mac os x tiger

  1. AphoticD

    Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger on a Modern Intel Mac (Virtualization)

    There are many ways to emulate a PowerPC Tiger system on modern Intel systems, but virtualization options for (Intel) Tiger are few and far between. VMware Fusion *can* run the Intel version of Tiger Server if you can tame it (10.5 Server was the first officially supported virtualized Mac OS X)...
  2. AphoticD

    PowerBook G3 Wallstreet "PDQ" Appreciation

    Macintosh PowerBook G3 Wallstreet "PDQ" What an absolute beauty of a Mac! I had a pleasant surprise in the mail on my Friday afternoon to find delivery of this near perfect example of a September 1998 Macintosh PowerBook G3 Wallstreet Series II or "PDQ". 233Mhz PowerPC 750 "G3" with 512K L2...
  3. redheeler

    Any Modern Alternatives to TenFourFox on 10.4.11?

    TenFourFox is a great piece of software, but I get annoyed when I see the CPU usage jump to 100% literally doing something as simple as moving the cursor over a webpage, and page loads are quite sluggish as well, again with 100% CPU usage. This is on a Power Mac G4 Cube upgraded to 1.8 GHz using...
  4. jbarley

    TenFourBox+10.4 Tiger

    Anyone using TenFourBox on a Tiger system, and if so have you found a usable solution to block Advertising? GlimmerBlocker does a good job on Leopard but has no 10.4 Tiger version, at least none I can locate.
  5. jdasikainen

    classic on tiger

    i want to set up classic on tiger how do i go about this
  6. jdasikainen

    Mac pro 1,1 original recovery dvd OS X Tiger

    i was just wondering if anyone here might know were i could download the original os x tiger recovery disc for my 1,1 mac pro id like to put the original 7300 back in to make a youtube video on tiger for intel
  7. roadbloc

    Torrent client for 10.4 PPC

    Got a few torrents to use. Figured I could have my G4 sat doing it for the week if I could. Must be able to use magnet links. Any decent ones out there?