1. A

    Left fan running but won't increase speed, fan control shows 0rpm

    So I have this weird issue with my Mid-2014 Macbook Pro 15" (2.8, 16gb ram, dual graphics): Left fan always shows 0 rpm in various fan control apps. After opening the bottom case, I see the left fan is clearly running idle at minimum, but won’t increase speed after maxing the speed through the...
  2. wowlocal

    Apple XDR & MacBook pro 16inch laggy video playback

    Hello XDR owners, recently i received a display and immediately noticed that the fullscreen video playback looks slightly laggy (frame drops) compared to the same video on the MacBook internal screen. I have tried different formats, streaming services, browsers and Presets. Same videos on...
  3. E

    Watch and phone not friends!

    Hello someone please help! In short... My phone has not downloaded the latest version of watchOS and now my phone and watch won’t talk to each other! Ive just bought a brand new Apple Watch series 4. I charged it up for a coupe of hours before I started to pair it with my phone. Once this...
  4. Q

    MP 1,1-5,1 SOLVED: 2010 5,1 cMP won't boot. Backplane or PSU?

    Sorry to make my first post one asking for help... I have a 2010 Mac Pro which won't boot and I suspect either the PSU or the Backplane has failed. The symptom is that adding a power cord and pressing the power button does nothing. No noise, no clicks, no lights: nothing. I have followed the...
  5. A

    usb-c hub audio issue

    Hi Guys! I purchased an usb-c hub (Qgem) from AliExpressz. The hub has 3.5mm jack output. If I plug the hub into my iPad Pro 11 2020, I cant hear any sound from the speaker and I cant change the audio output, because there is only this hub as an option. Do you know any solution how could I get...
  6. M

    Poor Logic Pro X performance on a decent spec Macbook Pro

    Hi all. This is my first post here, but I'm hoping to stay for longer. For a bit of a TL;DR I am having performance issues with Logic on a decent Macbook pro, can't record using amp sims as it stutters, glitches, stops and then goes back to the beginnig of a bar. Now for more details, last year...
  7. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 MacPro 5.1 power issue

    Hi, I have a problem with my Mac Pro 5.1 and I though maybe one of you could help me resolve the issue. I'll try to give as much detail as I can on what is going on. First, I the problem occurred when the tip of a lightning connector (connected on one of the front USB ports) accidentally...
  8. Inacio Victor

    Macbook Pro 15 2018 Touchbar não inicializa - does not boot the system

    Macbook Pro 15 2018 Touchbar não inicializa - does not boot the system Macbook Pro 15 2018 com touch bar. Peço desculpas pelos erros de Ingles, nao escrevo fluentemente. Ao apertar o botao de ligar o computador liga mas nao apresenta nada na tela nem luzes no teclado. (Sei que ele...
  9. J

    MacBook Pro 13" 2015 Freezes and Display Glitches (Green and Pink Lines)

    I've had this strange issue for the past few months now, where my MacBook will lock up completely, requiring a hold down of the power button to reboot the machine – but in addition to this the display, or external display which I am using most of the time, will be covered in green and pink lines...
  10. S

    MP 7,1 Pro Display XDR dirty screen effect

    Does any XDR owners have an issue with the dirty screen effect with Pro Display? I have nano-texture version. I notice it mainly when I’m scrolling content with the white/grey background. Should I return it and get a new one or is this as good as it gets?
  11. supergaia

    macos and office 2019 , why does not Microsoft Excel keep the window size?

    Hi i have installed under mojave office 2019 i can open word and keep the window maximized i can't do with Microsoft Excel and the other programs like PowerPoint, and Outlook of office 2019 i guess i will try to install on high sierra is a mojave problem or it's microsoft office 2019 standard...
  12. D

    One 2TB Seagate hardrive showing up as 2 drives

    Both identical drives that display they each have 500gb space available totalling 1tb. However, the whole drive is 2tb so 1tb is just 'missing' and this one drive is separated into two drives. I need to use this drive to back up my mac.
  13. R

    Japanese text on Apple Music

    So, I can't get Apple Music to display text, song names and artist names, in Japanese. I have the language set to Japanese, nothing. Even tried changing region to Japan, also nothing... It's quite annoying. :P
  14. M

    Logitech options software secure Input issues

    I'm having issues with Logitech Options software on my Triathlon M720 mouse. I love this mouse to bits, but it annoys me whenever I'm editing a password entry in 1Password or having my pointer clicked in a password textfield in my browser, all of the special buttons like the famous thumb button...
  15. C

    macbook pro 16'' Poppping

    This sound makes me crazy. It's could happen in playing any music and sound. Has anyone encountered this situation?
  16. CartoonChess

    Should this new MacBook Pro be returned?

    I ordered the base model MacBook Pro 13" with upgraded SSD and RAM about one week ago. I was starting to feel I maybe bought something of a lemon—seeing things like a spontaneous shutdown, a Safari keyboard shortcut only intermittently working, mute apparently toggling itself, occasional app...
  17. NevoAvitan

    Macbook pro 2019 dies at 72%

    Heyo, just got my new unit yesterday.. opend and start using it Than, when it gets to 72% battery it just shut down There is anyone who experience it as well? With the entry level MBP My 1st 4nd & 5th letters of serial number is CZ1 Hope you will help me.
  18. X

    UPGRADE Xserve 2,1 early 2008 from single to dual CPU

    Hey, I have upgraded my early 2008 2,1 Xserve with 1x 2,8 GHz Quad Core Xeon with a second same CPU. This was a few years ago in late 2013 and have never realy used it. Only a few hours. In late 2016 the trouble started with an issue of CPU B FAN 2 IN spinning at 18 - 19k rpm all the time...
  19. J

    huge issue- ipad crashing after unjailbreaking

    Hello, so I jailbreaked my ipad (5th gen) with uncover when it was on ios 12. It kept crashing after I jailbroke it and I couldn't find the tweak that was messing it up, so I restored it. Now after I restored it and updated it ios 13.2 it is still randomly crashing and rebooting with the apple...
  20. Laurrr

    iPhone iOS 13.1.3 Ring and Alerts volume issue

    The problem happens on an off and it seems correlated to how loud I have the regular volume set. If I watch a video at full volume the notifications will be at full volume. This is regardless of what level the "ringer" is set to and even if I move the ringer volume up/down to try to reset it the...