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lg 5k

  1. dukee101

    LG UltraFine 5K: Switching brightness control key combo

    I have an LG UltraFine 5K display connected to a 16" MBP, using a Logitech MX Keys keyboard. To adjust my MBP's display, I simply use the Logitech brightness keys, and to adjust my LG 5K's display, I do the same but hold down the Control key. Is there a way to reverse this? I'd like the Control...
  2. C

    LG 5K UltraFine, 27MD5KL-B — uniformity/uneven brightness?

    Hello, recently bought LG 5K UltraFine, 27MD5KL-B. Under certain conditions and viewing angle, it appears there is slight difference in the brightness; from what I can tell, the issue is visible on white background, where part of the right side of the screen seems as it transitions to slightly...
  3. D

    Mac Mini 2018 + Blackmagic eGPU + LG 5k = boot problem

    Hi, so far I was running a Mac Mini 2018 (i7, 32GB, Mojave 10.14.6) with an LG 5k monitor without any issues. Since the UI performance was a bit choppy, I added a Blackmagic eGPU (580x) today. The Mini is connected via Thunderbolt to the eGPU and the eGPU is connected via Thunderbolt to the LG...
  4. C

    Should I buy a used 2014 5K iMac or an LG Ultrafine 5k display?

    I have a maxed out 2017 MacBook Pro 15 and need a new external display. But those LG's are SO EXPENSIVE. I can buy a maxed out late 2014 5K iMac for just a few hundred dollars more. I would just use the iMac when I'm at home and the MacBook when I'm at the office or out since I know you can't...
  5. B

    LG 5K Display Questions Re: Usage and Type of MacBook Pro that is Connected to it

    Hi All, Long time follower and have not posted anything recently but feel that this particular topic needs some clarity since I have not found it after viewing many posts related to the LG 5K, so here I go. I have read many posts and user reviews related to the LG 5K and either have found that...
  6. attila

    Audio-out port from LG 5K Ultra Fine?

    Currently, I only have two cables attached to my MacBook Pro, USB-C -> LG display, and a 3.5mm audio cable to external speakers. It'd be grand if I only needed to connect the display to the MBP, and the speakers to the display, making it the perfect hub. Has anyone tried a USB-C to 3.5mm...
  7. F

    Better performance with LG 5K and Blackmagic egpu?

    Hey guys, I’m using the Ultrafine 5K display with a maxed out 15" MacBook Pro 2016 and I have never been happy with the performance in clamshell mode. Once connected, the fans start spinning like crazy and performance is reduced a lot especially when running Lightroom. It is impossible to edit...
  8. kinster

    LG 5K Warranty, who do I contact? LG or Apple?

    Who do I contact for repair? I called Apple and they said I need to contact LG? Are they correct? I thought as it's first year it should be Apple?
  9. H

    Image retention. LG 5k owners, help needed!

    Hello, I noticed when using applications like Pages or Safari and afterwards changing to dashboard, the display shows clearly image retention. I did the image retention test and after only 5 minutes there is a ghosting/retention effect. The image retention disappears in some minutes. In normal...
  10. digitalm3

    LG 5K Displays VESA WALL mount

    I have ordered two LG 5K displays and would like to prepare my workstation ahead of their arrival but the VESA mount details are sparse. These will be replacing 2 Thunderbolt displays mounted on the Bretford Mobile Pro arms that are attached directly to the wall. Unfortunately no matter how...
  11. Corrode

    LG Announces new 32" 4k Displays

    Coming at CES in 2017, two new monitors, one of which is making me think twice about the 5k 27" Ultrafine. LG’s 32-inch UHD 4K monitor (model 32UD99) 3840 x 2160 pixels supports the HDR10 standard wide color gamut image IPS panel and displays over 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space USB...
  12. P

    LG Ultrafine 5k color range?

    I have searched all over the web but no one mentions what the monitors color range is. Apple says P3 but how much is it compared to Adobe Rgb? I'm buying a new monitor and the only important things for me are 4-5k resolution and really good color range. I have also been looking at the Dell 5k...
  13. JeffAC

    LG 5K display w/eGPU? TB3 output?

    I have a new 2.9 Ghz 15" MBP on order, to be delivered some time between the 17th and 25th. Taking advantage of the recent discount, I also plan to order one - possibly two - of the 27" LG 5K displays before the end of the year. Ugly bezel aside, I look forward to the screen real estate. While...