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macbook pro (13" late 2016)

  1. B

    LG 5K Display Questions Re: Usage and Type of MacBook Pro that is Connected to it

    Hi All, Long time follower and have not posted anything recently but feel that this particular topic needs some clarity since I have not found it after viewing many posts related to the LG 5K, so here I go. I have read many posts and user reviews related to the LG 5K and either have found that...
  2. S

    MacBook Pro 13inch (2017 without touch bar) display issue, super annoying. Help please.

    So my MacBook Pro (2017, without touch bar) will be a year old next month. I've had no issues since the day I bought it. However, just recently, I started noticing a band of black lines appearing at the bottom of my screen. I have attached an image, check it out. Also, seems like this band of...
  3. E

    Does a new (2018) MacBook Pro support a 4K 60fps external monitor?

    I work from home and got a MacBook Pro from my work. It's the base model because while I do some Photoshop and design stuff, the base is plenty. That said, I want to set up a home office, and am looking at getting an external display. I've been eying a 4K for a while (because go big or go...
  4. B

    Scratch on Macbook Pro (late 2016)? Is this common?

    Hi all, As I was cleaning my Macbook Pro (late 2016 with Touch ID) screen today, I noticed there were some small dots and lines that couldn't be wiped off. I noticed they were there beforehand, as they line up with some keys on the keyboard, but didn't think much of it. But today I realized...
  5. H

    FileVault 2 Boot Camp Partition

    I have seen several different answers to this question and so I am a bit confused. If I enable Filevault 2 upon setup of my 2016 Macbook pro and THEN create a windows partition for boot camp, is the windows partition still covered by FileVault 2? If someone was, for example to use...
  6. R

    Macbook Pro w/ TouchBar Dock?

    Forgive me if this has been posted before, I did a quick search and didnt have any luck. I'm looking for someway to connect my MacBook to my two external displays, speakers, ethernet, and get a couple of USB ports with minimal connections to the MacBook. When I'm at my desk at work, I like to...
  7. E

    Macbook pro 2017 cpu fan (no touch bar) & stuff

    So I went to the apple store to pick up a 'MacBook', but was convinced not to by an apple store employee who claimed that the MacBook Pro also is a fanless computer model? Could it be that she was wrong, I've done some searching and I think it has a single fan in the back. Also has anyone...
  8. T

    Windows 10 Boot Camp can’t connect to WiFi

    Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to install Windows 10 on my 13 inch MacBook Pro 2016 with Touch Bar and having problem with WiFi. When I connect to my WiFi network, it keeps failing and shows the message “Can’t connect to this network”. WiFi works fine on macOS and my phone and other people’s...
  9. T

    Macbook Pro touchbar keyboard issue and solution!!!

    If you feel you key get stuck, you do not need to go to the apple store and replace it. Just PRESSS THE KEY HARDER AND HARDER to get rid of the dust stuck underneath.
  10. FabTBC

    Noise when opening MacBook Pro lid

    I have a 13 inch 2016 MacBook Pro with TB and have noticed that when opening the lid of my laptop after it was fully shut, that occasionally I will hear a noise (as if something is shifting in the display) and feel something moving inside. There have been reports that when you shake the laptop...
  11. FabTBC

    2016 MacBook Pro (13') TB Creaking Noise

    Just realised this during the past couple of days. Recently when having my MacBook Pro placed on a desk and resting my palms somewhat firmly, upon raising my palm I hear a creaking noise. It's hard to describe. Similar to the sound of metal expanding due to different temperatures. Is this a...
  12. FabTBC

    2016 MacBook Pro (13') Down Arrow Key not always responsive

    I was scrolling through Twitter and did something I almost never do and that is using the arrow up and down keys for scrolling. At first everything seemed to be going fine but then I began to realise some issues specially with the arrow down key. I noticed that when I lightly pressed the key it...
  13. S

    MBP Late 2016: Battery health dropped 15% in a year

    Greetings, I’m turning to this forum for help as I’m watching my battery health drop lower and lower on a machine that is a bit over a year old (got it at launch). It’s the 13" MBP without a TouchBar that had a healthy battery once (coconutBattery showed 103% when I got it), now it’s down to...
  14. R

    LG 27" 4k and Macbook pro 13 2016 late issues

    Hello all and happy new year, Recently I bought a 4k monitor (LG 27UD69P) for my MacBook Pro 13" 2016 (with thunderbolt 3 ports). I am using the original usb-c Digital AV Multiport Adapter in order to connect the external display through HDMI cable to may MBP. The issue is that: 1. The...
  15. poizonx

    Deal on new macbook pro skylake or take new kabylake

    Hi all guys, right now I'm writing from a mild macbook pro 13 of late 2010. Long story short. I live in Italy and I can take a new macbook pro 13 inch with touch bar of 2016 for 1725€ (2029.96 USD) it's not refurbished it's new and of course the chip is skylake. Second option is to take the...
  16. F

    Macbook Pro for Adobe Premiere Pro / After Effects

    Hi there I'm looking to buy a Macbook Pro, and need to run photo and video editing software (namely Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro and After Effects) on it. Due to budget, I've been thinking of purchasing a refurbished 13.3-inch MacBook Pro (2.0GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5 with...
  17. S

    MBP late 2016 freezes frequently for several seconds

    Hello, I have a macbook pro late 2016 without touchbar. It freezes frequently for about 1 minute each time. I cannot move the cursor, music stops, screen stucks. Then everything becomes responsive again. It is completely random, it can happen even if I have only Safari opened or a video or an...
  18. Mr West

    Snug sleeve MacBook Pro 2017 (13")

    I'm in the market for a sleeve for a MacBook Pro 2017 that has a snug fit. For some reason, that seems very hard to find, almost al of them have negative reviews on Amazon saying the laptop can "swim" in it. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  19. LillaK

    Data transfer interrupted. Can I continue?

    Hi all, I was moving 700 GB from an external hard drive (A) to another (B). Problem is, I was careless and let my battery die while transferring.:mad: It was dead for around 20 minutes. Now, 300 GB has been transferred to B, but I can't open the folder and it's light blue. Can I somehow...
  20. LillaK

    How can I reformat my external hard drive without losing data?

    Hi all :), With my previous laptops (PCs), I've always stored my data on an external hard drive. Now, I have a new MacBook Pro and all my data is still on that external HD. I realized soon that there's a little problem: can't move files from MacBook to external HD. Read about it and found that...