1. AvaQueen

    What are the primary problems of Windows 10 Unsupported Macs?

    I'm working on a project where I need to know what issues each unsupported mac has in windows 10 (i.e. Audio, etc.). I'm only interested in 2009 and newer Macs.
  2. M

    User is not able to login into onedrive

    Hello everyone, I am sorry but I do not know where else to post and I have gone trough every thread on the Internet but could not find any solution to this problem. I've got one user that is not able to log into onedrive no matter what he tries. When he launches onedrive, it shows table where...
  3. M

    AirPods Max fizzle out on Mac

    Does anyone else have an issue with their AirPods Max where they "fizzle out" when connected to a Mac? By fizzle out, they'll be fine then you'll encounter some skipping (almost as if you are getting too far way). It gets worse and worse until they ultimately just stop playing. If I take them...
  4. AjTee

    Problem with any web browser and Google Maps integration on iPhone 12 Pro

    Hello, When I want to look for any place in any web browser and then track it, then it cannot load a track to this place. I have tested it on any internet connection, tried to reinstall apps. I have newest version of iOS. I have recorded a video with this issue. Please see below. Do you know...
  5. josielinnea

    AirTags 2nd battery replacement already

    I bought a 4-pack of AirTags on launch day and was rather surprised when it didn’t take long at all for the first one to ask for a battery change. But - now the same one is requesting it’s 2nd battery change! What? The other 3 haven’t needed a single battery change as of yet. The one that is...
  6. Y

    iPad Pro iPad pro 9.7" shows lines on screen then restarts itself. Help!

    Recently my girlfriend's iPad pro 9.7” (A1673) has begun showing what I can only describe as some kind of graphics glitch, though I'm not sure if its related to graphics processing at all. The iPad hasn’t been physically damaged to our knowledge (dropped, gotten wet etc.) Suddenly lines appear...
  7. rafael2109

    Keyboard layout issues - macOs Monterey beta 21A5284e

    I'm with this problem with my keyboard layout. I don't know if someone else had this issue, I'm from Brazil so i use a keyboard of Logitech with a brazilian ABNT2 layout but, looks like that Apple change the layout!!! I was using the same keyboard the same configuration of when i was using macOs...
  8. C

    iOS 15 beta 2 iPhone 12 Pro Max Wifi issues

    For some reason the wifi on this phone has gotten worse using this beta. I am restoring it right now to see if that helps. No I do not use a VPN. It's not all wireless networks, but a good chunk just make the phone crawl and get only 1mbps. I had this issue before with this phone model and...
  9. S

    iPad Air Help: Cause Ipad air 3 blank/black screen issue?

    Hi all! So since a few months my Ipad air 3 has the blank screen issue Apple recognizes in the following article: My IPad air 3 has this exact issue (and is among the ipads produced between Mar-Oct 2019) but after many attempts to have my...
  10. RDowson

    Music App Lossless Issue

    Has anyone noticed that the Lossless icon disappears after moving between lossless tracks or albums? I'm sure it's also reverting to lossy playback. Rebooting the Music app fixes it but it does't las long before it happens again.
  11. H

    m1 mini flickering in random scenarios.

    Ever since upgrading to Big Sur 11.4, my M1 mini has been flickering in certain scenarios with my display (Dell S2721QS.) I haven't noticed it pre-11.4, though I heard others were having M1 "flickering" issues since launch. I can't tell from the descriptions if they're the same as mine. For...
  12. P

    I found and eMac and am having a few issues

    I was at a yard sell and I found a eMac and a Macintosh Performa 6115CD for $30 together so I bought them. (I also got a few other things to go with them but they aren't important.) It's got 700MHz G4, 40GB hard drive, 512MB of ram, a GeForce2 MX, and a CD/DVD combo drive. Since it doesn't have...
  13. N

    Strange iPhone XS display issue

    Hi everyone, please excuse my bad english, but I have noticed a strange issue with my „new“ but used XS: Is only when scrolling, when exactly this shade of gray is shifted over black background. Say the transition between gray and black. I only noticed it in this...
  14. S

    A2159 gets hot and nothing else?

    Hey all, so a while back I had a friend give me an A2159 (2019 MacBook Pro) chassis with everything in it except for the motherboard to toy around with. I decided a little while back that it was time to buy a board off of eBay to see if I can get it working. So, I buy an untested board for 200$...
  15. A

    MacBook stuck in diagnostics

    Hello, i have MacBook Air M1, and for the last couple of days i’ve been trying to do diagnostics to check if everything is good with my mac but, whenever i reached to “checking your Macbook” “about one minute remaining” my macbook hets stuck and the only way to restart it is to turn it off...
  16. aimforsilence

    Issue with Apple Watch storage constantly filling up.

    Hello, I'm having an issue with my wife's Apple Watch Series 1 and was hoping someone here may be able to help me as my 2 attempts at Apple support helping me and my own troubleshooting has not solved anything thus far. What happens is that the watch's internal storage get's completely full...
  17. K

    All iPads Screen Burned

    Screen Burned , my screen was burned by hair a hair dryer , the screen had a big black spot where it was burned but it went away now it looks all creased ? Is it even possible to have this fixed ? I can’t find anyone else online that has even had a similar problem. It’s an iPad Pro 11 inch
  18. Spasa

    MBP M1 16/256 Issue Flickering line on screen

    In the upper right corner of the screen, on the horizontal edge of the screen i noticed line, in the length of 3-4 cm, which is flickering. It seems like there is additional line of pixels which are turning on and of. I noticied bright white line while i was working in xcode. From that moment i...
  19. JJ628

    miniDP issues with macbook

    I've been using my mbp as a desktop for a while now. I've been experiencing this weird issue: when I connect a miniDP monitor and I have at least one USB device connected, the whole macbook just freezes for a second every couple of minutes. Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there a fix for...
  20. D

    M1 MacBook Pro - Slow WiFi issues?

    Hey all, I've seen mention of people having issue with slow WiFi, but haven't experienced it myself until now. The Mac itself doesn't appear sluggish, opening/closing apps and general navigating is rapid, but the internet will be super sluggish - really glitchy on video/audio calls on all...