1. F23

    When to expect ARM Mac Mini?

    It seems like the first set of ARM macs will be MacBooks. With Apple saying the transition period will take around 2-3 years, when can we expect an ARM Mac Mini? They seem to have neglected it and it is due for an update having only 8th gen CPU atm. Only other current mac with 8th gen CPU is...
  2. iosmike

    macbook pro access mac mini

    I tried to delete this post, but I can't.
  3. F23

    Mac Mini 2020 keeps waking from sleep

    Wake for network access is off. Power nap is off. Find my Mac is off. Still it wakes from sleep and turns on both monitors during the night multiple times. Is there any fix or terminal command to fix this? Thanks
  4. James O.

    Mac mini 2020 to new monitor. Displayport or HDMI?

    Hey folks... This place has been so helpful to me in the recent past, so I am back again for some of that good Mac advice! I have the newest Mac mini and have a new Dell monitor coming soon. Pretty new model. It has one full size displayport input, and two HDMI inputs. I'd like to get the...
  5. steveash

    eGPU for photo editing

    I’m wondering what benefits an eGPU might have for Lightroom and Photoshop use on my new 2020 Mac Mini i7. I have read that it can benefit some areas while others may not be supported. However, most articles date back over a year and I wonder if there have been improvements with the latest OS...
  6. MacKnut

    Wireless display for headless MacMini

    Looking for a display set-up for my MacMini (2018 build) to do room EQ with a suitable software installed on MacMini. In order to do my measurements with a microphone I need a display to work with the graphs generated. Will Luna Display on my iPad be good enough for this setting? Are there...
  7. H

    Macmini 2020: buy or wait?

    I have been postponing purchasing a macmini. The 2020 update is very disappointing. It shows a 'new' badge, but there is not much new about it. I would have expected a processor update with improved video performance (to properly drive multiple displays). I would have purchased a i7/64GB/1TB...
  8. R

    Mac Mini 2012 , eGPU, Cinema Display Setup

    Hello, I'm thinking about getting a eGPU with my Mac Mini 2012. I have a Cinema Display attached to the thunderbolt slot. I've been searching the web and forums for how the setup could work along side what I have now but it's really confusing. Any help or insights are welcomed. TLDR - How will...
  9. Sai22

    Mac Mini 2014 - best way to remove lag?

    I have a Mac Mini (2014) i5 8Gb 1Tb HDD. It was running ok, until I upgraded to Mojave. Is there anyway to backtrack on an OS upgrade? I assume there is not :( I'm not too tech savvy, (although I have dismantled an old macbook and installed a hard drive where the DVD Rom drive was.) Looking into...
  10. J

    Mac mini mid 2010 SSD Speeds

    Hey guys first time posting on this forum ever in my life. Yesterday I upgraded my Mac mini drive to a Samsung 860 SSD but when I tested the drive speed it never reached max potential! I got around 200mb/s RW. I would like to mention that this SSD was previously installed on my Windows pc and...
  11. F

    iOS New Mac recomendation

    I currently have a 2010 Macbook Pro that's been upgraded with a 1 TB SSD. It has worked perfectly for development, however, with IOS 13 and Swift UI, I am going to need a new machine. I don't have much money and I don't need my machine mobile. I was considering a Mac Mini I3. As much as I...
  12. S

    Need help finding a monitor....

    I have a late-2015 imac 27 inch and will be acquiring a 2018 mac mini in the near future. Mac mini will be used largely headless for a plex server, but I would like to have a monitor that works well with both the imac and the mac mini, as needed. Any suggestions? Prefer high quality screen but...
  13. D

    2018 Mac Mini USB Sleep settings - drives remain powered on

    Hey guys, when I eject USB drives on my MM2018 the drives spindown after eject as expected, but then they just spin up again (staying unmounted from the OS tho). Never happened on my other Macs, is it happening on yours too? Thx!
  14. cococheaf

    Mac Mini 2018 SSD NAND cell type?

    Hi, is anyone aware what cell level is used in the Mac Mini 2018's SSD NAND? SLC, MLC, TLC or even QLC? As far as i have seen (on iFixit) apple is soldering Toshiba TSB3225V81199TWNA1 chips to the logicboard. But i cannot find any info about the chips on google... Any infos?
  15. E

    MacMini5,2 High Sierra performance feedback

    I have a mid-2011 Mac mini which I've fitted with an SSD and 16GB RAM. It is in perfectly good condition hardware-wise, but obviously Apple doesn't consider it good enough to run macOS Mojave. I'd like to continue using this machine till the hardware fails, especially as this will be the last...
  16. jscooper22

    ARD works on two new Mac Minis but not a third.

    Hi, Bought 3 new Mac Minis for our conference rooms. I set two up without much issue. The third, for some reason, refuses to allow Control via ARD. I have dumped ARD prefs, reset SMC and PRAM. I can Observe. I can copy clipboard. But I cannot copy files or control the machine. All boxes are...
  17. davidgnomo

    best eGPU solution for new Mac Mini

    I was waiting for a new iMac but it didn't come out so I'll probably switch to a new Mac Mini : can anybody advice a good solution to play games with it ?
  18. surfnode

    Mojave External SSD not booting

    hello I have just upgraded my parents 2014 Mac Mini from Sierra to Mojave. This installation is running from external SSD. The install completed however after booting up again the computer does not boot to SSD. If I boot to old internal drive it cannot see the SSD partition and disk utility...
  19. T

    Mac Mini 2018 dream configuration

    When the Mac Mini (targeting pro users) drops at the end of October, what dream configuration would secure your purchase? Processor/RAM/drives/ports/shape
  20. 1

    Need help with Mac mini crash

    I have a 2012 Mac mini that suddenly stopped booting. It will go into a continuous loop of trying to reboot and show the following kernel panic screen. I've heard it could be either a RAM issue or motherboard failure. If anyone can help out it would be appreciated.