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  1. S

    HDR media player for macOS that can output HDR ?

  2. Rare455

    WALTR 2 | Drag & Drop Files to iPhone, iPad, iPod w/o iTunes

    Hi everyone! My name is Josh, one of the makers of WALTR 2. We’ve introduced the 1st iteration of our app 6 years ago. And the embargo review was actually here — on MacRumors (Thanks, Juli Clover, for giving us a shot)! I know we should have started a thread like this years ago, but it’s...
  3. S

    iPad Pro Running local mkv files on a 2020 pro

    I’m on the edge trying to decide between a 2018 pro 11” or 2020 pro 11”. One use case for this will be playing movies I load manually to the tablet for remote use, ex: car or plane. Can these play mkv and h264 or h265 formatting directly from internal storage and or external hdd? 95% of my...
  4. Z

    .mkv integrated subs

    Is it possible to export the subs that are integrated in an .mkv video file?
  5. E

    How to extract video from mkv?

    Am I missing any essential app for extracting workable video from MKV files? I.e. something I can either recut or cut to gifs? Currently I use AnyMP4 (free, App Store) to cut and convert to MP4, or Lossless Cut (free, GitHub) if I want to cut first, then convert. Both are terribly bad with the...
  6. Caesar_091

    Best solution to edit MKVs audio/video tracks

    Hi all, neither VLC, MKVtools, HandBRake or AVIdemux can really to the trick. Is there a good solution to edit MKV files audio/video track (that means: audio and/or video pass-through or conversion, MKV output encapsulation, full alternatives of audio and or video codecs output selection, add...
  7. gslrider

    Batch convert MKV to MP4 with subtitles

    I know Handbrake can convert MKV files with subtitles to MP4/M4V. You select the MKV file, go to subtitles, and choose the english version. Pretty simple. But how would I do this with multiple MKV files, without having to keep an eye when one is done, so that I can load the next file. I...
  8. Asuna

    Editing with .MKV files?

    I have a few videos that I'd like to edit in either Final Cut Pro or in Adobe After Effect but since those two programs don't support .MKV files, I'm trying to get them converted. So far I've looked around and found a few paid programs that were recommended but I'm not trying to spend any money...
  9. Z

    playing mkv movie files

    I got some mkv movie files on my iMac. I want to transfer them to my iPhone and watch them there. How do i transfer them and with what app would you recommend to watch?
  10. Giuanniello

    Apple TV3 vs .avi .mkv

    I know that ATV3 can't play both .avi and .mkv files which bothers me big time cos I have a nas where I store movies and I can't play any of the two on my Sony TV whilst my son's TV, a Panasonic, can play them natively. Converting rips off a lot to space, say that a 3.9GB I was just attempting...