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  1. Stuey3D

    iPhone 12 Pro Max A PWM Sufferers experience of the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    Hi all I am someone who suffers from the effects of low frequency PWM, I discovered this from forum posts on here when I had my iPhone X which I traded in for the XR as soon as I could, it was confirmed when I got an Apple Watch Series 3 and spent ages on the first night messing around with the...

    iPad iPad 8th Gen Backlight Bleed - Keep or Return?

    Hi all! A few days ago I noticed that my 4 month old iPad 8th Gen suffered small backlight bleed in the top right hand corner. The iPad had been babied from unboxing and was immediately thrown into a case (figuratively) and had a screen protector slapped on and has not been dropped. Knowing...
  3. AphoticD

    Blueberry iBook G3 Clamshell LCD Backlight replacement

    I decided to tackle the repair of my beautiful Blueberry Clamshell iBook which just keeps getting darker and darker as the years go by... The backlight has been getting notably worse each time I boot it up. Over a year ago, I bought a backup "spares" Blueberry clamshell with the intention to...
  4. Z

    Apple lcd/oled Tv?

    Are we ever gonna see an Apple product like an lcd/pled tv? Once there were rumors regarding such a display... now?
  5. R

    Column of bright pixels on Macbook Pro 15" mid 2012 (non retina)

    I have a column of bright pixels on the display (1680x1050) of my Macbook Pro 15" mid 2012 (non retina). This is actually a wedge shape; 4 pixels wide at the top of the display, 1 pixel wide at the bottom. The original LCD started to die a few years ago (columns of dead pixels), so I replaced it...
  6. A

    MacBook Pro 16' LCD problem

    I know it is alittle hard to see, but I am extremely annoyed with this bright spot which is so small but only bright in that area when especially contrasted light colotred backgrounds. It disappears in darker bacjgrounds. I only used this laptop for 2 weeks and its the new MacBook Pro 16inch...
  7. S

    16" MBP - Ghosting/Text Smearing - Mfg Dt/Panel Rev Database Wiki

    Please contribute your information so we can keep a single database of what works and what doesnt. What is Ghosting? - this is when the LCD pixels change from black->white (or reverse) slowly causing fast moving objects to create "ghosts" on screen. See...
  8. M

    Does anyone know how much it would cost me to repair my 2017 MacBook Pro’s LCD?

    Hey guys! I have a 13-Inch 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. I got a crack in the screen that seems to have gotten worse in the past two days, it glitches my entire screen and I cant really scroll or click anything without my screen glitching everywhere, I can still use my laptop just fine it’s...
  9. Z

    replacing HD and LCD

    Are there any video tutorials on how to replace the HD with an SSD drive and replace the LCD of the MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo Models A1226 & A1260?
  10. P

    iMac Late 2013 27 in Graphics issue

    Hello all, I have had a iMac Late 2013 for the last 3 or 4 years and I am seeing a graphics issue. It is very similar to the picture attached to this post. From what I have been reading online, it appears to either be a graphics card issue or the LCD screen is failing. I am thinking to buy a...
  11. janeauburn

    iPhone XS Max Apple OLED vs LCD quality/clarity

    For those of you who have used both the OLED phones and the LCD phones, which display is better? Which is clearer? My own testing suggests that the answer is not unequivocally in favor of OLED. Interested to hear the experiences of others.
  12. B

    iPhone XS PWM Ranking Chart

    Great chart here! Here is the link: Preview:
  13. Stuey3D

    iPhone XR Am I the only one who prefers the XR screen over the X/XS?

    Hi all. So I’ve been into my local carrier store to have yet another look at the iPhone XR as I am planning to trade in my X for an XR in January when my contract allows. Now I’ve looked at the screens of the X and the XR closely and I’ve gotta say I actually prefer the Xr’s Screen over my...
  14. sbn

    Color banding issues on new 4K monitor from AOC - what to do?

    Hello I recently bought an AOC U2777PQU monitor and only used it a little for office work during the last 3 weeks. Today i started using it for some graphical work, and noticed a huge amount of color banding on all gradients. I tried with several display adaptors and inputs, with the same...
  15. N

    Backlight bleed?

    Hi guys, As seen in the picture shown. Anyone know how to solve this backlight bleed issue or it can only be solve by changing the whole display? Btw, this is my MBP that I have been using for years. Thanks!

    LCD panel compatibility

    Hi! I own a 21.5" mid 2011 iMac, Intel i5 2.5Ghz and all those things. Unfortunately, LCD LM215WF3 (SD) (C2) died surprisingly. I suspect about LCD, just because it "switched off" with no warning. Also, all four diagnostic leds on board are on, but have no image. Inverter board was already...
  17. 0

    iMac runs either underclocked + crazy fan or impossibly laggy and no fan

    Hello, The screen on my iMac 2013 broke, so I decided to remove it and use an external display. After removing the screen, the fans ran crazy high and it was under-clocked, which makes sense (I now know) because there's a temp sensor in the display. My issue is when I plug the broken display...
  18. Fun.gus

    Who decides your fate?

    Hi All, So my recent dealings with Apple regarding my MBP 2017 13" keyboard and LCD issue have been relatively painless thus far but it has got me somewhat confused. Who makes the decision on whether your repair falls under warranty or if its deemed accidental damage? Particularly when...
  19. Fun.gus

    Desperate for advice. Antman destroyed my MBP 2017 13" LCD

    Hi All, So to cut a long (and horrifying) story short. My MPB A1708 miraculously developed a pin point crack in the lower left screen and damaged the LCD. How this happened, I am unsure as I keep my MBP in a hardshell and in another neoprene case. Perhaps it was a grain of sand or Antman but...
  20. Project Alice

    has anyone upgraded the screen?

    I know what you're thinking, buy a new Mac blah blah. If you're going to say that please save me the time of reading it. I have more than one laptop. I just like this one in particular. I have a 2009 black MacBook, Yes black. I swapped the motherboard in it with a newer 09 white one. I am more...