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  1. 2

    iPhone 15 Pro Max Iphone 15 Pro Max speaker crackling on high volume

    Hello everyone! Received my new 15 PM on the 22nd. Been happy with it ever since. Does everyone experience speaker crackling issue on high volume? The speaker crackling issue happens when 1) On high volume watching video or listening to music 2) On regular phone calls (high volume on...
  2. M

    screen discoloration (??)

    hey yall, im very new to this forum but i had a quick question. idk if anyone can see it from what i have linked but, theres like a line of discoloration on my mac(maybe??). to my knowledge i haven’t damaged it or anything, sometimes i fall asleep with it right next to me from watching netflix...
  3. W

    Are Apple Reminders a mess?

    I use the Reminders app on my phone and on two different Macs (Mac Studio and Macbook) over the course of a day. I religiously use the "snooze" function for snoozing timely reminders for a later time or date. I find that the system has a reaaaalllly hard time keeping these in sync between the...
  4. E

    macbook air (m1) usb connecting/disconnecting

    hi, i have a macbook air (m1) and have some issues with it. i'm not sure if it began with the sonoma 14.1 update but i didn't have a problem with the previous macos. maybe it's because i'm not using usb for data transfer so much...
  5. N

    Very slow iMac after restore - Additional HD showing on desktop

    Hi, Background: Our 2017 iMac was having a small issue with the Music App controls. After contacting Apple support and following all their recommendations we no longer had an OS and the HD couldn't be found for reinstall. While waiting for Apple call-back I tried recovery mode again but held...
  6. nrnorman

    Microsoft Outlook not sending attached files

    I am associated with a firm that utilizes Mac computers in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook for communication purposes. Presently, we have encountered an issue involving two employees who are experiencing difficulties while attempting to send email attachments. Specifically, after attaching a...
  7. Gravydog316

    Google Chrome "insuffient permissions: while downloading?

    I am trying to download from Google Chrome (macOS 13) & i get the error "Failed - Insufficient Permissions" do i fix this?
  8. L

    iOS 16.5.1 bug? (changed in App Icons?)

    So i recently discovered, that my in-app experience is different. Now i am wondering if only i have this problem? I have another iPhone for work purposes with iOS 16.5.1 and everything is fine there. But please take a look at my stopwatch icon, and then take a look at yours… that orange box is...
  9. P

    Stuck on login screen after Opencore update.

    Hello everybody, yesterday I had an update on opencore and I did it normally, after the update and the restart of my MacBook pro (13inch 2014) I press my password and my MacBook stucks on logging screen (with the rolling thing) and I haven't access on my Mac and my files. Now my problem is my...
  10. M

    Inputs from USB devices not working with MacOS Ventura after upgrading with Open Core Legacy Patcher

    Hello, I originally upgraded my unsupported mac using Open Core Legacy Patcher(iMac 9,1 early 2009) from MacOS El Capitan 10.11 to MacOS Monterey 12.6.6. In settings I was given a prompt to upgrade to MacOS Ventura and out of curiosity did. As of now whenever I go into my mac none of my inputs...
  11. TheRiddler1982

    How to get the "connect as" button to work on finder or how to show mounts properly

    Hi all, I have set up a new Mac Mini M1 computer with macOS Ventura as a file server. I have created shared only users and I can mount the shared folders on the connected macs. They get properly shown first in the list after clicking on the Mac Mini on the Finder's sidebar. But after some time...
  12. realpras

    Safari Extensions from Setapp apps

    Hi all, I'm on Ventura 13.2 and use Downie and Folx from Setapp. Here's the issue: The extensions from those two apps will no longer be working, everytime I shut down my MBP. They're still enabled in Safari > Settings > Extensions, but the functionality is not present. The contextual menu...
  13. F

    iPad Pro iPad 11 4th gen display issue?

    Hi, My new iPad 11 (4th gen M2 chip) present a very low "row pixellation" on superior part of display... the "problem" is only visible when I see display at very low distance... but I'm almost disappointed to Apple QA... Have you seen other similar situations?
  14. F

    iPad Pro New iPad Pro M2 camera paint chipping

    Hi, I’ve purchased my iPad Pro 11 M2 256GB one days ago and when I unbox it I’ve noticed chipping paint around camera lens… The problem is not many visibile.. but I’m afraid that during next months the paint can go away a lot… Any suggestions? Do you have same situation with latest iPad...
  15. Svetlin

    Tons of perfectly usable Macs bricked!

    Recently i have starting looking into a potential issue about Apple's software design. I'm talking about iCloud's activation lock and how it affects Tons of usable machines! A refurbisher (@RDKLInc on twitter) has been sharing stories of numerous locked T2 enabled Intel Macs, and now even M1...
  16. A

    Pinch to Zoom is not working on macOS Ventura

    I've noticed a lot of people mentioned this issue across multiple threads. Could be useful to have everything in one place. How do you solve it? Disabling/enabling "pinch to zoom" in system settings is not working for me. Only restarting the whole thing does. Also it starts working after a while...
  17. emmanueldmc

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Volume control buttons are not working while proximity is on and display is off

    iOS 16.1/16.1.1 Can someone confirm this? I tested this on 3 different phones with the same iOS version. I was able to reproduce the issue. The volume control buttons are not working if we use the earpiece speaker with proximity (while calling and listening to voice notes, screen turn off)...
  18. prymitywista

    brand new M1 battery issue - Monterey 12.3

    Hello, the brand new macbook air m1 came to me yesterday evening and around 1:30 a.m I've put it into sleep mode with 40% battery. Today morning (after ~8h) I wanted to turn on my mac and battery was discharged - I had to plug charger to turn it on (and then mac showed me 10% - so why it was...
  19. Ali Angel

    Weird Problem on Logic Pro with my Mac Studio Ultra

    Hello, I'm a huge Mac computer user for years (I'm French so sorry for my English) Actually I have two Computers. A MacBook Pro M1 Pro 14', and a brand new Mac Studio Ultra 128Gb Ram, 2To HD Both on Monterey 12.6 But Since Logic 10.7.4, I noticed a weird problem on the Mac Studio Ultra It is...
  20. L

    Resolved Split view in full screen mode issue & fix

    I used to very regularly put two windows in full screen, split view mode next to one another. This meant that my dock and menu bar would both disappear and my screen would be nicely uncluttered other than for the two windows I was working on. I updated my mac to 12.6 today and all of a sudden...