1. SiriusNY

    MacBook Pro artefacts while loading

    Hello! After updating to MacOS Mojave, I noticed that MacBook has artefacts while loading. MacBook starts to load then an artefact appears for a second, then loading is going on. By the way, loading becomes a slower than before. Artefacts are ONLY while loading. No any other graphical issues...
  2. LAHegarty

    Loading, Restarts, Repeats (iMac 27 2011 i5)

    Hi, looking for things to try Turns on loading bar displays and loads all the way then the screen grays out before loading OS login screen, stays on for about 30 seconds then restarts and repeats. To no avail, I've tried the following: - PRAM reset - SMC reset - Tried different RAM -...
  3. M

    How to Fix: Clicking "Allow" for blocked software does nothing

    Hey guys! I wanted to make a thread to hopefully be a reference for people in the future experiencing this issue. So I am in the process of transferring my data to a new Mac and by default it blocks the helper extensions for things like VMware, Parallels, or really any app that installs...
  4. GullMoli

    iPhone 7 rebooting, apps crashing, black loading screen

    Hi all. I've been having mayor issues with my iPhone 7 these past 2-3 days. Started with it dying over night when it shouldn't have (I went to sleep when it was at 30%). In the morning I plug it in and charge it up to about 30-50%. Then Snapchat starts crashing, maybe works for 2-3 seconds...
  5. Avenged110

    Map tiles no longer loading

    Just wondering if anyone else's iOS 6.x installs are no longer loading map tiles/vector data for Maps.app. This has only been within the last month or so that I've noticed. Using the "standard" view results in an empty grid and using "hybrid" only displays satellite data with no overlays...
  6. R

    Safari: Workaround for 'Scroll down to load more content' behavior?

    I feel like suddenly every website has implemented this feature. I'm on a Mac Pro 5,1 with Yosemite on an SSD and the internet connection download measured around 30-40Mbps on average. But ever since that feature started spreading like cancer, it's just basically made the whole internet...
  7. w00t951

    Google/YouTube link delay in Safari?

    Hey everyone, I noticed that about 25% of the time, links I click in a Google Search listing or YouTube links of any kind won't "click" the first time. The loading bar doesn't appear, and repeatedly clicking it doesn't change anything. The only solution is to click it once, then sit back and...
  8. Z

    Open application requires double click

    Ever since I installed Sierra, I see that when I'm on a Desktop, I'm having to click twice on a dock icon to switch to an (open) application. Clicking once just changes the menu bar name to that application. I've tried "System Preferences --> Mission Control --> "When switching to an...
  9. B

    Macbook Pro wont load past the apple sign

    Gday got a macbook pro 13" 2009 model, when turning it on it loads as normal, except the load bar is really slow and when it gets to the end it flashes up with a file with a question mark. The hard drive in there is fine, i have tried other hard drives also, and when i put the hard drive in a...
  10. T

    Stuck starting up

    Hey, everytime i try to start my 2011 macbook it gets stuck at this screen(see pic). Sometimes it just turns off afr a while stuck here. I have no clue, although the last time i used it i DID install a flash update. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Anyway, im forty pages into a...
  11. C

    Mac Mail issues with two Exchange accounts

    I'm an IT guy that is much more familiar with Windows than OS X so hoping to get some advice from you guys. I have a user using Mac Mail for email and it works just fine. However he needs to add a second Exchange account and it messes things up. The account adds just fine, then when you go to...
  12. Kjmlynar

    MacBook Pro will not boot following crash while watching video.

    Hi everyone! I am at the point with my MacBook where it will not boot, no matter what I try. Early 2011 MacBook Pro. Background: One year ago, I spilled liquid in the keyboard. It acted weird at first, and then went back to normal, although the left shift no longer works. I have always had...
  13. N

    MacBook Pro beach ball loading icon

    So my problem started two days ago, I had erased my HD and reinstalled the OS X as I was having previous issues with the computer. After doing this I started up, set it all up, and started using it. Was working perfectly fine until about 3 hours later. Everything on the computer then started to...
  14. cabbageman

    App Store weird behavior

    For about 2-3 weeks I have had a rather bizarre issue with the App Store, which seems to be working even more slowly than usual. When the App Store is launched, it would only load and display certain elements, while others will appear only as placeholders (sometimes the titles of the apps will...
  15. adamisapple

    MacBook Pro 17" 2006 Weird Boot Issue PLEASE HELP!!!

    I just got a beautiful MacBook Pro 17" (2006) and It does this weird thing when I turn it on. It shows an Apple Logo, then a Progress Bar (But it only fills to 5% then disappears) and then the Spinning Icon below the Apple shows up and nothing happens. Any suggestions? Thanks, Adam
  16. H

    Forums are very slow

    Hi, The forums appear to load very slow on both PC and iOS. Other websites load fine so it's not my network connection. Can this be examined?