 Plus - Massive Siri Battery Drain

    Hello everyone, My iPhone 7 Plus battery life was great until this week started. Now I can barely make it a day and it's all because of more than 30% battery usage by Siri. I have turned it completely off (which shouldn't be a good solution as I love Hey Siri on my AW which is also connected)...
  12. SiriusNY

    iPhone 7 microphone problem.

    Hi to all. I have a very strange problem with iPhone 7. My microphone works strange. When i call everyone can heaoudr me. Siri can also hear me, loud speaker when i'm talking, works. But voice memos don't work, whatsapp audio don't work and so on. When i plug in my lightning headphones voice...
  13. Laurapbc

    Battery Usage & Heating on iPhone 7

    Hi, I'm new to this forums. Yesterday I got a brand new iPhone 7 Regular 128 GB. I had an iPhone 6 and skipped the 6S. My question is I've been noticing heating issues now it's a bit less but I get them everytime I use the camera. Went to check the Battery Usage. Turned off Wake on rise and...
  14. moosquared


    Hello all, I need some help. I just got my brand new iPhone 7 plus. Just removed from the box. I've been trying to log-in into my icloud / appstore account but can't. I keep receiving the message "Verification Failed. This action could not be completed. Try again." I have entered the correct...
  15. 1wallpaperfactory

    iPhone iPhone 7 Wallpaper Request Thread

    Despite having the same wallpaper dimensions as the iPhone 6, thought the iPhone 7 might spark some unique creativity. Looking forward to see what people use. Here's mine in parallax and non-parallax sizes. Helps remind me the return on my investment :)
  16. mikezmac

    iPhone 7 Plus still 3-4 weeks out

    Ok, I finally ordered my iPhone 7 Plus and was a bit dismayed to see the ship time is 3-4 weeks still. I check istocknow and there are plenty of the regular sized and scattered but slim iPhone 7 Plus available. I have been watching it day to day and they are really scattered. Question, are the...
  17. G

    Protruding Lightning Port - iPhone 7 Plus

    Hi all - wondering if anyone else has seen this on their IP7. When comparing previous iPhone lightning ports to my new iPhone 7, the edges around the port on the 7 appear to be ever-so-slightly raised above the surrounding bezel, such that it protrudes a bit from the body of the phone. If I...
  18. T

    iPhone 7 Taptic Engine with iMessage

    so I just got my iPhone 7 plus yesterday! Yay. I've read numerous reports online that the Taptic Engine should and will kick in when you send or receive full screen inessage effects. (Fireworks, lasers, etc. ) I've read it should vibrate With the bang of the fireworks and such. I am having no...
  19. P

    Iphone 7 plus focus glitch?

    I've noticed when I placed my phone camera down or cover it with my hand so the screen is dark.. and I focus on the darkness, then remove my hand.. the camera stays black or really dark... can anyone try this and see if theirs does this too? Specifically talking about the 7 plus dual camera.
  20. M

    iPhone catches fire

    i left it on the charger last night and I wake up and it like bent and all ****ed up. I don't know what to do, I just got this thing like days ago