macbok pro

  1. Red Fuji

    Hacked Mac ?

    did my Mid 2014 Retina Macbook A1398 get hacked ?? (missed it by two years; its a 2014 vice 2012) i am on a continuous error loop of some sort. 1. I turn on the Mac. 2. I get a full screen with nothing but this attached message (several languages): " YOUR COMPUTER RESTARTED BECAUSE OF A...
  2. O

    Should I get a 13¨ MacBook Pro mid-2012 non-retina or 13¨ MacBook Air early-2014?

    I need a Macbook for light CAD and some coding. Both of these can be found around $300-$400 locally. MacBook Pro mid-2012 13¨ core i5 @ 2.5 GHz non-retina with upgraded 8GB RAM and 128 SSD MacBook Air early-2014 13¨ core i5 @ 1.4 GHz with 8GB ram and 128 SSD Which would be better as far as...
  3. S

    Macbook Pro No SSD- diagnostic QUESTION

    I have a 2013 Macbook Pro 15 inch i bought from ebay. it has no ssd. i bought a new ssd and it will arrive shortly, but when i turn on the machine, the fans kick on, the processor gets warm, but the screen stays black. In my previous experience, the screen turns white with a grey folder flashing...
  4. Elphabe

    MacBook Pro keeps losing charge- HELP!

    Hi. Recently, my 2017 MacBookPro (Mac OS mojave v. 10.14.3) has started losing all battery charge overnight and after a few hours. I've checked all the recommended items (battery cycle (221 or something) is normal, no significant power energy drains- well, now Google Chrome-, I've lowered...
  5. A

    Need a new addition for photography

    Hi all! I’m looking for a new computer for photo editing. I’ll also use it for every day basics, but that’s my main focus. I used to own an 27” iMac I purchased in 2016 and a MBP from quite awhile ago. When I moved to Europe from America last summer I chose not to bring the iMac for fear of...
  6. U

    Recovery data from dead macbook

    Hey guys, I just got the miserable news that my Macbook Pro mid 2012 has a major problem with its motherboard. How can I take back the data that was in its SSD and HDD? Please tell me it is possible. Thanks!
  7. N

    Keyboard Issue

    I've recently bought a Macbook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports). Out of nowhere, the letter "B" on my keyboard stopped working. Sometimes, if I have the keyboard viewer on, it'd work after pressing it for more than one time. Sometimes, it doesn't. I'm still not 100% if the issue is...
  8. U

    Macbook Pro cooling pad

    Helle everybody, I'm having a bit of a problem wit my macbook pro mid 2012 because is running in between 60-68 degrees celsius and I'm kinda worried about it. So, I'm considering buying a cooling pad called "Power Cooler Gamer from Multilaser" to try to decrease the temperature a little bit...
  9. Mythos99

    2018 MBP fragile?

    I got the new MBP 15 2018 in SpaceGray, and is it just me, or does the body seem to be really fragile? No matter what i do, i always get some scratches on it. This has not been the case with the MBP 2015, has it? I work for many small companies, doing the IT, so i have to go from office to...
  10. stevechen59

    Touchbar flashing square on the right

    [SOLVED] Hi there! Recently I've been noticed that there's a flashing square will appear on the right side of the touchbar. But once I moved the mouse or touch the touchbar, keyboard, the square will gone and everything back to normal. It doesn't affect the function of the touchbar, but it just...
  11. I

    Help! MBP screen flickering

    Hi! Just got a MacBook pro mid 2012 (A1278) and the screen is not working properlly. As you may see in the picture, there is a small spot where I can see the screen, but otherwise it is flickering in some parts, others stay white or gray. Is there a quick fix to this? What could have coused it...
  12. zlloyd1

    Can I push through error -36 somehow??

    Hello all, I am hoping for some instructions here…. I am trying to transfer files between my Mac laptop (High Sierra 10.13.6), and an external drive, and I keep getting this error at some point, ‘The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data can’t be read or written. (Error code...
  13. R

    Macbook Pro 2018 and External Monitors

    I have a question to the Macbook Pro's experts, is it possible to run an external monitor using just the integrated graphics on the new Macbook Pros? If so what is the maximum resolution achievable? and how would the connection to the monitor would be achieved (thundebolt, HDMI). I ask this...
  14. Mountaineer304

    Best deal on a 13 inch Macbook Pro with touch bar

    Anyone out there have any leads refurbished doesn't matter
  15. Adam1988

    Why does my MacBook Pro won’t turn on?

    Hello everyone!!!, Can someone help me verify the issue? I got a MacBook pro from 2015 or 14 amd it was working completely fine but then it stopped working suddenly. All i know is that I troubleshooted everything 10 seconds leaving the power button pressed but the sleepying light turned on...
  16. rifanalam

    Macbook pro 15"(2018 model) overheating

    Hi, I have bought new 2018's macbook pro 15". I am facing overheat problem. I am using extra monitor for my work. I have captured my GPU history which is using AMD Radeon Pro 560 Always. I think that's why my macbook getting overheated. How can I fix it? And in About This Mac shows Radeon Pro...
  17. S

    Pricing a '17 MBP w/Small Display Crack?

    Unfortunately my 2017 MBP 15" has a small crack in the bottom of the display in the bezel area, not in the active pixel zone of the monitor. I'm going to sell it instead of replacing the screen assembly. I'm wondering about two things: first, how to price it, and second, whether it's best to...
  18. S

    Best MacBook Pro for a computer science students

    Soon I'm going to study computer science at uni, so I need a MacBook Pro but I want to know which of these models would be the best for me. They are both the same prize €1999 and both 13". 1. Macbook Pro 2017 without Touch Bar 2.5GHz dual-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, Turbo...
  19. BohdanPo

    Macbook pro 2018 13 inch vs 2016 15 inch

    Guys which of macbook have better performance 2018 '13 or 2016 '15 ? (two variant - min. spec and max. spec for both)
  20. O

    Mojave login crash even in safe mode!

    Ok I downloaded mojave beta in order to try some new stuff and just to help the Apple community with trying out and give support. But could not even try it because I couldn’t even log in to begin with, I read that you should restart in safe mode and disable all the startup programs but even in...