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keyboard shortcuts

  1. L

    Most useful Mac keyboard shortcut not working

    Hey Guys! I am driving mad and will much appreciate your help On US keyboards you hit cmd+? or cmd+shift+/ (i think) to go to help search on any application... what about SPANISH keyboards?? I used to use this a lot! And now, that I have a mac with a spanish keyboard it doesn't function the...
  2. berrymetal

    Keyboard shortcut for Share>Airdrop

    Hey guys, is there any way i can assign a keyboard shortcut for Share>airdrop in finder? I'd like to be able to select a file and hit a keyboard shortcut that immediately brings up the airdrop share sheet. Thanks guys!
  3. F

    Logitech K750 shortcuts don't work properly?

    Just bought this solar Mac keyboard: Logitech - Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 . I noticed that pressing Mission Control (F3) is in "toggle" mode instead of "hold" mode. In otherwords, I can't hold F3 -> move my mouse to a new window -> release F3 to switch to that window. It only responds to the...
  4. F

    Keyboard shortcut override - what has hijacked command?

    In the grand scheme, this is pretty minor, but super annoying... I have some unknown program linked to a keyboard shortcut (Cmd+Shft+8) that is interfering with my ability to use that same shortcut in Google Docs and Gmail (it is the bullet shortcut). I have tried using my google accounts on...
  5. bartvk

    Keyboard shortcut to dismiss notifications?

    It's been asked before, but I was wondering if there's a way to dismiss notifications with the keyboard? You're typing a document or browsing the web, and a notification appears (from the calendar or something), and I'd like it if there would be a keyboard shortcut to snooze or close a...
  6. K

    'End' key equivalent?

    Loving my new Mac but trying to get out of MS keyboard habits. Is there an equivalent to the 'End' key on an MS keyboard, on the Mac extended keyboard? (The one with a number pad) In it's place is a page down or a diagonal arrow key and as such my typing is taking more time than usual as I...
  7. MareLuce

    Page Up, Page Down

    Am transitioning to new MacBook Pro from Thinkpad. I need to page up and page down hundreds (thousands?) of times each day in email, documents, presentations, spreadsheets. Am used to page up or page down being a single keystroke without conscious thought: On the MacBook, I see I can page...
  8. mrnoisytiger

    iPad Pro CMD+Shift+H Broken on Smart Keyboard?

    Anyone else with the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard notice that the CMD+Shift+H shortcut to go to the home screen is not working on 9.3? Or, is it just me? All other keyboard shortcuts work fine. EDIT: Nevermind. I just found out that they changed the shortcut hot key from CMD+Shift+H over to CMD+H. I...