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  1. Y

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 A1660 replacement program in Europe

    Hi guys ! I have recently purchased an iPhone 7 A1660 and now it is doing the famous “No service” issue. I live in France and i was wondering if someone in Europe tryed to ask a free remplacement (with the replacement program in the link below) at Apple Store ...
  2. L

    Do I need to make an appointment for apple care?

    I just broke my phone yesterday but I luckily have applecare. As the title says do I need to book an appointment to get a replacement phone or can I just walk in and show it to a member of staff right there.
  3. razvansg

    iPhone 7(+) Iphone7 video recording hissing sound

    Does anyone have this problem on their phone? Few months ago i noticed that suddenly my camera doesnt record sound anymore and when i playback the video i cannot hear any sounds only a low hissing. I have the latest OS upgrade, and there was another OS upgrade since the problem started and the...
  4. A

    iPhone 7(+) slower storage speed iP7 32GB ????

    does new 2018 ip7 still 8 times slower than 128GB model ????
  5. J

    series 0 battery life, iphone 6 vs iphone 7

    i succumbed to apple's throttling and picked up a used iphone 7. my iphone6 had just become too slow. the migration to the 7 was smooth; despite my iphone6 being turned off and put away, the restore of the backup offered to re-pair my 2 watches with the 7. the first day each watch's battery...
  6. sigsegv

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone 7 shutdowns...

    With the iPhone 6 battery issues I thought I was safe with my iPhone 7, but in the past week I've had 3 unexpected shutdowns on IOS 11.2.2 It goes like this: took the phone off the charger, caught up with the headlines (just plain web - no video), dropped the kids at school, returned home and...
  7. B

    iPhone Apple throttled my iPhone 7 by 50%

    Since 11.2 Apple decided to throttle my iPhone 7 by 50%. I’m seriously pi**ed. My iPhone is only slightly over one year old. This is totally unacceptable. Anyone else experiencing this with their iPhone 7s? What can I do? iOS 11.2.1 result below iOS 11.0.3 result below
  8. F

    Apple customer service centers are replacement centers in India

    I have been to two customer service centers while phone was under warranty. At both the sites I faced extreme dissatisfaction and rather than solving issue the executives were focusing on selling me a replacement by paying around 70% of actual cost. The same issue got fixed easily when got it...
  9. teeskay

    iPhone 7(+) iphone 7 back camera problem

    Hi all, my iphone 7 fell face flat down from pocket height earlier today, screen protector cracked a bit, albeit everything else was fine, i wanted to take a picture and opened the back camera and discovered that the whole camera had turned green, like there was a green overlay to it, with...
  10. A

    iPhone A lot of problems after updating iPhone 7 to iOS 11

    Hi, I have recently updated my iPhone 7 (Model MN8G2) to iOS 11.0.2 (before update I was running 10.3.3) I Restored the firmware via iTunes. After installing new iOS (I didn't restore any backup and my os is clean) Opening any application from homescreen (Anything, even safari and setting)...
  11. G

    please help me:/

    I forgot my passcode. I watched video on Youtube for fix this problem and then this happened. It want password.
  12. Exxhara

    iPhone X Keynote is only one day away. What are you doing to prepare..

    The Apple Keynote for the anniversary edition of the iPhone is only ONE day away. What are you doing to prepare? Anyone taking the work day off? Any iPhone pre-release rituals? It's my first time so i'm curious how everyone else is coping.
  13. K

    Is it possible to change the payment date through Citizens One iPhone Loans?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the payment date through Citizens One iPhone Loans? My current payment date is on the 18th every month, and if the rumors are true about the new phones not being available until the 22nd, then i will have ended up paying a 13th payment for my phone...
  14. Pipita20

    Wait or pull the trigger

    Hey! I need little help and I was hoping somebody can help me! So all my life I have used samsung phones and now im ready to buy my first apple phone. I dont wanna 8 I want 7 (*new one) right know I have this offer I can get the iphone 7/128gb at same that 7/32gb is sold. So the 32gb costs...
  15. M

    iPhone 7 Activation Lock

    Hi guys, For years i have been repairing computers and laptops for customers and now with what i feel is a dying industry i want to move onto phone repairs. Part and parcel of this is going to include a lot of trial and error so i am thinking of buying broken / damaged iPhone from eBay to get...
  16. V

    Using AT&T iPhone 7 in Mexico

    Any suggestions? We just came back from Mexico. We were there for 10 days. I took my Galaxy s8+ that i just switched to from my iphone 6s+ and my wife took her iPhone 7. We are on the AT&T unlimited plan that includes unlimited everything in Mexico. Our phones always tried to default first...
  17. M

    tomtom app works in airplane mode

    Hi. does anyone know how my tomtom app worked when my phone was in airplane mode? it only turned off after i turned off location services. i thought that putting your phone on airplane mode stops all signals? latest iOS on iPhone 07
  18. gwhizkids

    The iOS 10.x.x Beta Speculation Thread

    Speculate away! I will start with fact, not speculation: no 10.2.1 Public Release today or 10.3 beta.
  19. P

    Iphone 7 post teardown issues

    I have an Iphone 7 that has been opened and completely tore down. my issue is the following: when everything is put back together, the infamous boot loop ensues. if i disconnect the lightning/taptic engine/speaker flex that is on the bottom, the phone boots correctly without any issues - minus...
  20. L

    iOS Background Refresh

    Why do apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger not sync up in the background even though background refresh has been enabled. I have to manually open up these apps, only then do I get the notifications. Am I missing something? P.S. I recently moved to iPhone 7 from Android. EDIT : The problem...