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iup upgrade

  1. A

    Other Buying out iUP and keeping the 12pro (but staying in iUP with my 13 Pro

    So I am in the iPhone upgrade program with the 12pro and just got the 13pro as part of the program. I happen to have a friend in need of a new phone who would like to buy out my 12Pro. Can I do this? I want to stay in the iUP, simply pay the loan balance on the 12 so it becomes mine, and...
  2. D

    iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone upgrade program - 24th month of iPhone 11 Pro

    Wondering if anyone knows the process here. I have an iPhone 11 pro max I took out on the upgrade program, after the release of then 12 last year, I upgraded and decided it wasn’t for me so my new loan was cancelled and I have been continuing to pay off my 11 Pro Max loan. As next month is the...
  3. PieTunes

    Other In store pickup on iPhone Upgrade Program

    Good morning, General question that I tried searching the answer to but can't seem to find, hopefully someone with experience can chime in. I'm on the iUP with my 11 Pro and will be ordering the 12 Pro Max and am considering in store pickup. When you do that while on iUP, do you have to hand...
  4. Pipper99

    iPhone 11 Pro iUP early upgrade not showing correctly with Apple

    I bought my 11 Pro max last year under the iUP on 1/4/20. When I check my upgrade status in the Apple Store app or on Apple's website, I see the message "Just a little longer before you can upgrade. You're not eligible for an upgrade yet because you enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program less...
  5. D

    Other Returning iPhone with IUP: how long do you have to wait to get a new one?

    I'm on the iPhone Upgrade Program and got an XS Max on launch day. I found the phone to be too large for me and decided to return it and get an XS instead. I returned the XS Max to my local Apple Store, I got an email from Citizens One that confirmed my loan was cancelled and my credit card...
  6. W

    Other Sold my iPhone from the iPhone upgrade program, AppleCare cancelled, can the new owner purchase AC?

    I've sold my iPhone from the iPhone upgrade program, I've cancelled AppleCare, can the new owner purchase AppleCare again for the device before the 12 months is up? Edit - plan was to cancel AppleCare when they receive the device.
  7. J

    11/14 - 11/21 Apple IUP

    IUP Program Purchased at 12:15AM - AT&T SG 256GB Ship date of 11/17 - 11/24 Then bumped to 11/14 - 11/21 Finally CC Charged on 11/10 But currently still OIP as of 11/11 Still nothing on UPS Track by reference as of 11/11 Anyone have an idea when I will be moved to PFS or Shipped? I think at...
  8. harkan13

    IUP - Cracked screen mail in

    I'm on the IUP and am trading in my iPhone 7 via the mail in kit. Problem is the phone has a cracked screen. Do I need to have the screen repaired before I send it in or will they just charge me the $29 when they receive it? I've looked in the support documents and everything is vague on this...
  9. rcerro

    Existing IUP and iPhone X - Extra months to pay -

    Hi guys, I'm existing IUP customer who I enrolled last year with my iPhone 7 plus. I already pay the 12 months, my cycle started 8th November 2016, therefore I was able to pre-order the iPhone X last Friday without pay anything. I was ready from 08:01 (UK time) to do the pre-order but the apple...
  10. U

    UK IUP: Changed employers this month, will this affect my credit application?

    So, earlier this month I changed employers. I'm on the IUP and picking up my iPhone 8 Plus tomorrow. Is it my understanding that I need to go through a fresh credit check again? Does the credit check see your employer? Shall I give my brand new employer (and new salary info) or previous...
  11. H

    How does IUP work on order day?

    Does anyone know how it's going to work if you're on the IUP, have made your 12 payments and want to order the new iPhone when orders go live? Do you just do it like regular and have it shipped to the store? Then trade your current phone when you pick it up? How do they bill you? I don't get...
  12. CAWjr

    iUP Process for US Customers

    I opted into the Apple upgrade program last year for my wife and I (not the AT&T version of the program). We both have the iP7. While my wife will probably be happy with the iP7s, I will probably look at getting the iP7s+ or the iP8 (depending on prices). A few questions about the upgrade...
  13. geek1981

    Upgrade program : how pre-order works?

    I have a 7+ on the IUP program in the UK, anybody know how i am supposed to preorder and sign up for a new 20month contract on IP8? should i buy and take it back to store refund to sign up new contract? cheers!
  14. K

    Is it possible to change the payment date through Citizens One iPhone Loans?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the payment date through Citizens One iPhone Loans? My current payment date is on the 18th every month, and if the rumors are true about the new phones not being available until the 22nd, then i will have ended up paying a 13th payment for my phone...
  15. C

    Carrier Did anyone sign up for iUP *online* on AT&T as NOT the primary account holder?

    I've been going in circles with Citizens One for over a week now, because they can't verify my credit information "as provided." I may have found the culprit, but I need other people to confirm it. One Apple employee said the information that gets sent to Citizens One is the default information...
  16. C

    iPhone Upgrade Program Warning — Terrible Experience

    TL;DR — Don't make a typo, and don't expect them to help you figure out what the real problem is if you didn't make a typo. I was declined because they were "Unable to verify credit references as provided." When trying to find out specifically what that meant and what I could do about it, they...
  17. B

    Just got an IUP email update!

    Apple said they'll have my specified model available for pick up at my preferred store on Monday the 26th. I called their number about 6 hours after I saw the MacRumors post about people calling in and having the special team aid them. Not bad, all I wanted was to upgrade to the T-Mobile 256GB...
  18. MareLuce

    Does the iPhone Upgrade program require a credit pull *each year* ?

    Does the iPhone Upgrade program require a credit pull *each year* ? In another topic someone mentioned that if you are in the iPhone Upgrade program, your credit rating is pulled each year. Can anyone verify that 1) It's a "hard pull" i.e., the kind that hurts your credit rating? 2) The...