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  1. T

    Grey login screen

    Hi guys! I got an old MacBook Air late 2011 and I installed High Sierra 10.13.6 on it, works fine though but every time I power on or restart the machine I get a Grey login screen like in the photos i stead of a normal login screen, what can it be? The machine works fine overall but it kinda...
  2. D

    Mac Mini 2018 + Blackmagic eGPU + LG 5k = boot problem

    Hi, so far I was running a Mac Mini 2018 (i7, 32GB, Mojave 10.14.6) with an LG 5k monitor without any issues. Since the UI performance was a bit choppy, I added a Blackmagic eGPU (580x) today. The Mini is connected via Thunderbolt to the eGPU and the eGPU is connected via Thunderbolt to the LG...
  3. ericsvizeny

    OS X Login screen mirrored

    My iMac pro is booting in mirrored mode when I don't even have that selected. If I do command + F1 it shows the extended desktop mode which is how it should be but this is only a temporary fix. I'm using a thunderbolt 3 to HDMI adapter for my 1080p television. I have reset PRAM and SMC to no...
  4. palazzo

    User not listed on login screen

    At some point when using El Capitan, I moved one of the home folders out of the startup disk and onto a second internal hard drive, due to space constraints. This caused that user to no longer show up on the list on the login screen, though it could still log in by selecting "other…" and typing...
  5. nekaj

    Mac Mini WiFi connection after reboot (without login)

    Hi, I'm setting up my new Mac Mini (2018) as a home file/video/etc server. Old one (2011 server) reconnected to Wifi after remote reboot withawithoutout any problem. New mini unfortunately connects to WiFi only after login which makes it unusable for remote work (I need to reboot now and then...
  6. TheLarkShark

    macOS Mojave Sends Me Back to Login Screen

    After logging into my Mac, give about 30 seconds and I am sent back to the lock screen. This happens repeatedly. I’ve tried starting up in Safe Mode, resetting PRAM, and reinstalled the whole thing.
  7. T

    Problem on Lock screen and Touch ID

    Hello, Thanks for reading first, I am new to this forum. I got a problem about using the Touch ID to unlock my MacBook Pro 15. When every time I lock my screen by click the Apple Icon -> Lock Screen (or cmd + ctrl + Q), Mac locks me out and shows me a password window (first screenshot), and I...
  8. F

    Re-installed 10.13.2-Login screen now blank (avatar/uid/pwd)-Unable to login, Please help!

    Hi all, I decided to reinstall 10.13.2 today because a third party application I use for work (scientific software) wasn't opening (I know, brute force method, sorry). After reinstalling the OS I arrive at the login screen but it's entirely unpopulated and when I enter my UID and PWD from this...
  9. B

    Resolved Create login screen message on a machine running FileVault?

    I know that it is possible to create a lock screen message on a machine that is running FileVault, but is it possible to create a login screen message? It seems that this might be tricky since the boot process does not really even begin until a password is entered. Any thoughts?
  10. D

    Help remove Extra login screen at startup ? ? ?

    Hi All, My school installs an extra start up screen in the macbook and macbook air when you start the machine. the company logo comes up and you have to hit the enter key, then it goes into the regular start up user screen. Where you THEN pick a user and login name. HOW can I remove this first...
  11. acelouie

    Darwin/BSD console shows up when logging in

    Hi everyone! My Macbook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013) shows up a console-like screen when starting up and logging in. I can't remember when it started (I think when I tried updating to Sierra but paused it). Here is the screenshot when I login at startup: It doesn't really affect...
  12. C

    Hard Drive acting weird + login issue

    Hi, I have different questions that are probably linked to the same problem. Last night when turning on my laptop, i had an unusual login request where it asked my login and password, and couldn't recognize my usual password. I have then searched the forum to look for similar problems and...
  13. csadangi

    Wallpaper on lock/login screen

    Hi, I want to set up my desktop wallpaper as my lock/login screen wallpaper. I have selected a wallpaper from the Mac gallery and have also checked the Caches folder where I have the same image but in blurred format and named as "com.apple.desktop.admin.png". However, my lock/login screen...
  14. lolo133t

    Resolved Only One Option For Login

    Hello. I have two accounts on my mac. Both are administrators. But for some reason, only one (the least used one) is an option for login when the mac is first started up. Once I log into the one account then log off, they're both present. But why is only one of the accounts a login option when...
  15. J

    Apple Sign in Screen keeps popping up when opening Music App …Help!!

    Hello Forum: I have an iPhone 6s Plus, purchased in December 2015, carrier is AT&T. I previously had an iPhone 5, so my current issue has NEVER occurred with either device until 2 days ago. I do not use the Cloud for any purposes. I solely utilize my Apple iTunes account/functions on my PC...
  16. G

    Unusual thing happened

    Hi all, Will try and explain my query as clearly as possible: Few weeks back, I insisted that my Gf backed up her phone and updated it - she's too relaxed about this kind of thing! Problem is, she doesn't have a working computer anymore. So, I used my old MacBook which I no longer use but has...
  17. RichardF

    Unresponsive Login Screen after wake from sleep

    This is on a rMBP 13" running 10.11. I never had that issue prior to El Capitan and I don't know how to interpret what I see in the system logs to understand what's going on. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? When waking my rMBP from sleep, I am on the login screen with one filed to...