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Feb 18, 2024
Hello everyone!
A month ago I encountered a problem with my MacBook Air m2. When I open or close the cover, it can make a small clicking sound. If you press on the top right corner, this sound also appears... also when you want to move it from place to place, for example, from the table to the bed or in another room, it becomes very disgusting.

Spoils the whole aesthetics of apple because of this horrible sound from the case
I don't even know what to call it Crackling/clicking

The problem is still not solved, really looking forward to your help and advice. Maybe some of you have experienced the same problem or understand how to solve it. This sound is very annoying. Not so much when you are just working at your desk, but especially when you want to move it from one place to another



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Oct 24, 2021
Sounds like a compression fault. The mechanism that opens and closes or the lid may have been compressed in a bag or some other way which could cause a failure in the hinge. It could be a faulty hinge assembly. Something is mechanically not right with the hinge of your unit. I don't know if you bought from Apple or another retailer but I would send it in for warranty repair and include your video in email when sending it back.

Good luck. That really is frustrating. I hope you can get it fixed without too much headache.
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