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macbook 12

  1. C

    Extending AppleCare+ coverage

    Hello all, the AppleCare+ coverage on my 2017 12” MacBook expires next year, but I’ve been reading that it is possible to extend it on a monthly basis beyond the 3 year term. Is this option available for the 12” MacBook? Has anyone had any experience with this extension? Extend AppleCare coverage
  2. Tyler O'Bannon

    Next Macs placeholders are right in front of us 2022-2023

    So, I believe the next Macs placeholders are already in the lineup right in front of our faces. #1 - the M1 MacBook Air at $999 is the placeholder for an M2 12-inch (12.2-12.4”) MacBook Air. Once stock is depleted of that enclosure (it’s the most popular Mac, so I’m sure the current production...
  3. D

    Do you think there will be an m1 macbook?

    All I wanted for christmas was a 12inch m1 or m2 macbook but it obviously hasn’t happened. Does anybody know if the form factor is dead and if so, what the reasoning is? Cheers
  4. B

    iPad Pro is it worth it for me to get an iPad Pro?

    I'm considering getting a new iPad Pro, but am debating whether I need it. for context, I have a 12 " MacBook (2017) that I use as my main device. I also have a surface pro 5. I would primarily be using this new iPad it for studying and note taking. I'm wondering whether the iPad would really...
  5. SamRyouji

    MacBook 12 appreciation thread

    Dunno if there's a similar thread already, but I personally want to give a damn appreciation to this marvel of engineering. Yes, lots of people said this is "Just a Facebook machine", "Underpowered as f**k", yadda yadda. I digress. My own MacBook has been said otherwise. It's a beautiful rose...
  6. Violet_Antelope

    MacBook suddenly won't allow me to type in password

    Hi, I'm really hoping someone here can advise me. My main computer is my 12" MacBook (I believe 2015) which has been nearing the end of its life for some time now, but I've managed to keep it limping along. But suddenly tonight when I try to log in, nothing happens when I type, even though...
  7. M

    Macbook 12" (2017) 4K@60Hz

    Hi As we know the "USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter" does not! allow the Macbook 12" 2017 to output 4K@60Hz because HDMI is limited to version 1.4, so only 4K@30Hz. Goal: Power the Macbook and!! output 4k@60Hz Can an adapter with Displayport + UBS-C (power delivery) allow the Macbook 12"...
  8. S

    MacBook Air (mid-2012) to 12" MacBook (2017) = upgrade?

    I have a mid-2012 1.8ghz i5 MacBook Air with 128gb storage. I use it lightly for web browsing and emails. The £800 m3 MacBook deal in the UK has me tempted for the screen upgrade alone (plus battery and 256gb storage). However, will I see any overall speed/performance upgrade? Has anyone else...
  9. mrfabio

    Macbook Air 13 i7 in 2019?

    Hi, I need/want an i7 cpu but don't need a quad core or a Macbook PRO (I hate the Touch Bar and the model without is not updated). Why the Macbook 12, which is retina and i7, is not updated yet? I want but I can't buy an Apple laptop now basing my personal preferences. Any rumours about a...
  10. J

    4K Monitors with built-in USB-C ports

    Investigating the options for connecting a 4K monitor to my MacBook, when at my home office. Ideal use case: 4K60, i.e. 60 frames per second or 60GHz Selection of USB-C type A and C ports, for supplemental connectivity Retained USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps) throughput on additional ports Within other...
  11. Shiro_Simba

    UK : John Lewis have 1/3 of MacBook 12 2017 models

    Hey guys, Looks like John Lewis have mispriced the base model and i5 model to be a 1/3 less . So in case anyone needs a last minute Xmas gift, stock still there. I picked one up, can’t complain about £500 off :)...
  12. P

    Macbook 2017 i5 vs i7 Battery Life On Normal Tasks

    I have ordered i7 16gb 512 Macbook, i7 specifically in hopes that it will be snappier than the i5 as time goes by. However I have a lingering feeling that the battery life on the i7 model will be worse than the i5. What are your opinions and experiences on the same class of CPU i5/i7 and its...
  13. ondert

    12" Macbook Marks on Bottom Case?

    Hello random people of internet and Mac fans, I took my girlfriend's 12" Macbook 2016 to use on the go after we bought sth. better for her. However, there have occurred some marks at the bottom of the Mac probably because of the transparent plastic cover used for months, and I don't know how to...
  14. JakubEspandr

    Macbook retina 12 2015 performance

    Hi. I have Macbook Pro 15 mid 2012 (i7,16GB RAM, gt650m 512MB, 512GB SSD+2TB HDD). I use macbook for videoediting (4K footage from Panasonic Lumix GH4 and DJI Phantom 4). Every day I bring macbook to school. I want to buy more lighter macbook with Retina display. I saw some videos on YouTube and...
  15. fcs132

    VMWare or Parallels on 12 MacBook?

    Hello mates, I’m stuck between choosing VMWare Fusion or Parallels for my 12 MacBook. I will be using windows 10 for some light software development. I have a student discount for Parallels ($39.95) but I ran a VMware fusion trail last month and it was pretty cool (much better than my...
  16. M

    Buying a new 12" MacBook today.. some questions

    I was really hoping Apple was going to update the 12" MacBook alongside the 13" MacBook Air. It's been 17 months since it was last updated.. 17 months with the same pricing.. it seems so wrong to buy it new today but it's the only option I'm left with besides finding one 2nd hand. Having silent...
  17. D

    Macbook 12in 2015

    Hi, so i got an lenovo y520 a gaming laptop with i7 and ddr4 and i got an opportunity to change to a macbook, i just got this pc 3 months i came from a macbook pro retina from 2013, i bught this laptop for school and some gaming but at the end of the day its just for my programing programs and...
  18. BradleyIanField

    Macbook Delivery Time

    I am desperate for my new Macbook to arrive. I didnt order it and dont have access to the tracking details. I selected a 12 inch MacBook as portability was the most important for this device BUT I have upgraded the processor to an I7 and the Ram to 16GB. Because of this Apple estimate 2 - 3...
  19. Fun.gus

    AASP refuses to honour keyboard recall because of dent on corner of MacBook

    Hi All, May someone help me clarify how to move forward with a repair on my MacBook 12" 2015. I sent it in to have the keyboard serviced because keys are repeating and some have completely seized but the service provider is now saying I am to pay for the service because of a dent to the corner...
  20. Fun.gus

    Should Apple be held accountable for 'wear and tear' on battery following USB-C cable recall?

    Hi All, So my question is as follows. Should Apple be held accountable for unnecessary 'wear and tear' on a battery following USB-C cable recalls on units shipped in 2015? This thought comes from my recent interactions with Apple following the repair of a rMB keyboard without an extended...