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macbook air m2

  1. M

    Concerns about MacBook Air M2 build quality

    Concerns about MacBook Air M2 build quality. Hi. I’ve purchased MBA M2 four months ago. I’ve had two LCD replacements at the AASP and they also reassembled my MacBook’s LCD last time because of the rubbing noise from hinges after my last repair. MacBook has become even worse after these repairs...
  2. O

    Eyeball agony with new Air M2, even with external monitor

    Longtime Mac user, never had any problems til the iPhone 13 came out. The screen looked so sharp, and yet it was like I couldn't get my eyeballs to "land" on it. Always felt like I was looking a little through it, and it gave me near-immediate eye-burning forehead headaches. I went with the SE...
  3. M

    Warranty replacement

    Hi. Does Apple replace MacBooks after 3 faulty repair? I’ve bought MacBook Air M2 and it had hinges noise. I went to Ukrainian AASP and waited 2 MONTHS for LCD replacement, but now I have backlight bleeding in the left bottom corner 🫤 AASP said that I can send my laptop for repair one more...
  4. P

    Triple monitor setup - Displaylink?

    Hi all. My current set up is a 2018 Intel Mac mini connected to: - 1x Apple 27" Thunderbolt display - 2x BenQ 1080p HDMI monitors I'd like to swap out the Mac mini for an M2 Air but need a dock/hub that will allow me to maintain the 3 monitor setup while laptop is in clamshell mode. I...
  5. N

    Messaging apps lose connection on new MacBook Air when unlocking when connected to external display

    Hi, I recently got a new personal laptop (MacBook Air M2 2022) running Ventura. Since getting it, various desktop messaging apps, such as (Facebook) Messenger, WhatsApp and Signal seem to lose their internet connection and fail to sync. This happens when waking the laptop when it's connected to...
  6. A

    Macbook Air M2 bottom plate is not fit

    Hi , i bought Macbook Air M2 on 20th Nov and now I am feeling the bottom plate's left part is little bit high from the frame , i am facing while taking my mac up and it really feels , what should i do now , is it very common or only with my unit. I bought it from Reliance Digital.
  7. P

    USB 2/3 hub for MBA without other ports?

    So, I'm feeling confused. I going to need to be able to connect about 7 old style usb 2/3 devices to a new MBA M2. The type of devices will be wired keyboard/mice, printers, flash drives and bus powered HDD's. Can I just buy any random USB2/3 hub and use a USB to USB-c adapter to connect the...
  8. Britaniola

    Has anyone found a working USB-C to Ethernet adapter for the MacBook Air M2?

    I really want a multi-port adapter with ethernet but, at this point, I'll take a working ethernet adapter for my new MBA M2 base model. Just want to be able to connect to my company ethernet (No Wi-Fi for security reasons). So far I've tried, Anker 5-Port USB-C Multimedia Hub (A8338HA1-5)...
  9. M

    MacBook Air M2 hinge noise

    Hi. I’ve been using my MBA M2 over 3 weeks and today it started make some sort of noise. I think it’s coming from the left hinge or bazel. The noise appears when I close or adjust my MacBook lid. Is it sounds normal?
  10. G

    Time Machine can crash M2 MacBook Air

    I'm posting this as a new thread, but it may be related to several other threads here about weird crashes with M1 or M2 Macs. A few days ago my wife's M2 MacBook Air started crashing every hour or so. The mag-safe light would flicker and then the machine would reboot with no error message or...
  11. F

    Unique Wifi Issue if a PC is on near apple products

    Hello, I have a unique issue! My apple device's wifi speeds drop to almost zero if a PC in the home is turned on. This PC is not connected to the internet, I disabled the wifi through windows, disconnected the Ethernet cable, and unplugged the wifi antenna. However if this PC is turned on at all...
  12. M

    White dots/spots on MacBook Air M2 Midnight

    Hi there. I’ve noticed this white dot/spot on my MBA M2 Midnight. I thought it was dust but then I tried to clean it and nothing has changed. My laptop has been lying on my table since I bought it, so I couldn’t damage/scratch the lid. I’ve seen some publications about this problem from other...
  13. D

    M2 MacBook Air and LG UltraFine 4k 24" Daisy-Chain

    My current setup is an Intel hackintosh but I am considering moving to an M2 MacBook Air. I use two LG UltraFine 4k 24" displays currently, I daisy-chain them using Thunderbolt 3 cables, example: [Computer -> Thunderbolt 3 Cable -> LG Ultrafine 4K -> Thunderbolt 3 Cable -> LG Ultrafine 4K] My...
  14. L

    anyone using macbook air m2 with a 4k144hz monitor ? could you share your temperatures on average load ?

    my mbp 16 m1 pro was spinning when docked to a 4k144hz monitor , and my mba m1 usually averages 55-60 degrees celcius with the same use . since the m2 runs hotter , i'd be interested to know what the average temps are with such a config thanks
  15. M

    MacBook Air M2 backlight bleeding

    Hi. I’ve just got a new MacBook Air M2 with backlight bleed. It’s my second MacBook (I had MBP M1) and it’s also defective. I’m disappointed. Should I get a new MBA or all of them have this issue?
  16. JoeDoea

    Black rectangle appearing in right corner MacBook Air M2

    When I am dragging the mouse to the right down corner a black box appears on my Mac. I have never come acrossed something similar before. Anyone knows what it is and how I can disable it?
  17. S

    I think I've found the best way to remove the notch on MacBooks

    I was inspired by this post on StackExchange. Adjust screen resolution to 16:10, and everything should go below the notch. I don't have a MacBook with a notch, so I went to an Apple Store to give this idea a try. The first two things that came to my mind are SwitchResX (as in that post) and...
  18. R

    How often are you all using the new M2 air?

    so how often are you using it? daily? every other day? 1-2 days/week or even less? coming from 2013 MacBook Pro I was surprised at the level of upgrade. the machine is fast, responsive and better in every aspect. I was using it daily for hours initially as my research paper was in finishing...
  19. C

    M1 vs M2 Thunderbolt Ports

    Recently purchased the M2 MacBook Air and I’m looking for an HDMI adapter. When I look up compatibility on the Apple Store app, the only option is the USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. Are there any fundamental differences between the previous thunderbolt ports and the one on the M2? Any...
  20. WilliApple

    Could Apple get sued for SSDgate?

    You may already know that Apple uses 1 single NAN chip in their M2 MacBooks. However, this comes at a huge cost in performance. The 256 GB SSD model on the M2 performs WORSE than the M1 models. That is what SSDgate is. Apple also makes the claim that the M2 MacBooks are faster, but they give...