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macbook air m2

  1. F

    How much price fall can we expect in MBA M2 after the Release of M3?

    Hello So I’ve been thinking to buy a MacBook Air from a month or two, but when i saw that M3 Macbook Air is going to release soon it changed my decision to wait for New M3 So i could get M2 in lesser price, So how much can we really expect it to drop? And Will the MacBook Air M2 Continue to...
  2. maxkotov_life

    My MacBook Air M2 makes CRACKLING NOISE

    Hello everyone! A month ago I encountered a problem with my MacBook Air m2. When I open or close the cover, it can make a small clicking sound. If you press on the top right corner, this sound also appears... also when you want to move it from place to place, for example, from the table to the...
  3. M

    MacBook Air M1 Lid Gap — Write Opinion

    Why some units have it? It seems to me that rubber gasket kinda different in height across display. I understand this is machining tolerances, but still What's your thoughts? It'll be good to read any theory! You can view more photos of different Macs by searching —> MacBook Lid Gap
  4. Y

    Macbook Air M2 now or should i wait for M3 ?

    Hello, I started noticing a few retailers discounts on Macbook Air M2 and I was wondering if i should buy it now or it's worth the wait for M3 ? Appreciate your feedback ! Thanks
  5. N

    Macbook Air M2 external Display issue

    Having issues with the Macbook Air M2 when connecting to my external monitor (actually it is a TV) via HDMI to USB C cable. When going to sleep, the screen on the external screen is most of the time "shifted out", means I have to use the underscan feature and adjust it again. Few times it...
  6. R

    Macbook air m2 screen flickering while restarting

    I own a MacBook Air m2 I had display flickering issue when I restart the Mac for few seconds so I took it to Apple authorised service Store they say they is liquid damaged but I’m sure I haven't spilled any liquid on it 100 percent they say that the display connector pins are shorted due to...
  7. N

    Macbook Air M2 13 Low Power Mode Battery Life

    Hi all, For those of you who run their Macbook Air M2 13 with full time low power mode, how many hours of screen on time (50% Brightness, or please state your brightness level) do you get under normal use (normal browsing, watching Youtube)? With that I mean using mainly Firefox, 3-4 tabs open...
  8. N

    Is this amount of black light okay in a 3 days new MacBook Air M2 2023 15”

    I want to know if I’m being too excessive or is this NOT normal for a new computer?
  9. R

    MacBook Air M2 - Clamshell mode does not work when using display port

    Hi All, Hoping to find a solution here. So my current setup is Monitor: Dell 34 Inch Model Number S3422DWG Docking Station: HP USB-C Dock G5, model number: 26D32AA My issue is if I use the display port cable to connect the monitor, the clamshell mode does not work, the screen will just...
  10. JSENNY25

    Yet another MBA 13 vs 15 question...

    Hi folks! As the title states, I am at a bit of a loss on where to go and specifically the specs and colors... I had the Touch Bar, 4 thunderbolt 2017 MacBook Pro. Two keyboard replacements and a battery swap under apple. It functions well enough but as everyone knows this model is not...
  11. J

    MBA M2 Webcam Quality

    Hi all, looking for some advice/guidance/second opinion. I've just bought the new MBA M2 13.6 which as you all know comes with a 1080p webcam. I've used the Facetime App and Google Meet to see the quality of the camera and it looks shocking awful, the best way to describe it would be like a...
  12. M

    Going back to 13" from 15" MBA?

    When the 15" MBA was announced, I just knew it was going to replace my 13" M1. I used 15" Pros for close to 10 years before the M1 Air, and really missed the screen size. However, after trying out both the 13" and 15" M2 MBA at the Apple Store, I've decided to keep the 13" M1 for now. For some...
  13. H

    how far can you push 8gb MBA m2?

    Hi all I could use some help with this choice, I'm SO conflicted. Currently have 13" MBP (i5 2.8ghz mid 2014, 16GB, 1TB). This *sorely* needs an upgrade. It struggles valiantly but it's 8 years old! "Let's wait for M1 native apps" turned into "might as well wait for m2" turned into "ah but m3...
  14. I

    What MacBook to choose in 2023?

    I’m looking to buy a new laptop cuz my 2017 MacBook 12” 8/256 is getting pretty slow. What I basically use now for my work is Outlook, WhatsApp, Safari (usually 10-15 tabs), Notes, Word, Notion, Google Sheets, Preview and Zoom. I use Zoom 3-5h a week only but when I have it+WA+Preview the...
  15. P

    Are the base spec models useless?

    So my 2013 Macbook Pro is on it's way out, the battery doesn't last quite as long as it once did, the screen has some dings in it, the performance when coding on my casual web dev products sometimes isn't always the best. It's done well but I'm finally ready to take the plunge and buy something...
  16. M

    Concerns about MacBook Air M2 build quality

    Concerns about MacBook Air M2 build quality. Hi. I’ve purchased MBA M2 four months ago. I’ve had two LCD replacements at the AASP and they also reassembled my MacBook’s LCD last time because of the rubbing noise from hinges after my last repair. MacBook has become even worse after these repairs...
  17. O

    Eyeball agony with new Air M2, even with external monitor

    Longtime Mac user, never had any problems til the iPhone 13 came out. The screen looked so sharp, and yet it was like I couldn't get my eyeballs to "land" on it. Always felt like I was looking a little through it, and it gave me near-immediate eye-burning forehead headaches. I went with the SE...
  18. M

    Warranty replacement

    Hi. Does Apple replace MacBooks after 3 faulty repair? I’ve bought MacBook Air M2 and it had hinges noise. I went to Ukrainian AASP and waited 2 MONTHS for LCD replacement, but now I have backlight bleeding in the left bottom corner 🫤 AASP said that I can send my laptop for repair one more...
  19. P

    Triple monitor setup - Displaylink?

    Hi all. My current set up is a 2018 Intel Mac mini connected to: - 1x Apple 27" Thunderbolt display - 2x BenQ 1080p HDMI monitors I'd like to swap out the Mac mini for an M2 Air but need a dock/hub that will allow me to maintain the 3 monitor setup while laptop is in clamshell mode. I...
  20. N

    Messaging apps lose connection on new MacBook Air when unlocking when connected to external display

    Hi, I recently got a new personal laptop (MacBook Air M2 2022) running Ventura. Since getting it, various desktop messaging apps, such as (Facebook) Messenger, WhatsApp and Signal seem to lose their internet connection and fail to sync. This happens when waking the laptop when it's connected to...