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  1. R

    Need Help in deciding to Buy Monitor for New M1 Mac Mini.

    Hello Community, I have recently purchased M1 Mac Mini which i am using with TV as of now. Wants to buy a Monitor for it. So i am confused in some setup process. Let me tell you all first what my primary task is. 1. Upcoming Youtuber so Video Making. 2. General Office work which primarily...
  2. iosmike

    How to get all files from Time Capsule to a new macmini

    Hi everyone, I bought a new macmini and have connected to the time capsule which was backing up the old macmini before. Now, how can I get all files from the time capsule to my new macmini? Thanks, Mike
  3. MRTpower

    MacBook vs iPad Pro + Mac Mini

    Hello, My 2016 MacBook Pro 16" became very slow, heats up a lot and drains battery in only 3 hours after BigSur .. I have also 2018 iPad Pro 11" I want to upgrade now and thinking about the following options: - Another laptop next to my 11" iPad Pro (either MacBook Air M1 or wait for the new...
  4. D


    I have three machines. A MacBook Pro, iMac 5K and an older iMac. All three run off the same email account. Emails come in to all three computers at once without issues and the ones that are irrelevant to each machine are binned as required. That is visible across the network - if one machine...
  5. theMarble

    A Comprehensive Guide to buying Early Intel Macs

    Welcome to the guide on buying Early Intel Macs! I've noticed a lot of people ask questions about which Early Intel Mac they should get. Hopefully this helps clear up some confusion. Why should I consider an Early Intel Mac? Early Intel Macs can be a way to get a good Apple computer on a tight...
  6. Z

    27" iMac used as a display

    Can i use my 27" mid2010 iMac as a display? Is it possible to achieve this by connecting my late 2009 MacMini to it?
  7. Z

    connect my MacMini to my oldTV

    I want to connect my Late 2009 MacMini to an old HD Ready TV Display that has the ports available as seen in the pic. What do u think? Might i have any issues with the HD Ready resolution that the Display offers? What kind of an adapter will i need?
  8. A

    Time to jump?

    Hello team! Another buying advice thread - im a LONG term stalker of the forum but never registered :-) Im on a 2018ish 15" macbook pro with 16gb of ram and its done fine, but with all the M1 hype Im thinking its time to jump. Im a web developer / graphic design / digital marketing guy with a...
  9. Hughamugga

    Imac mini to late 2013 imac

    Hello! I have an imac late 2013 that I would like to use as a monitor for the M1 mac mini. I have read so much conflicting advice as to whether this is possible, including downgrading my OS so i can use TDM etc. Is there anyone out there that can give me a real answer including what cables I...
  10. Gamusren

    M1 Mac Mini with external drive user not showing swap memory on iStat Menu

    I am using a M1 Mac mini 16GB/256GB with Sabrent Rocket XTRM 1TB external SSD as my main drive and copied my second working user to this drive. Everything works fine currently with all essential apps and system files writing to the main SSD. (Macintosh HD) However, when I use iStat menu...
  11. iosmike

    Macmini can't find TimeCapsule

    I just moved and now need to set up TimeCapsule to backup my macmini again. I am using a new internet and new modem. TimeCapsule has connected to the modem. However, macmini couldn't find TimeCapsule in AirPort Utility. I am attaching the screenshot. Thanks for helping!
  12. F23

    M1 Mac Mini HDMI display resizing on wake

    After waking up my M1 Mac Mini, the HDMI display which is set at 1440p scales incorrectly to 1080p. I have to manually change it every time or turn the display off and on again for it go back to 1440p. This only happens when waking after sleep. I use 2 monitors, the other is USB C to DP. This...
  13. E

    M1 massiv problems: 700GB drive usage each day, stuttering music and much more

    Hello to all M1 users, I have my Mac mini (16gb) for about a week now, and it is horrible. The Mac is connected to one 4K screen and one FHD screen. I am using Chrome, Safari, Zoom, Tidal and sometimes PyCharm and Xcode. If I start one or two Xcode simulators, my sound starts stuttering for...
  14. F23

    How to save DVD video to Mac?

    I have an M1 Mac Mini and a SuperDrive. I want to save the videos from the DVD to my Mac. Do I need special software? I am using disk utility to make a disk image but I'm not sure if that works. I want to make a copy of the videos for later playback and keep them on my internal mac storage as...
  15. kittur

    Bad Day - everything needs replaced today!

    My iphone 6S just died an hour ago. I'm hoping it'll come to life again but it clearly needs replacing, and my old Macbook Air 2014 that I use with a separate screen has a warning that the battery needs replacing and today it started sputtering. No Apple shops are open to replace the battery...
  16. S

    Apple M1 Mac Mini - Initial Impression

    Hello All, As a long time user and big fan of the Apple Mac Mini systems, I was really excited to try the new Apple M1 Mac Mini. I received the new Mac a few days ago, so here is my initial impression. Existing System: 2018 i5 6-Core Mac Mini, 32GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage, 1440p Monitor (I use...
  17. S

    M1 Mac mini / Pink squares appeared on monitor

    Has anyone experienced this issue? First time seeing it since I received my Mac mini last Tuesday. The pink squares showed up after booting the computer and would only appear when opening a folder or doing a right click on the desktop. I then changed the wallpaper and they instantly disappeared.
  18. Pekk1s

    2018 Mac mini i7 vs Mini with M1?

    Hi there, I was about to buy 2018 mac mini with i7 and 32gb ram but now things got complicated. How do you guys think i7 compares to new M1? Or vice versa 😁 In Apple sites they compare i3 to M1 and M1 is 3x faster than i3? So I can't tell how much better or worse this new chip is 😳 I'm total...
  19. F23

    When to expect ARM Mac Mini?

    It seems like the first set of ARM macs will be MacBooks. With Apple saying the transition period will take around 2-3 years, when can we expect an ARM Mac Mini? They seem to have neglected it and it is due for an update having only 8th gen CPU atm. Only other current mac with 8th gen CPU is...
  20. iosmike

    macbook pro access mac mini

    I tried to delete this post, but I can't.